Огни (советский фильм экранизация А.Чехова)

Огни (советский фильм экранизация А.Чехова)

LENFILM FIRST CREATIVE UNION Singing: the Orthodox people are celebrating Anticipation, nervousness, impatience The Orthodox people are happy Flying fast through the fields Flying through the fields The secret thought flies faster The heart beats as if counting moments Treacherous thoughts hover during the journey And you whisper “Oh God, how how long it takes” During the evening, Nikoloi Anastas’evich Anan’ev, a young engineer Realised once again that the anticipation of something incredible Has been replaced in his soul by a dull melancholy The town to which he has travelled for a meeting of Engineers was just like tens of other towns Through which the great railways were being build Evening. A celebration in the well-groomed townspark All the Ladies are adorable tonight Nonsense. It’s all just lighting effects How well it fits: the train rushes into new times It doesn’t fit well at all, damn it This is all tasteless rubbish Would you be so kind as to remember this is Glinka’s song And yet it is lies and nonsense The words may not be too precise but the music awakens the senses The music is lies too Still lies This young man does not agree with you at all That’s not true The young man is thinking about something alltogether different Are you able to guess what strangers think about? Why not I will definitely guess right You are not from these parts You are from St Peterburg You’ve come for the opening of the new railways New railways are opened by generals I went to the Caucases for a holiday and got delayed here for two days Due to highly personal circumstances Not at all The circumstances are career-related So you think you are here and will be bored for two days Considering getting together with some woman You rude bear But I am right. Aren’t I? For example with this woman here Or maybe this one Because she is younger and prettier That is what the young man is thinking about Agree with me! Or maybe with this one That is my wife Take your words back or you will be challenged to a duel I did not know, sorry Of course I don’t care, but I am prepared to fight for the truth Shhh.. no, it is not just the lighting Tonight the ladies are indeed charming and intelligent Because they see our great deeds, our enormous enterprise Just look at this Just look at that mound It is like a whole Monte Blanc Costs a million The million you earn as profit and here are lying human bones Russian bones You young men don’t see the essence, the beauty The beauty of life and great deeds Our future is in these lights Our hope It is pleasant to look at the work on your own hands Russians have just one hope To win two hundred thousand Allow me These lights make me think of something long dead That lived thousands of years ago Like a phillistine settlement As though some clan of the Old Testament settled down and waits for dawn To complete the illusion just pipe music is missing And ethiopian calls of the watch-men Hear that? There’s the pipe No thats the air brake It screams like a cow locked in a shed Like a pipe A pipe waking the dead We are building a railway But in a thousand years or two Not even dust will remain of us or this mound Farewell, Gentlemen I must be off Sir? You should forget these thoughts Tatiana DOGILEVA Evgeni LEONOV-GLADISHEV Vladislav STRZHEL’CHIK Georgy BURKOV In the film LIGHTS Based on stories by A.P. CHEKHOV Script: Aleksandr CHERVINSKY Production: Solomon Shuster Operator-producer: Dmitry DOLININ Artistic Producer: Georgy KROPACHEV Composer: Boris TISHENKO Sound engineer: Boris ANDREEV On the deserted shore he stood, full of great thoughts Ivan Korol’kov was here, 16th may Nineteen-… not clear which year Most people when left alone become certain they will perish So they hurry to leave a trace after themselves Would you like one? Listen You don’t happen to be Anan’ev? Yes, I am Anan’ev You don’t recognise me No Natal’ya Stepanovna Little Kitten Yes It is me My God How many years have passed Ten? Nine Nine You recognised me with difficulty? You don’t have to reply Amazing that you recognised me You had so many suitors God, I did not sleep at night, wrote poetry You did not notice me at all I was so in love with you I really did notice you I remember everything If only you knew How I suffered Sometimes in the evenings you would sit on a bench in the town park Pale, fragile, light Us students would gather around you and observe adoringly You were our ideal Alas! I am no longer that “little kitten” But I am terribly happy to see you Terribly Do you remember, Natalya Stepanovna How once in the garden I gave you a bouquet With a note You read the note and looked very puzzled No, I do not remember that I remember how you wanted a duel with Florens because of me What has past is past Now my turn has come To look at you from below I recognised you immediately And you didn’t recognise me I noticed you at once I’ve been looking at you the whole time No, you were looking at the young students You still have the same ideals Where do you live now? In St Petersburg I’ve qualified to become an engineer And now build endless pointless railways How good it is What are the chances of our meeting I spoke to your husband by chance earlier Yes I am married I got married two years after finishing my degree He works in a bank Or in an insurance company I don’t even know for sure You must have grand plans for life Plans? Must be my city-type face misleading you What plans are you talking about? Well.. you are building the railway In a hundred years kind people will build factories, school and hospitals here It is all nonsense Serving society is a lie I don’t do anything at work My conscience sleeps Ideals? I don’t have any ideals None That is where he is Allow me to continue our discussion You have wound him up and run away, now he won’t leave me in peace You haven’t wound me up but rather caused my indignation We have received higher education and now must bear responsibility Not the heart but the mind tell you that Life is pointless Bear in mind, the one who thinks everything is pointless is indifferent To the nature and concept of Sin Your thought denies the value of each human being It is all lies The truth is that you would like a drink To sit down and talk, because you love to talk Naturally I am happy to meet an educated man My surname is Populatti Just listen to how he pronounces his surname It is famous in the city – he is a millionnaire My surname means nothing and you don’t need it Don’t listen to him – I don’t own any millions You know what will happen soon and yearn for it That is the main truth Let us go Mr Anan’ev and speak philosophically I must ask you to forgive me, Gentlemen I need to get up early tomorrow We were planning to have a drink of beer with you Or wine I don’t drink And we do drink! We all drink here In that there is the main truth That is the main truth Of course it is the truth Are you mad? Why are you barking? We are honest people! The dog barks, the wind carries it off If I was a man I would have hit him Nikolai Anastas’evich! Yes Let us go to mine and have tea With pleasure Well… little pleasure lies in it But according to your philosophy it does not matter whether you drink tea or not Whether you go or don’t go So let us go Over there are my lights Your Honour For Chirsts sake, accept the containers If the railroad ordered these containers, it must accept them We’ve been travelling around for two days, the horses are hungry Understand, you fool, I don’t know who ordered the containers I don’t know Who knows, your honour No-one knows He knows Holy Father Holy Father, accept the containers for Christ’s sake The horses haven’t eaten for two days That is none of our concern, dear one Oh look, how sweet! How wise it all is – must be lovely to pray and travel Travel where? Where your eyes lead you Your Honour, accept the containers Get out, I tell you! Who are the containers from? Your honour Please help: the railway ordered containers, no point taking them back Who are the containers from? From Nikitin Then go to Chalisev I tell you, go to Chalisev and wait for him. Come on Your honour, we spent all of yesterday looking for Chalisev We were told he has gone to Dimkov region Your Honour! Please take pity on us, accept the containers! How well you took the right decision immediately I spent last night with this Chalisev Playing cards He is probably still sitting there now If ten years ago.. Nine years Yes, nine If there had been a duel My whole life, and probably yours would have taken a very different direction If I had killed this Florens God be with you What became of Florens? He died Of cholera I don’t know anything about anyone As though a hundred years have passed Yes… The streets are filled with new young women, students alien to me No-one i recognise Except you Tell me please, Little Kitten, which fly was has the whole female gender been bitten by? In this town they all used to be so honourable with strict morals And now? One young woman ran away with an Officer, another with an actor And so on and so forth A whole epidemic! Could it be the influence of the railway? Yes All they say is true It was my cousin that left her husband for an actor Sonya Of course it is not good, each person should bear sorrow That which has been given to him by fate But circumstances can be stronger than human beings That’s true, but what circumstances could give birth to a whole epidemic? Well… it’s all very simple Intelligent women have no place here Not everyone can live just on goals and ideals like men We must marry But who is there to marry? You boys finish your degree and travel away To universities To never return to your hometown Yes The girls remain Who can they marry then? So they marry God knows who Various businessmen Which are only capable of drinking and creating scandals in the club Yes, Nikolai Anastas’evich, women are drinking more often Than you think If all that is so, why marry? Everyone is laughing at Sonya Because she ran away, and with an actor But if they could look into her soul they would not laugh Nikolai Anastas’evich, if I am creating doom If you are tired please tell me If you are tired then go We are all tired Of slavery, of pretence Do you have children? I had a boy, he lived for a week and died It seems my husband is home Well, then Come to challenge me to a duel for you again So she lied to you, and you believed her! Firstly, it was not in the big Club, but in the little one Jupiter, you are angry, so you are wrong Please tell me, may I spend the night at yours? What sort of question is that? It’s not that you may spend the night, you should do it Would you like beer or wine? Pardon! You? Turns out Natalya and I are old friends My childhood took place in this town And your wife and I… Women pale in the absence of male company Whereas men without women become stupider And become pessimistic And lie about clever things The train rushes through the fields… Actually, it is great you came to visit us I think any truth is better than constant deceit For example A man finds out about his wife’s infidelity But takes his time Invents a thousand excuses Ends up borrowing money from her lover Do you speak of an aquaintance of yours? About a close friend who I love dearly and pity I am prepared to give my life for him Because I am prepared to give my stupid life away for friendship and truth To leave my two children orphans Two children! A boy and a girl The boy has a lovely face, looks like me Remarkably talented he is I have a photo somewhere Leave it You confuse everything The main thing in life is not children It’s normal for a rich man not to have money on him Tomorrow I must give the organiser a sum collected for the library workers I haven’t yet collected the money from all the participants and don’t have cash on me But you must pay before the bank opens So what do you suggest I do? You know me I am prepared to give away everything But I just have nothing to give! Nothing! As for you, Sir Pessimist, would you like to take part? How much is needed? Would you like to lend some money or give some? I do not mind 10 roubles is enough? Very much so They will be stolen anywayy Or if they are not stolen, who needs this library? Throw the money here! Throw! The workers today are no different to those we knew When there were no plays and improvements for them That is the truth I am giving in my share That is how it should be done I will come up and give you a form Your signature is needed Sign for me yourself You are a noble man Especially as your ideas.. That’s enough philosophy Time for bed Come on Let’s go have some tea, don’t hang on to me like that I brew great tea Well, farewell, Natalya Stepanovna Yes Don’t see me off especially as it seems that I will need to give them the signature after all You are staying with me It is likely we will never see each other again Thank you Little Kitten, Dearest Time will pass and nothing will be left of this town, of these people Of me and all my thoughts And of you with your sorrow there will not even be dust left It’s all nonsense Do not torture yourself But I do not hear your wife’s opinion Why is she always silent? She is silent because she knows her own opinion well God damn it Secret thoughts fly faster Would you like to proceed with me to the bar? I think I may have lost my way Lost in my own town Tell me is it possible to find a horse and carriage here? There are no cabbies here And you should not have given him the money He talks too much and always lies In his financial records book there is a page: Charity spending And another page: for physiological needs But he does not have physiological needs He lies to the whole town when he says he lives with Kostovich Hey listen, if you didn’t give him your last few coins lets go to the bar? I am terribly tired I do not care who Sir Populaki lives with Can’t you understand I don’t drink! Stop it, you are very interested A dark night of loneliness, a damsel in distress Just the cossacks with their swords are missing Tell me, how do I find the hotel I wish you luck When will all this be over Oh God Oh God, this is unbearable You can see I bear my suffering in silence But understand, I want to live Nikolai Anastas’evich What is it? I cannot bear it anymore I do not have any strength left Forgive me, I am going to my Mothers. Walk me there, for God’s sake Walk there with me What has happened? I am so unhappy Have pity on me I do not know how to deal with tears and comfort I can’t bear it anymore I must go to my Mother Little Kitten, come to your senses Where are you going to go? There are no cabbies Then I will walk Life is so… What sort of life is this? I beg you, do not cry I am not crying anymore No I can see you are crying I am as if in a deep hole, if only I could live for a minute Like others are living Little Kitten Calm down, who lives in happiness? Who have you seen that is happy? I have lost shame to the extent of leaving my husband at night in front of another man Like some wanton… I do not know how to comfort I never understood how people can be comforted Why drag yourself all across town at night Why? Is your husband worth that? No You must just laugh at him I will laugh with you Yes Yes of course Of course I will return to my husband, Nikolai Anastas’evich You go in peace It’s just that I am as lonely as the moon in the sky You reminded me of the past So I couldn’t take it anymore Why would I go to my Mother? As if that will make me happier No it will not I must return I need to return Do not see me off No I will definitely take you home Little Kitten! Oh my God God forgive me for everything God help me Let’s go, you are a clever girl God if you can hear me.. I assure you he does not hear you, there is no God Silence! Do not punish yourself God is not there Each person completely dissappears when they die Look at yourself subjectively, Darling Little Kitten You are so pretty in your lovely dress Standing on dirty earth by an iron box An iron box with wheels built to deliver materials to journalists and photographers It is funny, ridiculous and stupid! Nikolai Anastas’evich I am a bad woman You are a lovely woman and I like you very much I am a bad woman I do not love my husband Once I was prepared to be unfaithful to him He knows about it but does not let me leave him If I leave he threatens to return me with aid of the police I can’t refuse his money and my family and I depend on him This fact gives him pleasure He hasn’t even stopped talking to that man Little Kitten, why are you crying In life everything must be experienced Marriage, the sweetness of a first infidelity Because all these things are just moments in eternity and will vanish without trace The world is as it is and not how we would like to see it But are you are a good man You don’t believe it yourself In what you are saying Yes…yes Maybe we are good people, but useless We may be at the forefront but there is no hope for us I used to dream of St Petersburg Of great deeds But now I am sure these were all illusions and lies All is nonsense You, Kitten, ask of yourself and others that which does not exist Your Honour What do you want? Your Honour? For Christs sake, accept the containers What would I use your containers for Can I wear them on my head? Take pity on me Leave me alone For three days I have been travelling and travelling… Back and forth None wants to accept them The horses are hungry Why do you say these terrible things? Because I cannot put anything in order I am a man, yet I am powerless You think only of yourself Love will come, and you will flourish and live like all the others If I were you, I would have found seven lovers Seven? One for each day of the week One I would call monday, another tuesday, wednesday And so on Farewell This time farewell for good: I leave tomorrow I won’t go back to him No, not for anything Even if I was shot with a cannon I will go to my mother Here is a cabbie! Cabbie! That’s it, Nikolai Anastas’evich, I have decided Thank you, I will never forget your help Don’t speak of yourself like you did any more! That is what I think Then don’t think like that in future Do you hear me, don’t you dare think like that I think I will ride with you as far as the hotel Well.. It is our town which has this effect on you You are young and handsome A free man You saved me just now If it was not for you I would have returned to him I would have agreed to compromise again, and now I will not Thank you Stop Stop, I say! Natalya Stepanovna, let us walk We will part soon And I have not said all I must say to you Have a rouble Thank you, Sir I have to tell you I must tell you, Natasha I was fully honest with you Life has no meaning for me What do you want? Do you want me to run away with you? I will take you away from this hole Make you happy Come with me, Darling Do not Don’t, Nikolai Anastas’evich Kitten You know our meeting was no accident You are my first love And who knows Maybe we will save each other No, don’t Nikolai Anastas’evich, Kolya! Natasha, I am perishing Only you can save me I will take you away I won’t let you go anywhere That is it Tomorrow we will leave Tomorrow, can you hear me In fact today, as tomorrow has already come, Kitten I cannot live without you I am so happy I can touch you Natasha! Come with me This way Horses! No It has to be done I know what to do I cannot live without you I love you I know you will save me You, and only you, can save me Do not answer me But I know I love you That you mean to me more than anything How beautiful It is that you are here That you are with me Come to me! Yes… You have been flying long enough! I love you I love you Why are you laughing? Look: thoughts of demise Did you bring it with you? Already you are laughing at me No I am laughing because I love you When I hear your voice my heart is as though put in a draught Your Honour Wake up! What time is it? It is six. You shouted terribly in your sleep You are a fool after all, better bring some vodka Why are you standing still, you idiot Firstly, it is still early Everyone is asleep Secondly, I was ordered not to give you any Well, that is stupid Devil take you all At least bring some soup There is some here Listen to me, Dear, they are inedible I did not order soup with cockroaches I did not put the cockroach there It got in by itself Do not worry yourself, cockroaches do not bite Fool! What? They don’t bite Anan’ev, open the door! Anan’ev open the door, I know you are here The storage-houses have burned down, congratulations Populatti will get even richer This whole town doesn’t have a portion of decent soup Do you see the connection? How can I help you? I would like a drink, you have anything? I come to you simply as a comrade Here you are Merci I am vanishing The truth is that no-one fully sees connections No-one Nor you or me, even though we all read newspapers Read what is going on in Siberia I’ve read it In Greece In England what will they think about it? Greece and Serbia will rise France won’t bear it, nor will the Germans Spain will rebel about the Caroline islands And so on and so forth You won’t even have time to gasp while all of Europe is turned upside down You may not care Whether grass grows or not, but I will have to fight Though, I spit on it all with great pleasure Kolya, do you love me? You love me? I am so happy! Tomorrow we will leave for the Caucases? And then St Petersburg? I’ll collect your things now Do not worry about my husband, Kolya We will get divorsed. You were right, I will not agree to any compromises Oh my, look what I found in your things! Look how much money! We are rich! We are rich and free, you love me don’t you? These six hundred must last me untill Christmas by the way Untill Christmas? You are careless, how can you throw a new overcoat on the floor like that! My beloved careless one I will pack it too? Kolya! Look, your suitcase! It is a parallelepiped in shape Which shape? A good shape My beloved You love me, yes? I am so happy There is nowhere to go here, except the cemetary We will travel And then live and work togehter Because all the evil comes from idleness and emptiness in the soul I too, will work I will be useful to you, Kolya What can you do? Nothing I have no skills My father was a military man, taught me to pontificate Tell me, if you love me I love you, I am terribly tired You are tired Just a minute Sleep, my dear, let me wrap you up Darling, my beloved You know, when I was sitting on the park bench and you were with all the other boys back then Your face was just as sad, you have not changed at all You are the same kind and clever boy as then You are not a grown up You are just pretending Ridiculous for you to come to your mother at such a time Just do not look at me like that How? As though I have done something wrong No No, Dearest You have done nothing wrong When will we meet? They met exactly at noon in the townspark By our summer house At noon At noon And we will leave We will leave You, dog, understand nothing What time is it? Quarter past one You did not ask me to wake you If a lady comes to ask for me, say I am not there I understand If you could understand my psychology Bite me! What is it there? A man is arguing with a dog, drunkard I am king of the species No, you are mistaken, I am a hypocrite A Judas Again I have informed and betrayed Anan’ev, come to us! Just a minute, gentlemen Please do not move Take me to the office and bring something fast I need to travel Here, Sir We are fated to have some beer together Or wine? I thought we would meet, all our visitors have breakfast here Sit with me Thank you I tired you out with my chatter last night Time will pass and you will bore young men just like me In me, you can see yourself in twenty or thirty years There are few intelligent people and invisible threads connect them There are idiots around us, don’t you agree? Especially amongst women there are many fools They are so used to it they don’t even understand They go to theaters, read thick books and yet are evil and immoral This morning I was informed that my wife has a lover Notice, when russians meet they only speak of high philosophy and women Imagine my position: I am unhappy and a source of amusement Family values are scorned Now, as an honourable man and citizen I must kill my wife, you and then myself An hour ago I was in an arms shop and was offered a gun of the “Smith and Wesson” calibre A very accurate and powerful weapon You, Sir, constantly speak of death, so here it is… So here… turns out you are a triumphant young man Where as I am one flattened by life If we are to speak seriously, what news does your new generation have? You speak of everyones demise You shout of lack of ideals And so on But all that we have already seen It was there twenty and thirty years ago All these words have been said more than once If you had acquired the freedom of which you speak so much you would not know what to do with it You would have used it for accusing each other of insignificance And love for money To frighten society by informing it of its lack of science, literature, everything Frightening Society means taking away its vigour How old are you Twenty-five You are young God has given you a strong russian brain with inclings of talent You fill it with thoughts of devaluation of life and post-mortal twilight Where was I now? You were telling me about the gun I did not buy the “Smith and Wesson” Imagine, it costs forty-five roubles, too much for me I was offered a cheaper duel gun of the “Mortimer” system To challenge you to a duel… Would be too much of an honour, I thought Scoundrels like you are killed like dogs That is why I decided to kill you, but not her or myself Why do you look at me like that? Are you late getting somewhere? Home To St Petersburg Oh yes, to the Caucases When I kill you, I will be arrested My arrest will allow me to reveal to society at the trial the immorality of her behaviour If, however, I kill myself My wife, typically of her lying nature will accuse me of everything That is why I will kill only you And go to prison So this will be the result of all my works? The shop assistant offered me a british gun They have just received it But then I remembered yesterdays conversation with you As though everything is pointless, because we will all die eventually So I thought If the Judge and Jury were to use the same logic, they would all live with other men’s wives They will be calmer with one less husband living in Russia Not so simple, Sir, I thought It is not wise to go to exile in Sahalin because of some pig If I go to prison my wife will be able to marry again Cheat on a second husband She will be triumphant. No! To the devil with world melancholy and post-mortal gloom Yes.. You look as if you have convinsed me of something My Dear, it is impossible to convinse you of anything You can reach enlightenment only through personal experience and suffering You despise life because you fear only your own death A real thinker suffers and fears for all people I have come to the only correct and wise decision She will remain alive, I do not kill myself You… I also do not kill I will punish her by despising her But will not divorce her Never Never And the gun? Gun are too expensive But I felt ashamed that the shop assistant was wasting his time on me, so I bought this Just eight roubles What is that? It is a net for catching quails You are so lucky not to live in the country Mr Anan’ev Just a moment Just a moment Have a great journey You honour, for Christs sake! Accept the containers! The horses are hungry Sir General! Anan’ev! You… what? Why are you here? Chalisev! What do you want? Accept the containers What? Accept the containers from that man Sure, later Natasha! Kolya! Kolya, you came! You came, my darling! Natasha, forgive me! Don’t It’s ok, you have come I am going mad Why are you like that, Kolya It is not because of you, but me I cannot take you away Everything has turned on it’s head I have no prejudice, no morality, no heart I have nothing. Forgive me Forgive me, I was pretending to be a wise man I lied to you that I loved you But I cannot forget your face Forgive me, Natasha Why do you torture yourself like that Kolya, it is wonderful that you have come Do not worry about me, I knew nothing further would come of us Because, why do you need me, you have such a great future ahead What future? What future can there be now? What future can there be now? It’s ok, you have a wonderful future You will build thousands of roads Years will pass and you will forget me You will be happy and loved Because you are an amazing person, Kolya I am the most pitiful and ordinary person No… no How good it is that you are crying, Kolya You are a great person, Kolya Oh God, how good it is that I met you How happy I am to have met you Natasha Tell me, what should I do? God being merciful, everything will sort itself out It will all be ok Look, Kolya! You were right What a shame it is that all these people will die one day But never mind, God grant us everything will be ok God will help us All will be well There was laughter in the crowd Anan’ev was no longer crying Like everyone, he was watching, listening to music And it seemed that the most frightening and the hardest things are in the past Nothing is simple in this world In a few hours, he left this town forever Anan’ev – Evgeni LEONOV-GLADISHEV Little Kitten – Tat’yana DOGILEVA Kitten’s husband: Vladislav STRZHEL’CHIK Husband’s friend: Georgy BURKOV The man: Oleg KORCHIKOV Costumes: L. MOSHKINA Make-up: N. ELENBOGENA Montage: T. PULINA Editor: T. Smorodinskaya Director: Georgy MAUTKIN

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  2. Догилева – великолепна! Какая совершенная фигурка! Все актёры – замечательные! Сколько замечательных фильмов и их не показывают по ЦТ. Потому, что они заставляют думать, будят душу, а это нынешнему гос-ву, почему-то НЕ нужно и даже вредно!? БЕЗДНА((((!

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