10 BUDGET DECORATING TIPS | Spendy Gals Guide to Thrifty Decorating | Collaboration with Domer Home

10 BUDGET DECORATING TIPS | Spendy Gals Guide to Thrifty Decorating | Collaboration with Domer Home

hi everyone its Kirstie and welcome back
to my channel in today’s video I’m going to share with you my 10 tips on how to
decorate your home on a budget this video is in collaboration with Lindsey
from Domer Home so if you want 10 more tips on how to decorate on a budget head
on over to her channel and check it out I will leave a link to her video on her
channel in the description box below I will say that Lindsey is my absolute
inspiration as far as thrifty decorating and things that just turn out so
beautifully on the most incredible budget I will add that I am nowhere near
skilled at that as her so consider this the spendy girls guide on how to
decorate on a budget before we get into the video if you’re new here welcome to
my little community my name is Kirsty and if you haven’t already I would love
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new video so my first tip and this is something I personally do all the time
is to shop your own home so what I mean by this is that I don’t own any piece of
decor that stays in the one spot year-round I when I’m looking to
decorate for each new season I go through my home and I collect everything
into a pile that I think will work for decorating and then I use those and I
switch them around I don’t move my plants around too often because they
very often don’t take well to being moved but so those are probably one of
the few things that I leave where they are once I find the right home for them
but otherwise everything in my home is movable and transient tip number two is
to keep a neutral color scheme and I know I harp on about this all the time
and my color lovers out there probably groan every time I mention it however
I’m not saying don’t use color but if you keep a mainly neutral base to your
home it makes things so much easier to move
around and change up if you don’t have all color everywhere I mean a prime
example right now is that I am sitting on a green velvet couch but you’ll
notice that I’ve paired neutral things with it my next tip is to store all of
your out-of-season decor with care so things like all of your Christmas decor
I like to store everything in large plastic tubs with lids that clip on
securely I picked these up usually either from Walmart or Home Depot and I
store everything up in my attic I have shelving up there and I I
actually you know have a bit of a collection so I categorized by season
and if you had so much that you could break it down even further you could
maybe categorize by color and that makes things so much easier to find when it
comes to decorating for each new season my big point of this is that if you’re
spending good money on decor for your home you want to take care of it and
store it with care so that it remains dust free and safe and that it doesn’t
break my fourth tip is to decorate with everyday items my absolute favorite
place to do this is in my kitchen so I love to have switch up a pretty basket
or Bowl and store my citrus in it so lemons limes grapefruits another thing
you can do is print one of your favorite recipes or something or a recipe you use
all the time pretty it up in a program like canva and then print it off and
store it in a frame and use that as decoration in your kitchen these are
ways that you can use items that perhaps are unused at the time but you obviously
still want to keep instead of storing them in a cupboard behind a closed door
put them out on display and it’s such an easy way to use everyday items as they
cool now if you’ve been watching my videos for a while you know that I love
to have fresh flowers in my home and with spring coming up soon hopefully
it’s something I’m really looking forward to getting started each year
it’s growing my own flower cutting garden growing your own flower garden is
both incredibly satisfying when it works and practical and decorating with
flowers that you’ve caught from ear and garden is free and definitely saves you
money for half the year so through spring and summer when you when the
weather’s warm enough to do it some of my favorite things to grow dahlias and
enemies and lilies from bulbs and if you don’t want to spend too much maybe if
it’s your first time you’re having a go at gardening and you want to start with
seeds I really love zinnias and cosmos these grow really well everywhere
they’re Hardy they’re easy to grow you can get them in seed packets and they
cost only a few dollars and you get tons of flowers out of them they produce for
ages they were one of the last things to die in my garden come winter time you
definitely don’t need a ton of space to get started either and you can even grow
your own flower garden in containers so we’ve been talking about budget
decorating items but this is something I want to tell you to invest in and that
is really good quality pillow inserts but the budget tip that goes along with
this is that when you’re shopping for new pillows for each season is to just
buy the covers and not the inserts it saves you money and it means that you’re
avoiding those ugly uncomfortable synthetic inserts that don’t do that
nice fluff and chop thing like this cushion I also actually have a really
good recommendation if you have an allergy sit down on feathers or if you
just don’t like them I actually found this amazing alternative down insert so
it’s synthetic but it fluffs and chops like this and
I’ve actually used it in the pillow in my nursery just in case baby has any
allergy to anything like that and it’s just from Amazon they’re not expensive
so I will link those down below and in my blog post if you head over to my blog
so something I always try to do is to follow this rule of thumb when I
decorate and that is the 70/30 rule and by that I mean decorating with 70
percent items you already own and adding 30 percent new items this is a great way
to still go shopping still go to the stores and pick up some of those pretty
shiny new things but you’re not decorating your home
completely brand-new items every season it’s really not necessary especially as
you build your collection each year now I know this can be intimidating but my
next tip is to have a go at DIY this is such a great way to create something
yourself that would otherwise be very hard to buy on a budget in a store I
actually have videos on on my channel on how I refinished my kitchen table using
chalk paint and also I think it was last week’s video on how I made some open
shelves in my living room so I’ll link both of those in the cards above as well
as in the description box below tip number nine is to get thrifting you can
try visiting thrift stores ii stores yard sales estate sales there’s lots of
options out there for picking up two secondhand or used decor and furniture
items and now i know that some of these stores can be hit and miss at times but
I’ve actually picked up some great things from places like Habitat for
Humanity which also then has a great cause attached to it and finally tip
number 10 and this is something I try to do all the time as often as I can if I’m
discipline with myself is to only shop when there is a sale or a coupon places
like Bed Bath & Beyond Michaels and even Pier one now always have some kind of
sale or coupon also don’t be afraid to check for military or teacher discounts
at a lot of these stores because a lot of them do offer them even though they
don’t advertise them so those are my ten spendy girl tips on how to decorate on a
budget if you want ten more incredible tips head on over to Lindsey’s channel
and check those out if you enjoy today’s video I would love if you could give me
a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below if you haven’t already
thanks for watching and I will see you all next week

13 thoughts on “10 BUDGET DECORATING TIPS | Spendy Gals Guide to Thrifty Decorating | Collaboration with Domer Home

  1. Good morning this is a great video. I think that the best tip is shop your home. That really saves so much money. I just brought some great Thomasville chairs from habitat. Loving your channel. Please check out my channel.

  2. Just subscribed! Came over from Lindsay Domer's channel. Thanks for the tips and I'm going to be watching your previous videos today.

  3. Awesome tips. Here from Lindsay's channel. Shopping your home and painting furniture are ones I definitely do often and share on my channel.

  4. Hey Kirstie! Great tips! I’d say I’m a speedy girl too so I relate to these. I’ve recently started thrifting regularly and I’ve found some beautiful items at great prices. Much of what I used for my Christmas decor came from the thrift store. I did do some DIY’s with some of the items too. Really enjoyed this video! 💕💕💕

  5. Quality pillow inserts are a great tip! Swapping out covers are a cheap way to switch it up each season. Plus, sometimes you can get high quality inserts at the thrift store. Just wash it up and change the cover!

    So happy to do this collab with you Kirstie! Love your style of decor!

    PS You look so cute in this video! Love your outfit and makeup color palette!

  6. Came over from Lindseys channel and I am so glad. I love your channel already. New subbie and looking forward to watching all the wonderful videos on your channel. Tfs

  7. Found you on here, I had gone to Lindseys channel, wrote you name to find, and then I just clicked on your pic, cause it was something that interest me, and low and behold, your page was the one I was going to look at. Enjoyed your tips, I think a lot of people want a beautiful home, with a low budget. TFS for sharing and have a great day.

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