🍁FALL Decorate With Me 2019 | Fall Decorating Ideas | FALL DIYs

🍁FALL Decorate With Me 2019 | Fall Decorating Ideas | FALL DIYs

[Applause] welcome back guys today I’m decorating my whole house for fall that’s right fall is here and I’m excited to get my seasonal decor out if you missed it I shared all of my fall decor in a previous video so go check that out if you’re wanting to know all the details without further ado let’s get into this fall home and decorate with me [Music] [Music] run away so I love hand-making items and also collecting items on the off seasons so I would go at a hobby lobby or Dollar Tree and find some really great steals the pumpkin on the bottom right here is actually something I made out of fabric that I found and that orange flower that very vibrant bright orange flower was one of the leftover fall pieces at Hobby Lobby last year that was marked down probably like 60 70 percent off but if you missed my first fall video of the season I actually decorated this dining room table for Thanksgiving that I do every year my home is actually the hub for Thanksgiving meals but we’re also enjoying it daily like my husband and I love having dinner just us there while the kids are you know playing or watching TV or we tried to but next I’m gonna decorate this lantern that I got from Hobby Lobby so many years ago it used to be in my living room but as many of you who have been around know that my living room is a playroom for my 3 and 1 year old so this Lantern is not gonna work in that space anymore so I brought it out here and I actually like it out here because they don’t come out here very often we have gates in our living room that they don’t are able to come out and I love decorating this throughout the seasons and so I have had pine cones in there from last Christmas time and I just left in there you know cuz I just thought it was pretty but I’m actually gonna decorate with another flower a hydrangea lookin floral that is orange and red you’ll see a close-up of it in a second but it’s very beautiful and very natural-looking and I love it and I actually thought to put it at the top and then I’m going to add a very tiny little green pumpkin in the center and if you stay to the very end you will see that I alter this entire set up at the very end and I have even bloopers with my three-year-old to show you what it turned out to be so make sure you watch till the very very end [Music] so the remaining clips I’m going to show you how I decorated with my three-year-old I really wanted her to feel involved so what we’re doing is switching out the door hanger our front door hanger and what I did was use this felt I think it was a placement originally from the Dollar Tree and I used it as a backdrop for this sign that I got from Hobby Lobby probably five or six years ago so long ago but again I bought it on the off season and I just love the little pumpkin patch theme and it was 3d looking and I just love that but anyway I put this up every year this is just a staple in our house this is the wreath the reason the door hanger that I put up and I love it so this year was fun my three-year-old is getting to decorate the house with me and she just took it as her mission to decorate the whole house so it has been fun [Music] here she is again putting our big pumpkin that is like a ceramic faux pumpkin on our front step and I had to tell her to not put it in the center because you know people walk there so she had to put on the side but I thought she was so cute she was just so intrigued and now you know she’s my shadow so she’s following me upstairs grabbing all they leftover fall decor items and here we are hanging more of the door hangers in our house I mentioned in my previous video that I love decorating interior doors like closet doors that you don’t open too often I actually do a pantry one that I really love but I just love the interior wreath or you know door hangers that you get to put up it actually just as simple you just buy some door hangers from at whether it’s Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree and just put anything up there really so I do this for fall and Christmas those are my two favorite seasons to decorate or so that is a little tip if you want to add a little bit of decor but you know you don’t want to like put things on the wall just put a door hanger on and anything like that and this is another thing I use the command strips for the back of this door and we did a little Dollar Tree sign there as well I could make you smile I let you into my face my skin where will it end if I let it be keys it’s true go tree you know life’s too short so let’s not wait to letting me in it [Applause] beautiful sound [Music] can take another call how come I feel under trying to we’re the only ones and we one of the seasonal decor items that I have to control myself on are like the cute hand towels so I bought one or two actually fall decor hand towels and I used one on my oven and one on my dishwasher and this pumpkin and this little sign that I’m putting on the counter was also one of those items that I could not leave the season without I bought this last year for you know it was like the 40% off sale at Hobby Lobby but it was full price considering but I wasn’t it was like the last one and I had to have it I just love the little pencil shaving circle things that are on there it’s just beautiful and this towel spoke to me one year and I had to have it so I put that on my counter and this is the first time I actually have counter decorations I did not decorate my counters last year so this is the first time I’m doing that and this pumpkin I consider kind of like the cute kitty pumpkin but like the kid in me loves it like it’s just so darn cute so I had to put that somewhere as well so that’s gonna hang on my dishwasher this area in our kitchen has transformed dramatically since the first time we bought this home so I really want to do it before and after because you can really transform a space by what you you know buy and how you decorate with items and flowers and such but anyway I put these three white or two white pumpkins that are at the Dollar Tree on my lambs ear and also on this I guess it’s eucalyptus maybe in my half bathroom and I thought that it was simple but it added that fall touch that I would love to have in those areas as you know if people come over these are the areas that they see but anyway I love these little cute pumpkins I think they’re at Dollar Tree still though when I went there was only one left and there was tons of orange versions of that so anyway I also have this hook on my door that I actually hang pumpkins and wreaths from every year so I keep that hook up there so here is all of it if you can look at it it is such a cute little pumpkin I have two of these [Music] at the small where we should go how can I beat you [Music] so I normally hang this thankful banner on my fireplace but I cannot this year since the girls use the living room area as their playroom so I know that this wouldn’t last very long so what I thought to do was since I put garland on the banisters for Christmas I thought I would use the banister for the banner and it actually turned out really cute but actually it’s making me want to add like some florals or something on this banister because it looks kind of bare to some degree but I think it would add so much maybe I’ll do that maybe I’ll go shopping and you know put that in a video sometime but I love it right here it it just shows everybody who comes to the home that we’re thankful [Music] something remember at the beginning of the video I said that I was going to change the lantern decoration well I decided to elevate that pumpkin a little bit more so I put more pinecones in there and then I’m going to set the pumpkin on the center just to elevate it a little more and then I made an orange bow out of orange burlap a few years ago I had a SC wreath shop and so I decided to add it to the little door and it turned out really really cute no one else makes me feel this way don’t know what you do [Music] could you hold my thanks guys so much for watching don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and click that notification bell to get notified when I upload and hit that like button to help me out I’m going to leave you with some real life moments here on YouTube [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] tell me what what you wanna do all the way

22 thoughts on “🍁FALL Decorate With Me 2019 | Fall Decorating Ideas | FALL DIYs

  1. I’m so excited to be making this video for y’all!! I love decorating for Fall and Christmas and now I get to share it! Say hello below!!!

  2. I 💕 love how the fall decor was incorporated into your existing decor – it makes it look natural. Love it. Great inspiration. I'm going to try and incorporate my fall decor like you did.

  3. I agree adding florals to the stairs would make a great addition. And that bow was a perfect addition to your lantern.
    Hahaha your sweet little one. 🥰

  4. Your daughter is so cute. My kids always follow me around trying to help too. I love all your decor!! So beautiful! Can’t wait to start decorating :).

  5. I love that your daughter helps! She is so adorable!
    The entryway is probably my favorite part of your house that you decorated! Absolutely gorgeous! ❤️

  6. I so need to decorate for fall ! I’m seeing all these videos and I think mine is going to be up super late for the YouTube world!

  7. I love the white and gray in your kitchen ! I also love that flowered pumpkin,I saw it at hobby lobby and was really close to buying it ! All of your decor set up came out beautiful!

  8. Hi Sarah I decorated for fall first time this year honestly it was so much fun and Christmas no doubt is my favorite time to decorate. So now moving forward I can say Fall and Christmas is my favorite time to decorate 😊💜

  9. I mostly buy most decoration from HomeSense its it's like your Homegoods 😊 awww your little helper following mommy and helping put everything. I love that wreath so simple but so beautiful 💜💜

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