we have a new solar security light it’s
from ECHTPower and quite impressive looking it has 60 LED lights in this
unit provides 1,300 lumens and that’s really great we have actually taken this
out installed it and then take it back out to take a look at it so I mean just
we just put it up with the two screws that you can lift it on and off so it
has been charging as you can tell this is the box it comes in right on the
front so 60 LED solar motion sensor light kit and it shows a diagram of the
product it’s also 2017 brand new whoo this solar light is larger than some
I’ve seen and of course that means it provides more light it has a large solar
panel measured it’s 10 by 20 centimeters and of course of course the great thing
about solar lights is no electricity is needed no wiring no outlet just so easy
and then you can move it around okay so we’re going to look at the different
lighting modes this has five possible lighting modes okay so what’s the first
one there the first one is mode 1 which is motion sensor plus low light which it
is currently in right now I am going away my hand over and show you that
doesn’t seem like low light but not all the LED lights are lit up currently so
that is um that’s what’s considered low light ok and so here right here there’s
a button and it changes to it so we’re going to mode 2 which you can tell is
lit up by a different shade of color on the right the first one was yellow and
now moved to blue this is no – this is mobile motion sensor it’s the
power saving mode so we’ll test it the brightness is not any difference from
the first one but I believe it is more energy-efficient yeah I have some note
to say it can work on up to 800 times in that mode so that’s a lot so we’re going
to mode three most three is always lighting which is very sensitive and
basically any time you walk by as you can tell anyway I move it lights up okay
I was also always the always lighting mode would just be on all the time but
in any case I can work six to eight hours in this mode most four is
automatic it is represented by all three colors being lit up and this I believe
is just it is always on call for the little bit of motion in a strictly
motion sensitive which a lot of people use a security light for you see the
light go off and you know something’s going on mode five is an emergency night
light so this I would assume if there were something going on he thinks
something suspicious outside you would keep this on make sure nothing’s going
on or nothing will happen and that looks super bright yeah and the final one is
the power off button turns it all off and well it doesn’t do anything so this
is definitely an eco-friendly alternative to Wired security light now
on we had place this and I’m going to put this back on the deck now the reason
for doing that was so that if anyone approaches the deck at night it’s very
dark no backyard that will see the light go
on also would help us walking out or the dogs so show you what that looks like okay just turn it on if we need the
extra light so we’ll take a look at it after dark see how well it performs you
can see it’s turning on and off but kind of hard in this light to see just how
bright it is okay it’s desk right now so it’s not pitch-black but maybe we can
get a better idea of how the light works right now it’s on the mode where it’s at
the low light setting and then if it detects motion it should get brighter so
let’s see how that works as an intrusion approaches oh yes it did got very bright so that works so anybody approaching the
deck stairs it’s going to see that bright light and then it revert back to
the low light mode so that looks great that it is 13-under lumens as I
mentioned and just to give you an idea of how bright that is a lumen is about
is it how much light a candle like a birthday candle puts out about a foot
away so a 60 watt bulb has 750 to 850 lumens and so this is thirteen hundred
lumens so it’s very bright and try that again here comes the intruder again
doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo yes gotcha well so this is a great addition to the
back don’t you think yeah it’s great now I don’t trip and fall when I can’t see
the stairs as I’m taking the dogs outside true
true very useful okay thanks for watching thanks for watching Oh

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  2. Great video, thanks for posting. The light is nice and bright ! Does it keep shining all night, in the dim mode ?

  3. Can you tell me if this light will work if I hang it from the gutter, my reason for asking this is, I brought a similar light a month ago from a different company and hung it on gutter and the motion is not working so good on both lights because of being on the gutter

  4. '
    nice LED light at evening-night…
    how come dont have a set up choice timer 5 to 20 seconds and touch switch off / on …
    dont need a pin pitch in the hole inside a switch

  5. I have watch quite a few of your reviews of these solar security lights. With all your knowledge and experience with them, could to say which one is the overall best in regards to brightness, sensor quality, build quality, features and longevity? Please Thank You.

  6. I have just purchased light in a 2 pack. It looks great but after I read the directions I misplaced them and I believe you have to initially put the light in the sun. I don't recall for how many hours I need to do that.

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