इस तरह बनाकर पहन ले  एक designer net lehenga तो सिर्फ आप ही दिखोगे

इस तरह बनाकर पहन ले एक designer net lehenga तो सिर्फ आप ही दिखोगे

Hello all my love, learn to make a net lehenga in this video Which I told in a very easy way If you like the video, then definitely If you have visited the channel for the first time, then subscribe the channel Along with the bell icon, please press This will keep you getting notifications of our videos See also the description here but I have provided links to the popular video So let’s see This is my floor net Along with this is my satin cloth Also see its measurement Total length 42 inch The waist is 34 inches Its belt will keep 3 inches ready Here I have 3:30 meter satin cloth And 3:30 miter and net cloth used in the use Here’s the lining of the first cutting Here’s how to fold it It has to be triangle safe in the fold Here’s the first one cutting waist Here the waist is 34 inches, the fourth part here. Take it along this corner and mark it on both sides. Here you mark the number of belt you want to put up the inch tep Together with the whole length mark Let me keep it 2 inches short, mark it in 40 inch par. Half inch for stitching If you have to keep the surroundings equal, then by holding in this way you can marking There will be a small joint here Doing cutting Can measure it again Here, my size is right, 1 inch extra has come which i will use to put a side zipper Also, cut down from the bottom Together you can also put this small joint in this way Similarly by marking the cuttings Now cutting the net here Here the clothes have been fixed in a different way I have folded it without joining I have folded the cloth here. I have folded it in 8th Thah Mark the total length of the tape at 3 inches above here. Let’s mark 42 inch plus 1/2 inch extras here In this way my cutting will be extra cloth, I will cut it Will sew it now First of all, take this small joint In this way your joint will also take place Here you can lease the bokaram inwards Here I am a cotton cloth strip that you can put in the clothes Here I am also stripping urebi Here I have used a 2 inch wide bandage Let’s fold it in. In this way your strip will also be found Now put 4 marks on the net here Right now here it is to wrap the whole fabric in 34 inch waist Here I am going to put the gadgets in the entire fabric like this You can also make it here by placing it The chunat is to keep you in the gher whole You can also make it by adding a box plate Here my first marking has come, measure it Here the waist part of the waist should come, 8:30 in If there is more or less here, then you can take it again By measuring this way you can chunat the whole gher Now attach the satin and net cloth together to the waist. Now here’s the side stitching Leave about 4 inches here and stitch it Will zip here Side stitching is also different This way you can look carefully and put the side Stitching different side in this way Here you can either piku or even put a bandage under it Now after putting the side, put a zip here In this way you can zip in a sewing Put the belt on it Here I have cut 7-inch wide belt The length of the belt is 34 plus 1 inch. In this way your belt will be ready in 3 inches Four markings on your belt Here I have prepared the belt together with both the shirtan and the net 4 beans are applied on Lehenga The belt will move from the outside to the outside Stitch together the belt and lehenge marks Do not pull the belt and stitch the nock Video Like and Share Sure You can follow us on our Facebook page Meena Boutique In this way your belt will look It would be nice to have a wire pikoo down here The price of this net is around 250 meters And do not forget to watch this video too This way your lahanga is ready Thanks again for giving me time with a new video tomorrow

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  1. Lehenga Accha hai par aapka explanation me problem hai. Jaha aap kah rahe ho isko "Yaha" se modo, "isko"Kato, "isko ", "usko","aise","Jaise" bolne k bajaye specifically bataye upper layer lower layer ya Apne sabdo me explain Kare .kyuki direct dekhna aur vdo me dekhna two different things h.me aapko new subscriber hu.aur Aapke vdos bhi share kiye hai.

  2. Beautiful 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  3. aap kapra pehle se hi bicha ke rakthe ha kaise bichana chhaiya kapra ye aap theek se nahi batate.please main part to kapra bichana hi hota ha .

  4. Hlo sir m bi apna lehnga choli banana chahti hu pr us lhnge ke gere pr work h or use tircha nhi kr skti to fir use. Kese stich kru
    Plzzzzz gere wale lhnge ki video bnaiye ap koi plzzzz sir

  5. Bhai mry pass lit ornge clr ka plan net hy frock ka to ap kindly mjy koi idea dy dyn jis sy mre frock achi tyr ho jy

  6. Give marvadi chaniya style. Not give umbrella and kali chaniya. Full cloth use in marvadi style chaniya so give marvadi chaniya style.

  7. Helo ser aapki vidio ek dam wonderful h but muche is m thodi si pre sani hui ki aapne suru m after ko fould karna btayA vo samaj m nhi aaya

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