10 Cozy Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Home Décor Tips | JCPenney

10 Cozy Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Home Décor Tips | JCPenney

– Hi, I’m Kelsey. Thank you for joining me. Today I’m going to give
you a few tips and tricks to help transform your
bedroom in to the coziest room in your entire house. You know those nights when
you just wanna stay snuggled up inside and you don’t
wanna bother going out. Well when we’re finished
making over your bedroom, you’re gonna wanna stay in every night. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the JCPenney channel
so you don’t miss a video. Okay, let’s get started. First things first, pick
out the softest, coziest comforter that you can find. Fun fact, We spend at least one-third
of our lives in bed, so it’s so important to make our bed a little sanctuary of coziness. A good comforter is an investment that’s gonna pay off every night in better sleep and happier days. I always wash my comforter at the beginning of every season. That way it stays fresh and looks new. Be sure to check the
tags on your comforter for the washing instructions,
but most comforters can be washed in the washing
machine, so that’s easy. The next step is creating some natural texture for your space. What’s cozier than a faux fur pillow, or a plush or shag throw, to snuggle up with while
you drink your morning tea. Touch points with different
textures are very important to creating a grounded, comfy vibe. A comforter isn’t the only type of blanket you’re gonna need to make
your room truly cozy. A super soft, chunky knit throw is really the best choice
for optimum coziness. I prefer, this one. Let me know how you layer
in your color palette in the comments below. What goes hand in hand with blankets? Pillows. And, just like blankets you
can never truly have too many. What is the most important thing to you? Is it home? Love? Pick a pillow that will remind you every time you look at it. Your bed doesn’t have to be the
only cozy spot in your room. Treat your feet to a plush shag rug. They’re super comfortable. Nothing is cozier than
getting a good night sleep and the key to this, blackout curtains. They are essential to blocking
out all of the excess light in order to get a good
nights sleep, every night. Total game changer. Check out the link in the description box for some of your own. Soft sheets are a key
component in transforming your bedroom in to a sanctuary. Go for that high thread
count and pick something that you look forward to
sleeping in every night. And, the final touch to making your bed the coziest of all time, a good sleeping pillow. It seems so simple, but
we so often neglect it. Be sure to choose one with
great head and neck support. Fact, your most neglected sense is smell and it is a key ingredient to
helping you relax and unwind. Stock up on seasonal candles, no matter what temperature it is outside. Breath, Relax, Repeat. No room is truly complete
without a few pictures of the people you love. Add a picture of your favorite person in a place where you will always see it. You can also make a collage of some of your favorite memories. For more home decor tips, click on the next video. (relaxing music)

9 thoughts on “10 Cozy Bedroom Makeover Ideas | Home Décor Tips | JCPenney

  1. I love these bedroom tips! I agree 100%, blackout curtains are essential. My color palette is royal purple, black, and grey, to keep it as dark as possible. lol Watching this made me realize I neeeeed more pillows.

  2. Hi Kelsie,
    Thank you for showing these wonderful tips to make the bedroom feel cozy and comfortable.
    Shoutout to #JCPenney for all of these fabulous items.
    This has inspired me to redo my bedroom.😊

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