hey guys welcome back so I'm gonna be updating you guys on the house in this video because I know a lot of you guys are waiting to hear the news if we're getting relocated or not and I have to run a few inverses well I do need to go to Ross and return something so I'm gonna do a shop with me while I'm in the store see what's new so I figured I'll turn on the camera and just vlog but yeah as far as the move we did hear something back but there are some issues that we're trying to figure out and just take care of but I'll talk more about that later this video is also being sponsored by live wage I've worked with them in the past so I'm really excited to share this product with you guys and it is this air purifier is amazing guys and this item is actually gonna be a deal for Amazon Prime day which is July 15th and 16th I believe I'll have the dates in the description box but where Amazon Prime day coming up they're gonna be tons of deals guys so definitely you know check this one out it'll be me I just have it in the hallway right now you know clearing out the air in this space I said to just move it around the house but I always use it in the kitchen when I'm cooking because it gets really smoky in there and the vent that's above the stove sucks so I like to use this just to like get the air nice and fresh it removes the smoke really well and at night I leave it on it has a timer on here I leave it on at night so it can like remove the smell I don't like to wake up and my kitchen smells like last night's dinner like I just don't like that so I can put it on a timer which is really great because it doesn't have to run all night long I'll just set it for a few hours it'll turn off automatically but it goes up to 12 yeah 12 hours and let me just show you guys the rest of the options so you have your fan speed you have low medium high and then you have the auto button which is where I tend to leave it on because it can like sense your air condition if it detects that your air is smoky or super dusty it'll just you know increase the fan so that it can just clear out the air as fast as possible but this will change colors to let you know where your air quality is blue unless you know that your air quality is pretty good doesn't really have to blow too hard it'll go from blue to green to yellow then red and if it's blowing at red it's because it's on full blast trying to clear out the air but yeah I really like that you can also turn it off if you want if you don't really care to see the color but you know it's not really a big deal to me it has a sniper on here as well so with this it'll clear off the air but it's gonna be super silent and that's great because I can not sleep with sounds like I cannot sleep with a TV on if this fan is blowing super high and I can hear it it's just gonna like disturb my sleep so I can put on sleep mode and then you have your filter here it just lets you know when you need to replace it but yeah those are all of the options this is the power button of course but you can turn the display off like I said if you don't want to see it but it's still gonna be running like you can still feel the air coming out and the filter is in the back let me just show you really quickly but yeah this is the filter guys here so when it's time to replace it that's where you're gonna find it and it comes on the wheels as well so you can just roll it around which is great because this thing is like big and I'm not gonna say it's really heavy but because it's so big like you don't want to be trying to lift it up so you can just roll it around so that's really great but yeah guys I'll have it linked in the description box if you want to get your hands on it now as far as the house goes we're moving moving well that's the plan and we don't have exact dates right now and we are having some issues with like some stuff behind the scenes that we need to straighten out before we can even like start the process with the military movers like we cannot even set up our moving dates because of these minor issues that we're trying to take care of I'm still gonna start the process of packing and stuff I have all of these boxes now I'm just trying to get the house in order I need to stage up some of these rooms because there's no way we can clear the entire house out and we don't even know when we're getting relocating anyways but we do have to put a house on the market so I have to take pictures and just declutter depersonalized and just you know get the house ready for that process I talked to my realtor like maybe an hour ago actually and he's gonna run some numbers to see what's gonna be our best option if we should rent out the house or just sell it so I'm waiting to hear back but either way we have to put the house on the market and it needs to look pretty you know it needs to look decent attract the buyers I am going to pack my own home before I do not want movers coming in here touching my decor because if they break something I'm gonna be like Heidi upset you guys know I love my decor so that's why I have these boxes because they will bring boxes and like packing materials I don't know exactly what they're gonna be bringing I don't really want them trying to pack up my decor because I just want to be in control of debt and I want to have certain things and certain boxes I'm not going to pack my decor room-by-room because you guys know I like to rotate my decor throughout the house anyways so I'm gonna pack it based on like what it is I'm you know what I can fit in each box with me I just want minds of course to be all together and the rest I'll do room by room if it's like designated for that room like bathroom stuff or kitchen appliances stuff like that but yeah guys I boxes my husband went out to the liquor store and picked up some South Lee's boxes here for me because I wanted the dividers I was watching some YouTube videos so I'm just like moving and packing tips and someone mentioned to get the boxes from the liquor store for like your glassware or decor anything you just meet separated I can also like take some of these out if I need the space to be bigger but I do want dividers especially for like my glassware let me show you guys my pretty glassware that I found at Ross it's kind of bright but yeah this this is gonna be great for packing in those boxes and then like candle sticks or anything like that's all of my life slim decor like this here I can pack this and that kind of box look at how pretty that is is so pretty I don't want them to break this so I'm gonna have to start packing as much as possible I am gonna stage the dining room first and I'm gonna work on the bedroom not the bedroom but the upstairs bath row like that one right there I need to do that but the master bedroom and master bath I definitely need to paint because who is a dark color in there and then the bathroom is like I don't know I just need to put some work into those spaces before I can you know take any pictures so yeah guys that the wait is over we can finally start this process I'm gonna be doing like pack with me videos and like decorate with me as far as stage and the house goes and just creating this series my military movie series I think that's what I'm gonna call it or maybe I'll just say you know move with me I don't know exactly the title of this series but it's gonna be moved something related but I'm also thinking about taking in my chandelier guys I'm still debating on if I want to take it because this is gonna look so pretty like when I stage the room and like take pictures it's gonna be so pretty it's gonna look so updated not saying that my other chandelier is outdated it's just more of a traditional look and this one is more like contemporary really glam and I mean it's not like everybody loves glam so it could be a good or a bad thing but the other one is very like traditional I don't think it's gonna look bad I think it's gonna look nice but uh yeah I just need to go ahead and get started on this entire process I have all of these Dollar Tree items I did a haul guys if you missed it check it out it's my last video before this one but yeah I did a haul and I've been like putting away some of the stuff I just need to finish and then I have these items that I was selling on my Poshmark account I saw some stuff already and now I have this leftover whatever doesn't sell I'm just gonna have to donate because I am NOT trying to take all of this decor or any unnecessary items with us it's just gonna be unnecessary stuff to pack I just wanted to update you guys aren't best all right I'm at the post office I have two packages that I need to send off I had to make sure to put this label on here because one of the ladies that purchased my candle my candle holders receive the two of them damaged because I completely forgot to pull one of these labels on here and if you're watching this video I am so sorry I'm so happy you were able to like get your money back Poshmark is really good at refunding you know your money if your item arrives damaged or not as described but I'm so happy she was able to get her money back because that was like you know really said and I put bubble wrap and dividers and stuff inside of the package to make sure it didn't like move around but it's still you know it was still mishandled at the post office and you know that really sucks but I had to make sure it's to put it on here this time I had to go out and find these labels they actually sell them at Dollar Tree so I was able to find some idolatry and put it on there I did not think with the way I like wrapped up everything with the bubble wrap and dividers that it could get damaged so hopefully there's no issues with this package just know you know I about your packages getting to you in one piece so I'm just gonna have to do more when I'm packaging up anything that's like you know glass that can break but yeah this is my first stop go ahead and send this and then I can head over to Ross and return ok let me show you what I got from Ross that I'm returning so I got this mattress protector it's supposed to be waterproof it's definitely not I tested it out and yeah the dick which is went straight through so I'm returning this as well get my money back Pinchas you know I found one on Amazon that has really good reviews so I'm gonna order it and it's cheaper than this one so all right let me go ahead and these packages in here every day give me hey check it put the place up yeah we know what we made can't get enough for you boo I'm a taster face up blink of an eye ego imma take a shaker she wasn't though she shake me out to no place there I am in rows I'm gonna look around I'm not trying to buy a team but you know I cannot come here in [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right guys so I'm back home and I did go ahead and buy this I just couldn't help myself it was at a great price for something like this and see there it is they look really good next to each other I love the different heights it just looks like a set although they're not exactly the same because this is like straight and then this one is curved it still looks really good so yeah I decided to just go ahead and pick this up but yeah guys that's gonna wrap up this video I hope you enjoyed watching I do plan to do like a lot of pack with me type videos I'm just getting the house in order decluttering I'm staging some of these rooms but yeah I'll keep you guys posted on the entire like move process I just want to document the entire thing so that's gonna be pretty fun and series on my channel something to look forward to so if you're not already subscribed I was another if you do so that'd be so so awesome give this video a thumbs up and this you to know you guys want to see more so they'll continue to like recommend my videos and stuff like that so I would really appreciate that guys and yeah I'll see you in the next one bye


  1. I’m so sad you are moving..😭 I love this house..😩 I Know it’s something exciting for your family. Can I wait to see this new journey..

  2. Congratulations on your move, stop buying things. Use what you have to stage and try to sell the things you don’t want. Because you’re more than likely going to shop for new things in your new home.

  3. Wow…your moving. Don't know if that's a good thing but I am looking forward to seeing your new home and she how you decorate it. Hope you'll be keeping us posted until you move . I'm sure you got a lot on your hands… but you've got this!😉

  4. I love your style! I have been looking for a dining room chandelier for months, so thank you for posting the link to yours. I just snagged it.

  5. Love everything what's your posh name? I was following you on there but can't find you anymore. Thanks beautiful

  6. Good luck on your move pack those Beautiful decor careful!!!!can't wait for the move video Congratulations

  7. You have a lot to pack, so much beautiful home decor.I know the next house going to be gorgeous too. Be bless.

  8. I work for the military. Please pack your own items. Not even breaking the items how about the lose your items? Some of your items are irreplaceable. Sometimes military movers pack other people's items with yours.

  9. Don’t forget if your items are damaged in the process of transport they won’t reimburse you for those damages. Some of the moving companies will have you to unbox boxes packed by the owners because they don’t know what’s in the box. It’s all according to your moving coordinator.

  10. Hi Keisha J,congrats to you on your move, I can't wait to see the new home,
    I'm so inspired by what you do. I have collected more of those round mirrors now, I have more than I need
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I pray that you and your husband get the full asking price for your home because it is such a beautiful home and I am so glad for your new chapter in life wherever it takes you and your family bottom line I am so proud of you and thank you for taking us along on your next chapter in life

  12. I guess you have to prepare yourself mind that one day you may have to move . Beautiful home I hope the next one is even better. 😁

  13. Finally i cud breathe now i was waiting for this moment cant wait to see ur new place but at d same time i feel like il miss this house an im not even livin there all i cud say is congrats an may God be with u'll in ur journey😊

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