Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2019. Выставка Maison&Objet в Париже

Тренды в дизайне интерьера 2019. Выставка Maison&Objet в Париже

Hello. My name is Julia Sheveleva. I am an interior designer. Yesterday we arrived in Paris, and today we are at Maison & Objet exhibition Where we see the trends for 2019. What is interesting, we have prepared this time, factories and accessories manufacturer. What is the exhibition Maison & Objet and what it is useful for interior designers. I’ll start with the fact that the exhibition is held twice a year – in late January and in September. Completely different topics are presented in this exhibition. And in my view it is interesting to visit, and in January and in September. So I try to go to the event is twice a year, to see what is new and interesting, we offer manufacturers. How can get to the exhibition interior designer? You can visit the Maison & Objet exhibition site and subscribe to our newsletter. When you start the exhibition offered an option to buy the ticket online. I am sure there are days when the two tickets for the price you can buy one. It is very convenient if you are traveling alone or with a friend or acquaintance. Now exhibition ticket costs 70 euros. To get to the exhibition, you can either take a taxi or the subway, or take advantage of free shuttle. Who now travels from the airport to the exhibition. Previously, he traveled from Paris to the exhibition center, but now it is temporarily canceled. Therefore, we must look at ways in which the site can be reached. Perhaps the next time there will be some options for the shuttle from the city center. It is important if you plan to visit the exhibition, you need to know that the exhibition closes at seven or six hours depending on the day. Accordingly, all the people who are at the show, start to leave en masse from all pavilions. It should be borne in mind that there will be a queue for the train, on the shuttles and taxis. All these modes of transport will be a big queue. Accordingly, you need to understand, or you go a little bit in advance to catch. Or vice versa to wait an hour. Here you can eat in the cafe, where a walk and wait until the main crowd subside. This is a very important piece of advice, because time is very precious in Paris. Therefore, these details will help you to plan and organize time correctly. The trend of the season – green. But it is not so bright and saturated, as we suggested in January, more subdued and reticent. Very many manufacturers factories use it. They offer us to combine upholstery in velor and fine matting. In principle, nothing new and supernatural. Uses the same color that have been previously season, but in more complex shades and interpretations. So feel free to look, use colors in their interiors. And you get a very trendy and interesting combinations. The combination of different materials is one of the trends for several seasons in the design. For example, when we are in one and the interior combines wood and glass and stone and brass elements. All this is natural, natural materials, that support the modern trend towards eco-design, harmony and unity with nature. Beige color all less likely to use in the interiors. I replace it with a more complex shades of gray Gray is a very interesting color. If you add to it a little warm or cool shade it completely changes its appearance. Therefore, it can be used in the design and combination with other colors similar in tone. For example, to a warm gray, you can pick up the green tree, brown and get a very complex and interesting combination of colors for your interior. Another interesting color that is gaining popularity is gray. Gray called the new beige color, which replaced the usual way of beige and brown interiors. Many loved his gray neutrality and diversity. And the fact that it can be combined with some more warm and cool shades. Gray is very well combined with different colors. It may be some bright inserts and accents. Black, white wood is very well combined with the gray. If you do not want a bright and rich interior, pay attention to gray. He is very fresh and interesting looks in the residential interior. And it does not look so bright, if someone is not comfortable. What is the most popular color in 2019? Let’s ask ourselves the representatives of factories. Fashion trends in terms of color support not only the manufacturers of furniture, but also accessories and decor. For example, SILK-KA factory produces artificial flowers that virtually indistinguishable from natural. It is not surprising that the founders of the factory are Dutch. Very interesting and sensual minimalism at the factory ANA ROQUE. This Portuguese design. It is very sensual lines for furniture and interior forms. Very succinctly matched decor and Bright and pure colors used for the decoration of the space. Very interesting stand at JNL. It is compact. Here are a few booths presented. A very telling example of how you can work in a small space with a very rich and vibrant colors. All the walls are made in the tissue. The stand is made in conjunction with the brand EMANUEL UNGARO. Let’s see what happened. Sofa in the form of beans still can not go out of fashion. It is very often offered in their expositions of many factories. We are now at a stand Eichholtz. This is one of my favorite brands. I always remove all interior exhibitions. Because this factory trendsetter of fashion trends and design trends. They are always very interesting use of color in their expositions. They always richly decorated stands. At each show, they use something new and trending. And of course some advanced developments include new directories. Factory loves to create home furnishings made from glossy chrome pipes. From it can be made shelving, tables, various interior items. It looks very impressive and elegant interior. workmanship is very neat. The complexity of work with a chrome pipe that the welds do not always look nice. In Eichholtz it brought everything to perfection. Despite the fact that part of the production is done in China, all under a lot of control. These things look very interesting in any style and design. There are two black armchairs with cushions graphitic. They look as an accent in the interior. Do not be afraid of colors. You can try to insert into their interiors had some items in black and white. They did not spoil the interior. This neutral palette. For example, the use of black suede not much is shipping and will look very organic. The interior does not look bleak, due to the abundance of light, shiny and glossy surfaces. But unfortunately, as there is a stereotype about black, it is better to use it in a neat and delicate format. To not make the interior too dark. But as an accent, monochrome interior is very bright, contrasting and unusual. Another novelty from the factory. Here the interior is stylized. Used elements of the interior of the Chinese style. Here are made interesting table, which is shaped like a brush. Very interesting wallpaper. In general, the whole gamut, too, is sustained very not typical for the brand. The September show Maison & Objet in most devoted decor. Where you can find anything you like, for decoration and interior additions. From pillows and finishing scents for the home, accessories for the kitchen. A lot of different objects of the interior, which can complement any space. This is a different candle holders and figurines. They are made either in the brass, or silver, or some color. It might just be something small and unusual white ceramic. Very popular now with a tropical-themed accessories, such remarkable parrots. They can be put in absolutely any interior style. Or, for example, here is a sea hedgehog. You can put it anywhere: in the console or on the coffee table. It can be used alone or in a group. And of course do not hit first season – pineapple. They are all different. There are the usual sculpture or a vase. Possible to put something. Perfectly suited to any interior. Now, it’s the end of the exhibition. We looked at the pavilions, that we were interested in and factories with whom we work, we are interested in either. Of course not all the pavilions we saw because most of them it is the decor, some accessories, fragrances for the home, kitchen accessories. There we do not even visited. Just quickly slipped, we saw that there was nothing new to change. Some factories, I also did not shoot, because so many repeat everything that has been in previous seasons. Therefore, special attention to them is not sharpened. Tried to remove the maximum of what was on this show is interesting for interior designers. September is the final block of exhibitions, before the new year. Who will be the exhibition also in other European cities. They will be devoted to textiles, kitchens and various other things. That is densely occupied the whole of September the exhibition. If you are interested in this topic, you can choose for themselves the exhibition or event that you would like to see. For example, at the Maison & Objet in autumn it is most focused on the decor and accessories. If you are interested and you are important interior detail, which can be issued an additional interior. So you exactly here, because there are a lot of interesting things. Create beautiful interiors themselves or with us. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to our Instagram. All bye-bye. Until the new reviews. See you in London.

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