10 Awesome Expedition Vehicles You Need To See

10 Awesome Expedition Vehicles You Need To See

– [Reacher] Expedition
vehicles are bigger, tougher, and much different
than the old station wagon dad used to drive on
your family vacations. I’m Reacher. For those true wanderers who are looking to get off the paved
roads here are 10 extreme expedition vehicles to help
conquer the wild frontier. (light music) – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Reacher] Oregon based
Outside Van converts vans into both on and off road campers. This version of their Bivy model was custom built for our modest keys with an intended use
in the colder climates. Having a cargo area with a standing height of just over six and a half feet and a length of 13 feet
means there’s plenty of room for all your gear
and a few tasty beverages. The rear of the van is
setup with ski racks, storage bins, and removable
flip down bunk beds. Even with all that the floor space still has plenty of room to
fit a full sized snow mobile. The company is willing
to customize these vans to an almost unlimited degree. So feel free to let your
imagination run wild. (light music) – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Reacher] The first
four by four motor home that Action Mobil built on
a Mercedes AROCS chassis was the Atacama 5000 HD. It utilizes a lifting roof which allows the vehicle to have a
shorter length overall as well as forgoing a third axle. This feature, a long with the
134 square foot living area provides the ability to
put a two story layout in what would typically fit only one. The main floor has an enclosed
shower next to the bathroom while across from this is a full kitchen that includes an induction cooker, oven, and a 9.4 cubic refrigerator-freezer. Moving to the rear and up a few steps you’ll find the dinette which converts to an extra sleeper if needed. Next to this is a small spiral staircase that leads up to the loft bedroom. Another added feature
is the hydraulic lift on the rear of the vehicle
which can hold a motor bike. (light music) – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Reacher] This next
entry has a cab over body built on a Mitsubishi Fuso
Canter four by four chassis measuring 24 and a half feet long, seven and a half feet wide,
and 11 and a half feet high. A U shaped dinette spanning the full width is located in the rear. Beside this along one wall is a centrally located kitchen area having a flush mounted sink
and triple burner cooker as well as a small fridge-freezer. Across from this is the bathroom which has an enclosed stand up shower. The main sleeping area which
has a queen sized mattress, is housed in the cab over. Underneath the dinette is a garage area that can be accessed from either side. Inside you’ll find space
to put two bicycles and plenty of extra storage area. (light music) Before you start packing your gear be sure and let me know in the comments which of these expedition
vehicles you’d use on your next excursion. – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Reacher] This one came about because the owner of California
based Nitro and Gear Axle needed something that could serve as both a living space and a tow vehicle. He stumbled upon a 2004,
F-450 Explorer Excursion and modified it into what you see here. For starters he switched the rear from a dual to a single wheeled setup, added a lift kit, and threw
on some 42 inch tires. Next, the engine was swapped
out to a twin turbo, 6.7 liter diesel as well as some
changes to the gear box. After a few more modifications
to the undercarriage and body the end result was a behemoth that weighed 17,000 pounds fully loaded and still managed to pull
almost 14 miles per gallon. Access to the cab is
located under the main bed in the cab over. A centrally located kitchen
sits directly behind this next to the side entrance. Across from this is the
dinette with a second bed situated in the rear. There’s also a bathroom with
an enclosed standup shower in there as well. As of 2017 this one was for sale. I don’t know it’s current status
but if it’s still available I highly suggest someone buy it so we can be best friends. (light music) – [Announcer] Number six. – [Reacher] This bright yellow stand out from German based Orange
Work, is what happens when you take a Mercedes G320 and convert the hell out of it. Everything behind the
front seats was removed and replaced with a steel framed, fiber glass monocoque body giving the vehicle a total length of 19 feet, a width of six and a half feet, and a height of nine and a half feet. Unlike the standard cab over,
this one uses the space above the driver for storage instead of a bed. These accommodations come in
the form of a U shaped dinette in the rear that converts
to a full sized sleeper. The kitchenette includes
a flush mounted sink, dual burner cook top, and
mini fridge down below while forward and opposite of this is a fully enclosed wet bath. (light music) – [Announcer] Number five. – [Reacher] The Safari
Extreme is the first of two from Global Expedition Vehicles that we’ll be talking about. Although it’s fully customizable, with several chassis
options, the standard cabin offers a usable space
around 115 square feet with a standing height of
just over six and a half feet. The layout has a queen
sized bed in the back in an east to west configuration. Forward of that is the kitchen which has slide out
fridge freezer drawers, a flush mounted sink,
an induction cook top, and a microwave up above. A small dinette sits opposite this having a fantastic super
power that allows it to convert to an extra sleeper while a surprisingly spacious wet
bath rounds out the mix. Other features include
plenty of exterior storage, large skylights and windows, and three 200 watt solar
panels up top feeding power to an 810 amp hour battery array. (light music) – [Announcer] Number four. – [Reacher] The Commander four
by four from SLRV Expedition is one of those vehicles
that begs you to take it out into the wilderness. Way, way out. Under the hood is a twin
turbo, six cylinder putting out 290 horse power to a
12 speed transmission. Considering the maximum allowable weight is around 28,600 pounds, it
seems like the perfect choice. It’s no slouch in the
size department, either. Boasting an overall length of 27 feet, a width of eight feet, and a
height of 12 and a half feet. It offers five fully
customizable floor plans having either a fixed bed or a bed over the U shaped dinette that raises and lowers electrically. Features of the kitchen
include an induction cook top, a flush mounted sink, oven, and microwave along with almost 10 cubic feet of refrigerator and freezer space. The bathroom spans the width of cabin having a fully enclosed stand
up shower, vanity, and toilet. Electricity is no problem either as this thing has six 150 watt
solar panels feeding a 720 amp hour battery system that powers the entire rig and all it’s utilities. (light music) – [Announcer] Number three. – [Reacher] The Dakar
825 by Bocklet utilizes the same chassis as the previous entry. Starting in the rear you’ll
find a queen sized bed in an east to west configuration. In front of that is a U
shaped dinette spanning the width of the trailer. The kitchen features a flush mounted sink, triple burner cooktop,
oven, and a 5.7 cubic foot refrigerator-freezer. Opposite and forward is the bathroom with an enclosed stand up
shower, vanity, and toilet. Another bed is located in the front also configured east to west. A small garage accessible
from both sides externally is located underneath the rear bed having enough room for a
small scooter or bicycles. (light music) – [Announcer] Number two. – [Reacher] This second entry from Global Expedition Vehicles is called the Pangea Lifting Roof which is the most self explanatory name of any on this list. The interior has a living
space roughly 120 square feet with a raised roof height of 10 feet. The lowest level has an enclosed wet bath opposite the entrance door. Next to this is the kitchen which has a stainless steel sink, a dual burner cooktop, microwave, and a 9.7 cubic foot two
drawer fridge-freezer. Going up a few steps you’ll find a U shaped dinette with
seating for way too many people that converts to a queen sized bed. Finishing the climb up
the small spiral staircase brings you to a loft area which
also has a queen sized bed. (light music) Earth Roamer is widely known
for their heavily modified luxurious expedition vehicles. But back in 2007 they took a shot at modifying a Jeep
Unlimited into the XV-JP. They did this by adding a
fiberglass composite body which allowed them to
convert the rear cabin into a living space. Features included a collapsible
shower unit and couch, along with a small sink and mini fridge. The pop top increases
the height to nine feet as well as housing a queen sized sleeper. Unfortunately production ceased in 2011 so the only way to snag one
is on the secondary market. (light music) – [Announcer] Number one. – [Reacher] The Torsus Praetorian. That title alone would
earn at the top spot on my list because I’m
kind of easily distracted by the cool stuff sometimes. Not only does it have the coolest name but it’s unique in that
it’s the only entry on here that isn’t a camper. It’s a bus. A straight up four by four bus. But it’s nothing close to the yellow one that took you to school everyday. The 28 foot long rig sits
just over 12 feet high having a 6.9 liter six
cylinder diesel engine producing 240 horse power. It’s no surprise that it’s
electronically limited to a top speed of 72 miles per hour when you consider the size of it all. It has room to seat up
to 35 people as well as space above for baggage. The maximum allowable weight
is just under 30,000 pounds which is more than ideal
as the company offers customized models for use in commercial and industrial fields. The company even drew up a 3D rendering of a camper version for those interested in what it may look like. (light music) For those of you who aren’t
out in the wilderness yet, what did you think of
these expedition vehicles? Be sure and let us know
in the comments about your favorite off road adventures and what it took to get there. We’d like to give a
shout out to Alan Heath for some of his amazing footage that was used in this video. If you’re a fan of all
things camper related you absolutely need to
go check out his channel. We’ll provide the link
in the description below. Also, be sure to check out our play list of camper videos. There’s currently 58 in there which should be more than enough to keep you busy until my next camper video. I’m Reacher, and we’ll
see you on the next one. – Hi everyone and thank you for watching. I’m Char Nee with Mind’s Eye Design. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. – We’d love to hear your feedback. So please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. – Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button. – But don’t leave yet. Keep watching because there’s more. (uplifting music) – You know I’m definitely
not gonna take away from the time and effort that
gets put into these videos by everyone that works on
them from beginning to end. You know, we definitely need
to high five those guys. – [Reporter] These days
living civilization behind to reconnect with nature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the
modern luxuries of technology. – For more information on this product the link is in the description below. – Videos are always
written out with a script. We wanna know what we’re gonna say. – [Reporter] By designing innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles that balance beauty
with modern technology. – Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design. (light music)

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