✔ Minecraft: How to make Night Lights (Using Daylight Sensor)

✔ Minecraft: How to make Night Lights (Using Daylight Sensor)

How to make night lights (using daylight sensor) Start off by digging a hole like this one, next to your walkway. Also make a tunnel that leads out to somewhere hidden You can decorate the lamps however you want!

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  1. normally i don't write comments like this but i've been subbed to this channel since 2013 and i can't get enough of this legendary building sometimes i even watch the same videos over and over because, they never get boring and i will just say : keep up the good progress 🙂

  2. i realy like magmamusen you make things with out comandblocks nearly every video you make i`ve copied from your videos thay work love you 😀

  3. please do voice overs but dont just constantly talk and instead just cut to the chase pizzazz i don't like to read

  4. I came up with the same thing but made in a different way,redstone lamp and daylight sensor on top,turn the daylight sensor to night(grey)

  5. Someone pleas explain how a DAYLIGHT sensor works when it's night and powers the lamps.. I am very confuse if you can't already tell.

  6. I have a easier solution, XD know I'm late, but you can just put a daylight sensor on blue setting on the redstone lamps. They will automatically turn on at night (:

  7. Hello there piggy. I just want to say these building tips are so so so good,and I really wish you would call to my door and theach me how to build everything , I really like these vids since day one so you know what you just erned 1+ subscribers! Thanks for these help full tips about minecraft, love your vids and see you later bye!☺

  8. When I do Minecraft Videos,and in the end of the video my background always has a sunset going down and there are pink skies and its really beautiful that I wanna cry. Also,Anyone watching this in 2018? BTW,I SUBSCRIBED TO UR YT CHANNEL MAGMAMUSEN! My favorite part is where ur never talkative,bc some other Youtubers are very Talkative on their videos and Im like

    (-___________-) Really?

  9. clicking one more time after placing daylight sensor will turn to night light sensor, hope this is useful for those who want to save time and space 🙂


  11. Hey magmamusen I really like the house you made, can you please please give the tutoriol of the house please?

  12. The song should be at thw end when you beat the ender dragon and text shows all your achievements and your story

  13. Wow Magmamusem You are Great nice Viedo Nice Vedio 😀👏😀☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️

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