– [Voiceover] From a homemade dome to houseboats that are a must-have. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design, and here are 10 amazing small homes. (upbeat electronic music) Before we get started, this
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darkness for added security. If you need more information click on the link in the description below. Number 10. This entry by Honomobo, is the
smallest of their M-series, but don’t be put off by the size as it has more than
enough room for a single person or couple to live comfortably. Each one is composed of a steel frame with insulated panels that
are water and fire resistant. It measures 12 feet by 24 feet, with 237 square feet of that
available as living space. Each unit has a dinette area with a dual burner stove and
stainless steel sink, as well as plenty of
cabinet and counter space. There’s also a full bathroom
that has an enclosed shower. A side door and a set of
sliding doors at one end, allow entrance into the main living area. Large windows offer plenty
of natural light while the 9 foot ceiling adds to the
spacious feeling of the room. Each unit comes standard with a heat pump and energy recovery ventilator in addition to being
prewired for solar power. Optional appliances can be added as well. Pricing on this one has
not been released yet. Number nine. If I said I was jealous every
time I saw one of these, I’d be understating my envy
and this awesome looking double-decker from
Nautilus Houseboats just adds fuel to the fire. The egg-shaped design is just over 49 feet long and 39 feet wide. The lower floor has a rear
entrance door that opens up to a living area with a guest bathroom, store room, kitchen, and fireplace. The upper floor contains the bedroom area along with the main
bathroom and dressing area. The spiral staircase
allows access to each level including the roof which can be used as a sundeck or space for solar panels. Each level has floor-to-ceiling windows as well as a wrap around deck offering panoramic views of the surroundings. Multiple options and features
are available for this one with a base price of around $220,000. Number eight. Although the name sounds like something a witch would name her home, I can assure you that my
mother-in-law does not live there. This modular home is available in single or double units,
with each having the ability to combine to form larger structures. Each one is made using aluminum or laminated beams for the base, with the floor, walls
and roof all composed of structural insulated panels. The self-supporting design of the panels helps form a rigid structural shell so that there’s no need for added support. The prefab structure
is shipped flat-packed and can be set up on site in five days with five people using basic tools. A single unit measures 510 square feet and contains a full kitchen, living area, bathroom, and two bedrooms,
as well as a porch area. Double units measure 1,020 square feet, allowing for these areas to
be expanded upon if needed. Features of these off-grid homes include solar power passive cooling
and rainwater harvesting. Prices of these run upwards
of $60,000 for a single unit, and $105,000 for a double. Number seven. This aptly named
gooseneck by Alabama based Timbercraft Tiny Homes, is everything you’d need for
living the outdoor lifestyle. It measures 33 feet long
and 8 and a half feet wide with a total living
space of 416 square feet. The interior walls and
flooring are made of pine with a metal roof and batten
siding on the exterior. French doors open into the living room which has an electric
fireplace and a couch. The kitchen includes a
full size refrigerator, gas stove and an above-range microwave. Two loft bedrooms are accessed by a ladder and connected via a catwalk. A third bedroom is
accessible by a set of stairs that also serve as extra storage. The bathroom has a full size bathtub as well as a flush
toilet, vanity and sink. Pricing on this one starts at $84,000. Hey everyone, don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing content
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awesome notification team. Number six. These two micro homes by NOMAD stretch the boundaries of living in a small space. They come in two models,
the cube which measures 156 square feet and the micro which measures 110 square feet. Both have a lower floor
which has a living room, a kitchen with a dual burner
range, sink and mini fridge, as well as a bathroom with a flush toilet and standup shower. A loft area for sleeping can be accessed by either a set of
stairs or a wall ladder. Each NOMAD is capable of using
standard municipal services with off-grid living made
possible using solar power, atmospheric water generation,
vertical gardening and wastewater treatment systems. Multiple Cube units can
be connected to increase the size of the living
space for larger families or to serve as a multi-function dwelling. Pricing starts at $28,000 for the Micro and $32,000 for the Cube. Number five. Also from Nautilus,
this entry is a smaller version of their flagship model. It measures in at a little over 29 feet in length and just under 12 feet in width, with the
living area of 134 square feet. Multiple floor-to-ceiling glass doors open up to the side
and front decking areas to allow for natural airflow as well as providing natural light. The lower deck houses a dinette area with a dual burner range,
a sink and a mini fridge. Opposite that is an enclosed bathroom with a wet bath, toilet and sink. The living area has a couch
that can double as a bed with extra storage underneath. The controls and steering mount are housed in the main area as well. An upper deck cabin contains a twin bed that can sleep up to
two people with access via a hatch in the ceiling
of the lower floor. Pricing on the Nautino Mini
starts at around $100,000. Number four. This entry is another of
the M-series by Honomobo. The modular shipping container home measures 34 feet by 14 feet with a living space of 419 square feet. The exterior of the structure is composed of corrugated steel with an enamel finish. The walls are filled with
a spray foam insulation that is both fire and water resistant. The kitchen area borders
one end of the home with a full size refrigerator,
sink and electric range. Integrated with that is a living room that’s roughly 176 square feet. The bathroom has a sink,
toilet, and bathtub. A bedroom area at the other end has space for a queen size bed, as well as a built-in
wardrobe and extra storage. The front wall has 31 feet
of floor-to-ceiling glass which allows for natural lighting
to every part of the home. The M1 is stackable as well as mobile so it can be taken with you whenever and wherever you choose to move. Pricing on this one has
not been released yet. Number three. This initial offering from
Zerosquared is called the Aurora. It looks tinier than most
others but its secret is the dual expanding slides on the front and back of the home which bring the total living space to 374 square feet. This allows the occupant
to still have the features of a full sized home without feeling like they’re sacrificing anything. Upon entering there’s a dinette area with an extendable table,
a three burner stove, a sink, microwave, dishwasher
and a full sized fridge. The bedroom area has a Murphy bed that raises into the wall
with a shelf underneath, this allows it to double as office space when the bed is not in use. A dividing wall separates
this area from the living room which has a couch that doubles as a fold out bed for
additional sleeping space. The bathroom has a flush
toilet, a sink, wall cabinet and a shower area
measuring 12 square feet. There’s also a washer/dryer combo located underneath the sink. Pricing starts at a little under $89,000. Number 2 This project came about
because the designer decided he wanted to make his own
version of a covered wagon. He started with a trailer measuring about 5 feet by 10 feet which was extended out a few feet in each direction. Steel framework was welded
together to create the shape with discarded wood from
local mills used for the body. Due to the variations in the wood, rope was used instead of
trim where the walls meet. The open area has a flyscreen to keep out the buzzing elements, with
a canvas tarp that rolls up and down to allow for airflow. The entrance is at one end
with a wood stove on one side and a counter top with a
hidden sink on the other. The opposite end of the
wagon has a round window that sits above an extendable bed. A slide-out table and
bench seating on each side offers space for up to six people. No pricing is available on this one as it was a one-off project. Let us know in the comments
if you could see yourself living in one of these mini homes. And if so, which one is your favorite? Number one. This project came about when
the designer drew inspiration from a friend’s buildings
during a visit to Thailand. The total of three domed areas make up the home. The main living area has a couch that can be laid flat for use as a bed. The kitchen area has a
countertop with a sink. Underneath is a mini
fridge and a swing-out single burner gas stove. To the left is the bathroom area which has a plywood door
covered with woven bamboo. The jungle-themed bathroom has a shower that allows the water to flow through river rocks to the drain area. The sink was made using
local pottery and bamboo. The bedroom area has a queen size bed with two round windows
that double as seats. The top of this dome has a gazebo built on it with a bamboo
roof and a hammock. Wooden steps leading up to it were carved out of wood
from an old temple. Skylights on the domes allow
natural light and airflow. Lighting fixtures throughout the structure were custom-made using
baskets and other items to provide textured patterns on the walls. The estimated cost on this
one came to about $9,000. – Hey guys this is Cassie, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
below what you found to be the most interesting and why? Also if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button, to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (cheerful instrumental music)


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  2. No longer do we have to get mortgages for hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home. Please post more of these homes, so we are aware of the options. All the best, Video Poster ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. That one for 89k is stupied expensive! Why the hell would someone spend THAT kind of money on a house smaller than a mobile home?? I got myself a full size house with 18 acres for 36k. It's crazy to even consider getting something a fraction of the space for that kind of price!

  4. Omg they all are my favorites but number one is the one I would love to live in or the one the egg-shaped went out on the water I love being on the water

  5. i almost hate to admit it, but sometimes when i am tying to sleep, i like to pretend im in a tiny home..especially when its raining and beating on my house.

  6. People dont pay that sort of money just educate yourselves & make them yourself just make sure you follow codes

  7. I like #2 it would make for a great camper, lots of light & openness. and #'s 4 and 6 the cube for homes would fit my style.

  8. OK…! I can see me living in the last one, and if it were available as a kit, just show me the dotted line, and I'd be happy to plunk down the nine grand for it.. I have seen this home in a online magazine or maybe even a paperback book on custom tiny homes.. I am very impressed with its features, and me and my little girl would dump this oversized money burner where we live now in a Miami minute … It would be life enhancing to say the least… Small enough to maintain, yet enough room for my little one and I to enjoy it's comforts with out regrets of any kind…! Somebody please tell me that it's not a one off house, and available in kit form, or even in blueprint ….

  9. The lenders ( off shore banks ) are refusing loans to buy tiny homes. Hollywood is fiercely fighting to keep mini mansions off the market.

  10. Number one for sure! Thatโ€™s been my favorite since I first saw it! Itโ€™s been on utube for a while!

  11. Number 8 is my favorite how do I buy it today??? No joke I am looking at houses and have found nothing. Totally ready to buy number 8

  12. Again I see a low income housing idea for people who have little turned into a high dollar rip off scam. You'll really make more if you price these at a lower cost! Instead a $6k cost to make then you sell it at $80 and up!

  13. Number 1 the dome house is my utmost favorite. I can see myself living in it and the price is a good one, too. However, like habitat for humanity up to the Earthships building participation is required.

  14. The #1 dome home reminds me of some 1970s-1980s inflated foam homes. It also reminds me of a musician Andreas Vollenweider (spelling?) who had cover art and booklet art for a CD album of his that featured similar structures.

  15. # 7 was my fav. And you can take your home anywhere you want that's the best part, I've already got a dualie Ford F-350 now all I need is the home….

  16. It's cheaper to buy a trashed 3 bedroom home and remodel it to look modern like these tiny shacks. Around me a trashed 3BR home goes for $40,000 and cheaper. In the Chicago suburbs. In the City southside area they are gentrifying the area cause of the high crime rate. Homes are going for as little as $5,000. before the big wigs get the property, then the prices will skyrocket. They are doing this all over chicago. This is why the crimes go unsolved, to bring down the property values. I've said too much.

  17. $200k for a UFO styled floating home. Some cute designs, but no ty on pricing. Where' the affordable low income model videos, please.

  18. The average cost pf a new is around 100 dollars per square foot. The cost of these compact units is ridiculous. 50000 / 250 sq.ft.= $200 per sq. ft.

  19. These were mostly nice. I understand that they pitch to the younger people. If I were to shop and i don't know the ins and outs mind you i would go towards the lighter ones. I liked the steel ceramic and wood one. "1 was a hoot. I did like the first on the water but that would be a bit of something to consider as money and other things.

  20. wow did they say the home at #1 came to an estimated cost of $9,000. I bet it would be marketed to sell for no less than $90,000.

  21. the appeal of these mini, and container homes were the price. but now they cost more than conventional homes. So they have no appeal anymore. why would anyone pay so much for so little? and if you can't move it and live in a state that has property tax. You will never own it, cause you still have to pay the tax forever. this means they can take it from you, if you can't pay the tax.

  22. I've seen number one somewhere else and like it as much now as then. Could see myself living in something similar, very restful and calming.

  23. I would have to that house # 1 is my favorite and I could see my husband , our pit bull, 2 cats and myself living in this house. It looks so cool and fun,plus orange is becoming my favorite color.

  24. I am living in Guatemala. The terrain here is mountainous. I liked number10 and one of the small square steel structures. One which is self contained. Solar water etc. I wonder about the logistics of having one built shipped here. I was a builder in Canada. But I like the convenience of prefab and having all the appliances at once. The small house is for me.

  25. My favourite was no. 1 the Dome I am striving to introduce this concept to my country because it is very cost effective & simple to build!

  26. I've always thought the tiny home idea was to own your own home as cheaply as possible but the price of some of these is crazy and to me defeats the whole object

  27. I tend to migrate towards the shipping container home, it's strong, portable, and easy to add onto. Shipping container homes seem to be growing in popularity which (hopefully) will make it easier to get building permits.

  28. Counties and areas that allow and regulate mobile dwellings of all kinds efficiently could attract people from all income brackets. I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount of tax and allow periodic inspections to make it work. So many households are 1 or 2 people and don't need grid power and full size septic systems. The laws have to be changed to allow future housing options. When 30 year fed guaranteed loans go away you will see tiny homes get realistic for more people. 30 year loans drive up prices across the board.

  29. I love the Steveโ€™s Dome Home. It make me want to buy one myself. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  30. Tiny homes should be affordable, these are anything but. There are plenty of alternatives which are very cheap. My favorite is Superadobe technology which was designed and developed by architect Nader Khalili and Cal-Earth Institute. Just search on YouTube using the term Cal-Earth.

    In short: This technique allows you to build a tiny home for less than $4k. The homes are as sturdy as they come and can survive tornadoes, and earth quakes. Several of these structures can be build as one home, with separate rooms, as spacious as you want and is structurally feasible.

  31. Got me thinking on doing the ZeroSquared Aurora 26 FKS Tiny Home concept but all square (lol) and on the ground, lololol. When it really comes down to it, it's floor plan functionability & some of the elements (inside & out) that you can begin with or later add on, that really make the core of everyone's decision. Why spend any money on something it's not gonna work or you don't like?

  32. the answer to income inequality? micro homes costing as much per sq ft as some homes in Manhattan! screw that, show some real, affordable little homes, not play things for the rich

  33. My most absolute favorite is the dome home! The most cutest thing I have ever seen in this whole world and that is putting it mildly!!!! I will make absolutely, positively sure that I will live in one of those
    houses before I die….

  34. How do you get fresh water and treat waste water? Propane tanks for heat and cooking? Is the electricity generator, solar panels or a combination?

  35. The micro and mini are downright affordable so coupling two for a larger family is only 64000. A lot less than a mortgage on a single bedroom

  36. Hey hold on bucko you didnโ€™t even show the kitchen in the bathroom you donโ€™t show anything just the box. Iโ€™m not too impressed with your narrative on the first home that you showed I need to slow down a little bit and actually show it on the outside and a bed that is something much very unhappy with your presentation. Going to watch a little further and see if you do any better on the next one.

  37. Minds eye, your videos are fun to watch and some of the comments are a real hoot! People can be really crazy.

  38. I could never afford one of these. But I wish I could. And I wish these had been around in the 1970's when I was a child.

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