hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are going to be doing a spring home tour I love decorating for all the seasons and I am so excited to show you some of the new things I got this year I am really incorporating a lot of the navy and blush pinks all around my home I’m so excited and honestly when you have this many boys it’s nice to see a little bit of pink so I think you guys are really gonna like it if you are new here go ahead and click that subscribe button and I am so excited to show you everything we got so let’s go ahead and get started we’re gonna start off in the front so I have some of the same things that I had as last year but I did more of a simple theme this year so I want to start off here this I got from a bleep TJ Maxx and I just have him sitting right there this is the same mat I’ve had both are from Target this must have string law let me keep for a bit I love its class and I’ve got a fern in here but I’m trying to bring back to life and then I took some Dollar Tree pics you’re stuck them in there over here is the sign for Michaels I got this last Easter I do not know if they have it this year you’d have to look online I’m not sure then I have a plant stand right here and I actually spray-painted it the champagne gold the same color as the knobs in my kitchen you guys know I love the navy and gold blush this piece here I actually had made I designed it and had made this is from a local shop and if you want one let me know I can get you all the information put it in a solid wood and you can get it any way you want I had him staining obviously in the black the white letters I absolutely love it he did an amazing job it is all handmade this wreath here I made this is the same wreath I’ve had on my door for so long I just took some of my florals from last year and just added them if you remember my home decor Easter decor from last year I had a huge glass of long stems well I think those stems off and took the blooms and put it and added them to this existing wreath that I had made and so I’ve got some really beautiful blush magnolias got my Cotton’s in here I don’t even know what these are I love them and then I took a letter I’ve had her ages it spray-painted it the same gold as down there and I love the way it came out and it’s a multi-purpose wreath I think it turned out so beautifully [Music] now coming into my home we had doors put here we still need to paint them this is just way it goes we’ll get to it when we can here’s the hoop Reed’s that I’ll be giving away next Monday I talked about it in my last video on Monday go check it out make sure you’re subscribed and comment and spring on that video that was the one I posted on Monday to be entered in getting that this room is pretty basic I didn’t do much in here this is just my office baby’s bed have somebody yellow flowers there just to brighten it up a bit like I had mentioned I’m just kind of going for the more simplistic look so I added a nice little bouquet up there I got that from Michaels last year the whole bunch I believe was five or ten dollars I just popped it right in there and I think it is absolutely beautiful I love the pinks Mae I’m really into all of the blush and succulents and you know having boys you don’t feel like you can embrace pink but honestly they actually like it – you forgot this from Hobby Lobby and then I made these here and I have a tutorial you just go check back in my videos and I have a tutorial on how I made those wooden tags now into the kids playroom and also another little desk area for the kids I recovered this chair this this was given to us about two years ago and it’s been sitting in the garage and I finally recovered it with a beautiful velvet then I got this at the target dollar spot this year I was gonna make one out of the tea towels but they already had it for $5 this door here I’ve had for so long my friend Christina gave it to me and know someone had asked me did I paint it or distress it like this this is the original I did nothing to it it’s just here this is the way it looks and that’s why I keep it this is the cube system I have from Walmart this is the weathered oak and it has held up fairly well the bends on the bottom everything is from Walmart I recently got these they were all on clearance and then I just you know I use these little plastic shoeboxes for his puzzle and kinetic sand and everything I’ve got these carrots from Hobby Lobby and this is an actual antique bunny I got for my birthday two years ago when we went to Disney springs and we went antiquing on the way home this is from Hobby Lobby I believe this is from decor steals I believe I came in a set of three and then I made this here just to add some pink just added it in there from Hobby Lobby this is from kirklands last year that is a Scentsy warmer I recently got this lamp from Walmart and I love it cuz it’s got the nice gold on the bottom it’s clear so it doesn’t have too much visual weight this is from Hobby Lobby target dollar spot and in my love this was us two years ago I made this you’ll see these around the house I made these just last week then this was from fabric at Walmart and I just spoke to me and I loved it so I made it into a little pillow and I just love these colors you guys if there’s something that just stands out to you and speaks to you and quote sparks joy just get it because every time I look at it it makes me so happy it doesn’t necessarily go with anything but I of it so this is the front room just adding a little pops of spring now on to the entryway all of my rugs by the way from east sell rugs online all of them and I love them they’re super affordable so in here I’ve got the carrot garland from Hobby Lobby and that sign there is from Marshalls another one it’s my antique bunnies that I love so much I had the few guys remember I had blue plates up here and then I had the window I took the window down because I spray-painted it and I ended up not liking it and then I got a mirror and the kids shattered it so for my birthday I got this mirror here it is from Kirkland got to call the plates down one of them had broke and so I used one of them I had three total I used one under here and I think I just like the way it layers it this orchid is from Ikea and then I just added here’s another one that I made and added some eggs in there then I spray painted this and I got that and that’s my daughter and she was nine months old this Moss bunnies from TJ Maxx last year and then my favorite piece here this if you guys remember my thrift store hauls from Goodwill I think I got it for $6 I love it and I just took some garland that I had laying around and made this little I don’t know arrangement here I got this at Hobby Lobby recently but everything else is something I had and then I got the pics from the dollar store so for pics for a dollar I thought was really good and it made a really cute little centerpiece or arrange me here I think it’s like a nice little statement piece I think it’s so pretty I got the blue and the yellows I’m loving pops of yellows too just makes it so bright really easy to do anybody could do this [Music] sorry you got to see me for a second but I love the height of the orchid and that piece there it’s gorgeous and I love to stack things on books and turn them this way I think it looks so nice [Music] now in my kitchen my beautiful flowers my best friend gave me this is Amanda from this crazy life vlog she sent me some flowers and she’s just oh my gosh she is one of my very best friends and I just love love love love love her so I’m keeping those going as long as I can [Music] again pretty simple we’ve got my midnight blue citrus I love this smell it’s almost out and I’m honestly just I want it I want this container so this is a little dish I got from Walmart it was filled with jelly beans but you can’t have jelly beans in this house too long because the boys took it but I love the yellow bird they had pink and bunnies on top but I liked the bird because when Easter is over it’s perfect for spring I feel and summer so I got this so my kitchen is pretty simple I don’t like a lot of stuff everywhere so then over here I got this at Walmart as well I think for like $2 just a cute little tag and I have it on there here’s another one of the plates if you remember I made this arrangement and one of my videos about two weeks ago I believe it was and I got this arrangement from home goods but I felt like it needed more fluff so I added some lambs air in it and I love the way it turned out and I loved it on top of this play it just adds a little something to it so the couch I have my blue blanket the infamous blue blanket that I always have drapes on my couch then I brought out my gray Buffalo check pillows that I get from Amazon all of these are from Amazon actually they were playing on here these are from Etsy someone made these that’s right that’s nice for spring I love plushy Pink’s the kids are being lazy that’s the couch pretty simple I was so pleased when the boys came home they said Wow mom the pink is really pretty and I’m so happy over here another pillow again from Amazon I will have all of those and my Amazon favorites if y’all want to check them out then I have a link in my description box if you guys want to see that this is an egg and I just put a flower in it my mom gave me this these are new I have been eyeing these for a couple of years at kirklands and this year I had a coupon and I went and I got them and I love them I love the little cracked spots on them they are so cute and I love the cute little faces [Music] this is at the end of our part I just got my little my little bunny here another one of the nests that I made and this I got at the target dollar spot around Valentine’s Day and it is just it’s been going through every season with me I love it and this here I believe is from TJ Maxx in the kids bedrooms I don’t decorate those for spring but I did spruce up their bathroom I added these really beautiful royal blue mat and they’re the memory foam mats and they stay put which I love and then I added this blue and yellow hand soap it’s a whole lemon the wine I got this from actually my daughter got it for me from Marshalls and then this candle is lavender and vanilla it’s from Target and this is from the dog all of this is target dollar spot this this and these too and it just adds a little bit of something this is the boys bathroom but you have two guest bathroom as well so can’t go too crazy I mean you know it’s the boys bathroom when you see that can someone please explain to me why boys do this with toothpaste I just cannot [Music] [Music] now in Brooke my room I don’t do anything really I keep it pretty simple and I just added one of my aqua pillows on here and then I use my light blue pillow shams just to add a little bit of color it’s pretty basic in here but you guys know I don’t like a lot of mess I love it when I want to relax I don’t want a lot of clutter this old chair I got from an estate so it needs to be clean but it is my favorite chair the most comfortable chair I love it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay guys I hope you enjoyed the spring Easter Home Tour I love decorating for all the seasons especially when they are so bright and airy like spring I’m just so ready for all of the pastels and pinks and aqua colors they are my favorite so I’m going to be using these things for a long time I’m going to keep my house like this and I’m going to keep the pink out as long as I can so I hope you enjoyed it if you are new to my channel go ahead and subscribe before you leave that way you’ll just be notified when I upload new videos don’t forget to like this video and I will see you guys in the next one bye [Applause] [Music]


  1. Happy Thursday Lynn!! I love the decor. Your home is so beautiful!! I wish I was as crafty as you. I too love the blush pink and I'm obsessed with rose gold!! Have a blessed week!!

  2. Everything is beautiful. Love the simple Elegance TFS ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  3. Love the decor Lynn.๐Ÿ˜ Especially the mirror, and the chenille bedspread. I am a sucker for them. Where did you get the 3 rabbit's. Did not hear that part. Will see you next time. Love ya Linda ๐Ÿ’“ ๐Ÿ’“ ๐Ÿ’– God bless ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

  4. Everything is so pretty!! I love the blue vase with the pink flowers!! And that pillow case you made has seriously inspired me to choose those items that just bring me joy even if I donโ€™t totally understand it. Youโ€™re totally the reason I got that little bunny towel! ๐Ÿฅฐ

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  9. Beautiful! I love how you are embracing the pink, because you want to conceive a girl, and I believe you will manifest her into your life.

  10. Your home looks beautiful! You have a knack for decorating. I wish you could help me decorate my house. Lol!

  11. Love the handmade piece by the front door and the wreath… Really makes the front of your house so welcoming. The wooden tags are very unique… Great job making them Lynn! That lamp and the flowers from Amanda are so pretty.

  12. Such a cheery video! Iโ€™ve watched it about 3 times, it is so inspiring for Easter and springtime! Love you! Hugs to Ruby and Willow!! โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿพ

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    Fun and functional!
    Loving the hoop wreath๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•โฃ๏ธ

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  16. Hi Lynn! Everything is just so beautiful! I also love all of the pink & blush colors for spring! I love all of your spring touches throughout your home! TFS!๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’

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