23 thoughts on “10 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World

  1. "Man has created some of the most incredible structures in the world."

    Who created the other ones?

  2. Leon Yak building ,How could an engineer forget to consider dead load?? he must have been high when he designed it.. 🤔

  3. also the sampoong department store ,of adding a additional floor of restaurant which need a underground warming machines and shrinking diameter of supporting pillars ,also lowering the steel bar in reinforce concrete and also moving centre air-con by rollers , thus making crack

  4. Not all of them architectural Fails , you must get more knowledge about architecture before posting this video for public 😀

  5. whats that ??????????????????? where is the front picture of the video whcih is not even shown in the video itself what a shame

  6. do u even know what architects work on n Wat civil engineers do? before posting this video… u did well with the video bt not with ur reaearch .

  7. The Disney hall isn’t as shiny as you made it. There are no apartment across the street or next to it. The closest apartments are 2 or 3 blocks away and if you live near that building the freeway is much more of an headache

  8. The India collapsing was a company my sister worked for here in LA. It was all the bosses and employee talked about

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