“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 4 – Budget

“1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 4 – Budget

This is Final part, Part 4 of video series ‘1 BHK Home Interior Design’ And we are talking about MONEY BUDGET. At Contractorbhai.com we get calls from
100s of Home Owners and almost everyone is curious to ask one question “How much will it cost ?” Many Contractors will tell you a range .
For example in Mumbai 1 BHK Home Owners usually spend anywhere from Rs 1250 to Rs 2500 per sq ft. Many 1 BHK Home owners think they dont require
design But design becomes extremely important
when space is limited design becomes extremely important
when budget is limited You cannot afford to go wrong
you cannot afford to mis-use your money. Let me give you an example of how design impacts
budget First TV Unit
cost is about 5000 rupees & second one cost is about 45,000 rupees This way there are
so many small & big points in every Interior Design project Design and Material can change costing drastically. If you do not have complete plan of action
It will become extremely difficult to control Time & Money. To solve this problem
Contractorbhai provides ‘3D Design Service’ at a very affordable price. Below this video
you will find link to download 2 different Itemised Estimate
for a 1BHK home. Download these Google Sheets in excel format
& reuse it according to your need. There are 100s of articles on Contractorbhai.com
Please read them to make more informed decision. So with this we complete our part video series
on ‘1 BHK Home Interior Design’

6 thoughts on ““1 BHK Home Interior Design” – Part 4 – Budget

  1. Can room be renovated with a budget under 30000? like reuse the old furniture and with use of right painting patterns to give room a good look as you said it's all about designing when budget and space are too small.

  2. I must say in the present times when everyone in the market is trying to put a hole in your pocket, contractor bhai videos seem to be a saviour. The videos are crisp and appropriately informative. I wish you all good luck.

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