23 thoughts on “💙Glam Home💙 NEW HOME DECOR | LET'S GO TO HOME GOODS

  1. Oh my gosh i miss u hope u feeling good i wish i was living in d states i only cud shop wit my eys everytg looks good cant wait to see ur haul love u 😚

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I always enjoy seeing what items homegoods have in stock. Nice video😊

  3. Hey Keshia glad to know you feeling better many are coming down with spring colds. TFS You make me want to jump down to Home Goods, however, I don’t need a thing.🤔Oh, yeah I do I want to change my bed spread and shams.🤣. Have a beautiful evening.

  4. …Soooo glad you are feeling better! Thank you for taking me shopping with you, as usual, I had a blast! 😇

  5. Glad you are back! You were missed. Happy to know you and your children are doing better. awesome vlog. 🙂

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