“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 3 – Functionality

“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 3 – Functionality

Hi this is Part 3 of video series
‘1 BHK Home Interior Design’. In part 1 we had a quick introduction
Part 2 we spoke about ‘Look & Feel’ In part 3 this video
we are going to talk about ‘Functionality’ Functionality means
how will something work Functionality means
what facilities you require inside each room Bathrooms & Kitchen have more functionalities
compared to other rooms – Living room & bedroom Every room has set of functions to perform For example Bathroom –
Bathroom has to have shower, WC, wash basin mirror with a good light
hot cold water flooring should be anti-skid inside bathroom
and it should have some storage. Now these are the set of amenities or set
of functionalities that your bathroom has to offer or rather these are common functionalities
that every bathroom should offer Depending upon your family needs
more functionalities will get added to these common functionalities For example let say there is an elderly person
in your house, there is a senior in your family you will require safety holding bar next to
wc area So this way every home will have different set of requirements Common functionalities has to be offered by
every room but in addition to that you have to add some
more custom functionalities in each room Similarly Kitchen has to have set of fucntions,
bedroom has to have set of fucntions so every room will have Basic functions plus
more customised functions that are needed in your family. I am randomly picking up few points on functionality
which are crucial & many home owners dont pay attention to it Storage Sometimes homewoner try to utilise every single
inch, the last inch of the space This complicates the furniture design, the
storage design Evetually you have to put in lot of efforts
in cleaning it, in maintaining it And also there are lot of wear tear in long
run. Solution is : have a simple storage & do not
buy lot of things I dont know if that is going to be possible
🙂 Next is Standard Dimensions Everything inside house has to have standard
dimension or has to be as close as possible to standard dimensions. Height of your sofa, height of your WC,
space between bed & wardrobe if you want stand and open your wardrobe
how much is the space required between bed & wardrobe
width of your doors Every home owner should buy a measuring tape
& go On Internet you will find lot of information standard dimensions
Below this video, we have two things for you one is standard dimension checklist
and other document we have prepared has 8 quick random ideas about functionalities These functionality ideas you can use it for
your 1 BHk Home So this was part 3 video series ‘1 BHK Home
Interior Design’ and we spoke about Functionality In the last part which is part 4 we are going
to talk about Budget, Money I will see you in Part 4

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  1. Sirji mai abhi mere ghar ka construction shuru karne vala hoon kya muzhe aap design karne mai madat kar sakte hai .koi link.thank you.

  2. Awesome efforts on the videos that u make from which we can help the client to fullfill his needs accordingly .. thankyou Contractor bhai nitin … !

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