🍁Fall “Home” Shop and Decorate With Me! | Fall Home Decor 2019!

🍁Fall “Home” Shop and Decorate With Me! | Fall Home Decor 2019!

[Music] happy fall y’all today’s video starts off our fall season of many decor and cleaning videos if you’re new here my name is Sarah and I have two little girls sir rune and Naomi one is three and a half and the other is a one and a half if you’re itching to start the season then come along with me as I create a little home paradise this fall all of my autumn decor is stored in the Attic along with my Christmas items I’m going to grab that out of the attic bring it down and we’re going to show you all the items that I will be using most of the items I will be featuring in today’s video I’m going to share with you where I got it I also managed to do a lot of home DIYs throughout the years that I’ve saved so I’m going to go over everything that I bought where I got it and about how much if I can remember this wreath was for was from Hobby Lobby probably for about four dollars on the clearance section this wooden sign also from Hobby Lobby I think I bought that during the forty percent off that placemat is from Dollar Tree and I’ll show you how I put those two items together this is also from Dollar Tree Dollar Tree has great items there’s two identical pumpkins like these I got these only a CVS sale at the end of the season many years ago this is a Hobby Lobby craft piece that my oldest did back in 2017 when she was probably I think one yeah one and a half so I love that I’m gonna put that in her room and also these pine cones these are actually like the potpourri kind of pinecones I saved them because they’re beautiful another Hobby Lobby find this was probably about two dollars or three this towel I’m trying to remember I think it was from Walmart if I can remember this I bought full price but as you know Walmart’s fairly inexpensive more pinecones a lot of these pinecones or just you know it’s from our yard and this is where I did a DIY a Thanksgiving banner and I used a Pinterest you know fine for that and I just bought paper and glue and scissors undid it this pumpkin I did buy full price I fell in love with it last year and I had to buy it it’s just so beautiful from Hobby Lobby these two little squirrel tea lights are from the Dollar Tree I believe very inexpensive and super adorable I love the woods eNOS of fall that’s why you see a lot of woods eNOS dollar tree crosses that have Thanksgiving blessings on them I put them out on the day that we celebrate Thanksgiving and also these are some leftover tags that I did a few years ago that I might use again this year this is an outdoor pumpkin from Hobby Lobby I bought this I believe when that everything was marked down a 60% off one time this sign is also a favorite of mine it was from a Walgreens and they were going out of business and they were selling they were going out of business during the fall and they were getting rid of their stuff and I only bought it for like $7 so I’ve had that for maybe four years now and then more pumpkins these Pinkins were from like a dollar store not dollar drift was Dollar General for only a few dollars and in these pumpkins you may have seen last year from the Dollar Tree I love them they are very heavy and sturdy and just have that nice sheen on them the cream and the green are like my favorite colors to put together I love the neutral natural colors of fall and here’s another tip is during Christmas pike nurseries cuts off the ends of their Christmas trees and I went and I grabbed scraps for free one time so I grabbed scraps I made this with some leftover fabric I stuffed it with like tissue paper or what else what newspaper or something I literally did it in like five minutes again this is the potpourri bag that I had on hand and I saved those because I just love the look of all the Reds so yeah more fun more pumpkins more pinecones from our yard and also from solo cinnamon potpourri bags that you buy at the grocery store I like saving them because the smells actually stay if you keep them sealed the smells actually stay so it’s actually a nice little touch of fall these are fall magnets from the Dollar Tree I’ll just have that for my girls to play with and then this little pumpkin I I loved it so much it was from Walmart one year I can’t remember what year but it was very inexpensive so I love love that and these two little salt and pepper shakers were a gift from my mother-in-law because she has some exactly like this and she displays them on her stove and so they’re not filled with anything I just display them so I’m going to display them in my formal dining room where we have Thanksgiving dinner so it’s going to be a nice little Thanksgiving touch to our fall de coeur [Music] so yeah that is everything that I have it’s not a whole lot but I focus on the formal dining room in the outside to decorate so a lot of this stuff is going to go on my front door on different doors around the house I do love hanging things on interior doors using the door hangers so this is going to be such a fun thing to show you I absolutely love decorating for fall and Christmas it’s the most decorations that I have during the whole year so I can’t wait to show you how everything turned out [Music] here is my formal dining room as you can see I thrive on like the grays the creams and the blue colors in here there is some items that I just need to remove because they don’t belong here because it’s kind of turned into like a semi storage area for some old decor but I will get to that on another day but right now I’m going to focus on the table and so what I have to do right now is just clean that dining table really well because it’s very dusty and everything and remove the center piece and start making the table scape that I always love doing every year so let’s get started [Music] I’m gonna start by taking off my Chargers and my table runner and clean off the surfaces it’s kind of gotten a little dusty and dirty from you know using it so I’m gonna clean all that make it a clean slate and I’m just going to use the table runner and the white bowl as the centerpiece so you will see how it all turns out [Music] [Music] so I’ve brought down the box that I want to use and so I’m gonna take all the white flowers out of this white bowl and I’m actually gonna transport them into this glass bowl that I have over here on the side that way is kind of a also a decor display but I’m not getting rid of the flowers and you know putting them away so that’s what I’m gonna do with those and I’m just gonna you know nicely put them in here make it more beautiful and then use the bowl for all of my pumpkins and pinecones [Music] so you’re gonna see me kind of fiddle around with the centerpiece trying to make like one pumpkin of the centerpiece and it doesn’t work out because I don’t know it just didn’t look right to me and that’s okay sometimes in my head I think it’s gonna be a great thing and then when I actually you know go forward and do it it doesn’t really look as great as I thought so I actually switched this up twice [Music] so right now I’m showing you what I decided on and that is putting the pine cones in then the pumpkins and then adding the touches of the red berry I just love that combination of the oranges the Browns and the reds it’s very natural in nature and it just is so warming and soothing when you look at it underneath I had to elevate the pumpkins and the pinecones so I put one of those tree stump cuttings underneath and then I added that burlap cloth on top so that it would add just a little layer of depth and texture so that’s how I got everything to raise up and it turned out really really great [Music] so after I placed everything where I wanted it I’m adding that red berry just a touch of that redness to the centerpiece so I’m just kind of placing it on the table part as well as inside the bowl and so here’s another angle I’m also going to add some tea lights to the squirrels they’re going to be orange tea lights that I had for probably three years now so here is kind of like a close-up view of everything from the entrance area that you’re going to first see [Music] so now I’m going to set out my chargers again and I’m going to place a little kind of pinecone serving plate on each charger as well as a white napkin with a family and friends a silver ring to hold that in place that is what I love using around this time especially since my home is where my family gathers for Thanksgiving so I always have the centerpiece in this area set out for that event so I’m just going to have the small little plates out for now but later on out add my official dinnerware for closer to Thanksgiving [Music] so while you’re watching me set everything up I do want to say that the Chargers are from Wayfarer I want to say three years ago the napkins are from the world market and the silver friends-and-family napkin rings are from Pottery Barn as a wedding gift back eight nine years ago so I’ve been using these at basically every year every time we have an event I use these napkin rings so that’s everything the burlap Runner I want to say is from Walmart two years ago or so but you know I actually made a burlap runner out of traditional burlap one year and it worked just as well I just wanted something that was a little bit more crisp so I actually bought a runner itself but I did that for years so here is everything set out I am in love with this it’s simple but it gives you that homey neutral fall colors without like an overload I just love the subtle Reds the subtle Browns and tan colors here’s a close-up of that pinecone plate that I’ve told you about I am in love with this also the plates are from Kohl’s and I got them 70% off probably four or five years ago and I bought all of them so I always go to stores after the season to see what they have and I store and stock up then there’s a close-up of the friends and family ring so well made very detailed and just just beautiful [Music] I hope I’ve inspired you with some date core ideas this season remember to shop your home first and see what you have and if you’re inspired to go in a certain direction then go invest in what you really really love click on that Pinterest link below to follow all of my boards to get more inspired this upcoming season and join me over on Instagram and see what we’re up to on a daily basis I love sharing parts of my day over there even some satisfying tap to tidy stories I’ll see you next week for another brand-new video bye [Music] you [Music] you

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  1. COMMENT below! When do you decorate for Fall?! Also, follow me over on Instagram and Pinterest for some more fall themed material.

  2. Your decor is so pretty! Love how you decorated the table. It goes so well with your home! Love it, especially the pine cone plates.

  3. Love all of your Fall decor and I loved how you decorated the table in your formal dinning room, it is so pretty! Those pine cone plates are beautiful!

  4. We have lived in our house for 2 months and we have never even thought about going into either of the attics 😂 We are too anxious lmfao

  5. I decorate in September. I don't have a bunch of decor either. I do love what I have and like to keep it simple. We also decorate for Halloween. Love your decor! I like all the deals you found over the years. Great idea finding things outside like your pinecones. Love the way it all turned out for fall!

  6. Omg I love all your decore and that table you did such an amazing job 🤗, can’t wait to decorate, but I star with Halloween decore first 😁

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