Очень быстрый дизайн ногтей/Дизайн за 2 мниуты/Вензеля  как рисовать вензеля/Обзор Fiore/Шулунова Д.

Очень быстрый дизайн ногтей/Дизайн за 2 мниуты/Вензеля как рисовать вензеля/Обзор Fiore/Шулунова Д.

Hello, my dear! I’m really glad to see you on my channel again! Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let’s go! Today I have prepared for you another review of the package from Fiore company. In this package, Fiore sent me cuticle oil. How wooonderful it smells !!! Girls, this is just an awesome thing !!! I really liked it! And they also put me in the parcel quick drying, but unfortunately I can not use it, because I do not work with varnish coatings. Although I have chrome varnishes, and according to the idea, these varnishes will dry out wonderfully with this tool. But I thought about this only now. Therefore, I did not try this material, and if someone tried you, please write to me in the comments how this material works. And this time I chose for myself a more autumnal polish of shades, the palette is darker, deeper and more beautiful. These are brown, red-brown colors, shades with and without a shimmer. In general, I am preparing for the fall.) Very often people ask me for color numbers, so this time I tried to show you the color number and how it looks on the nail tips in as much detail as possible. I cover the nail tips in one coat. Some colors are ideally applied in one layer, and some need to be applied in two layers. But I always put two layers on the nails of my clients, so I don’t worry about that. And on clients’ nails this material is always applied perfectly. So, let’s admire these beautiful flowers and think about what you can portray a beautiful autumn with their help. If you have any ideas, then write to me in the comments. And I will consider your ideas and come up with something about this. That is, I will make a master class with your tips) So, here is such a palette shade I got today. My clients have already reviewed it. They all liked it all. All of them are already waiting for the colder time of the year in order to use this palette to the fullest. And the first client who saw these beautiful shades chose a red gel polish with glitter for herself. My clients love sparkles, although I am sure that many masters their clients love sparkles. And now you can see how this gel polish is applied to a natural nail. I apply very 2 very thin layers, it is perfectly applied, does not spread under the cuticle and side rollers. In general, this material behaves remarkably in work. And today we will make a very quick nail design. We will do the design on two nails, and in just 2 minutes we will do the design for our client, because we are tired. I had two clients in a row, this client and her daughter. That is, we worked completely without interruption and we wanted to save a little time on painting. The best painting that saves your time in any situation is of course swirl patterns. Therefore, we cover our nails in two layers. When applying the second layer, we paint over the areas near the cuticle and side rollers. Because I work this way, it seems to me that so the coating looks neater. The second coating layer you apply farther than the first and you do not have borders or height differences between the layers. That is, it becomes not visible where the first coating layer and where the second begins. And the coating of the nails is perfectly smooth. We glitter the nail on which the design will be. We want our swirl patterns to be on the most brilliant background. As I said, my clients are very fond of various kinds of shiny coatings. Your clients also love a variety of shiny coatings. Therefore, we take a gel polish with sparkles and cover it with a nail. After we have dried our coating, we take a brush and with it we begin to make sketches for our future swirl patterns. We do this with the same gel polish that we used to coat the nails. In this case, we make drafts in a brushstroke technique, creating a composition of our swirl patterns. Next, we cover all the nails with a top coat, and we will do a detailed drawing on the top coat. Why? Because I want the detailed drawing to be as voluminous as possible and I will not cover it with anything else. And now we take a brush and begin to draw swirl patterns. As always, we use the rule for drawing swirls. We put a drop and pull it out. That is, we put a drop of paint, raised the brush and draw the most thin and long line from the drop. The thinner and longer your drop line is, the more beautiful your swirl patterns will look. And repeating to ourselves “we put a drop and draw a line”, we draw a swirl design that we need. In principle, what kind of swirl design do we need? And the one that we can draw and this is exactly what we need. Therefore, we should relax our brain, close our eyes, and draw what we can draw. If suddenly it becomes uncomfortable for us to draw, then we can turn the client’s hand. We can turn the client’s hand 360 degrees and the client does not experience any inconvenience. I have never hurt any of my clients this way. Do you know what is most important when drawing swirl patterns? It is of course to enjoy it. As soon as you begin to have fun in the drawing process, then you will immediately begin to succeed. Therefore, the simplest answer to the question arises: how to draw swirl patterns. Just draw as you like! And now, the most attentive of you, will tell me that we got different swirl patterns on two nails. And thank God! Because we did not even plan and did not try to make them the same, because it is hand-painted! I am not a printer or typewriter. And I wasn’t even going to make them look alike. This moment is negotiated with all clients and then everything is fine! And not a single client tells me that I get different flowers. So, today we managed to make such nails. It looks expensive, rich, stylish, fashionable, and youth! In general, everything turned out as we love. So I hope you enjoyed it today! Do not forget to like it. And I say goodbye to you today! See you soon! Bye!

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  1. Красота!!!С Вашими дизайнами и осенью не будет повода для грусти!!!⚘⚘⚘🤗

  2. Очень красиво получилось, быстро и раскошно, Даша ты супер молодец я сейчас сижу и делаю тоже самое – ну как тоже самое, точнее пародию на шедевры твои!😁😁😁

  3. Супер 👍. А когда будет видео ваших ноготков на левой руке? Уж очень они замечательные! Даже в Инстаграмме на фото не очень их рассмотришь ((((

  4. классно получилось ! я бы еще и стразиков захотела – я тоже люблю блестки с блестками на блестках да еще и со стразиками !!! 🙂

  5. Вроде так просто создаётся дизайн, но такая красота. Лайк😍

  6. Дашенька! Спасибо Вам за ваши уроки и за положительные эмоции! Мне 276 номер очень напомнил брусничный морс ( мне кажется, что брусника вполне осенняя ягодка) может нарисовать букетик из брусники 😁

  7. Огонь)) У меня на миндале на второй же день начинают стираться торцы(((( из-за чего это может быть? Думала ,что из-за топа, поменяла,взяла другой,и опять та же история((

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