10 Dumbest Home Renovations Ever

10 Dumbest Home Renovations Ever

From ridiculously lazy light switches to insanely
dangerous lightbulb fixtures, we count 10 of the dumbest home renovations and repairs
ever. 10 – Light Switches
• What might seem like common sense to you and I, is actually a challenge for others
to attempt the world’s stupidest home repairs. • These light switches probably could have
been solved with a standard dual-switch fitting, but no, that would be too obvious. Instead
these crafty home renovators chose to just jam one switch on top of the other.
• Because for some crazy reason they thought this was an outstanding idea. 9 – Sofas
• These genius sofa repairs fall elegantly under the title of ‘redneck innovation’.
• Who needs a chair leg when you can easily replace it with an empty bottle of bourbon?
And why buy a brand new sofa when you have an endless supply of duct tape to seal up
your broken one? The people who tried to repair these pieces of furniture definitely shouldn’t
give up their day jobs. • It’s like the saying goes, when life
gives you broken lemons, you duct tape those bad boys back together.
8 – Clocks • While some of these renovations might
have been done out of necessity, these clocks make literally no sense.
• Why anyone needs an old-school analogue clock on a wall in this day and age is beyond
me, but why on earth did they go to such lengths to fix these broken clocks? Why didn’t they
just replace them, or move them across slightly? It’s absolutely baffling.
• And this one, well, I have no words for this highly inappropriate children’s time
piece. 7 – Kitchen Drawers
• I would’ve given anything to be in the room when somebody literally said, ‘hey,
you know what’s a good idea? Drawers that can’t be opened.’
• It looks like children designed these kitchens. Actually, children probably wouldn’t
have even been this stupid. Why? Why would anyone do this? Is it really that hard to
install drawer handles properly? • If this is your level of renovation expertise,
then maybe it’s time to hire somebody who actually knows how kitchens or even life works.
6 – Faucets • Being a plumber must be pretty hard work,
but whoever installed these faucets must have skipped the class where they taught them how
taps actually work. • There’s almost no attempt to make the
tap water land anywhere near the basin. I wonder whether the plumber intentionally made
these taps unbelievably useless or whether he went, ‘yeah I don’t see any problem
with this whatsoever’. • Not to be rude, but we’ve sent human
beings to the moon and you can’t even make water land into a damn drain.
5 – Windows • I’m not one to generally criticise people’s
life decisions, but what in the holy hell were these building designers thinking?
• The windows on these buildings are just about the most infuriating thing I’ve ever
seen. They’re out of line, asymmetrical and just downright ridiculous. Is it too much
to ask to just have a building built properly without giant dick windows?
• It’s okay though, I’m not mad. It’s fine. I’m just disappointed that people
are trying to ruin my life with these preposterous window displays.
4 – Toilets • You’d think that installing a toilet
would be pretty straight forward, but you’d be so wrong.
• In this example, the person who built them must not understand what shitting actually
entails. Sometimes they’ve installed the toilet roll holder too far away and sometimes
too close. This last toilet even has a pipe blasting water at your ass cheeks, so that
you can’t sit down at all. • Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer not
to do acrobatics or get my whole ass wet when using the bathroom.
3 – Handles • Here is a selection of doors which make
absolutely zero sense. • One person figured a bicycle pedal is
a perfectly fine door handle, and some other person didn’t see any problem with building
a door behind an unmoveable pole. And then there’s this garage door which opens to
a sheer drop. Maybe they have a sideways flying helicopter stored in there? Or just maybe
they didn’t think it through at all. • -Sigh- And we call ourselves evolved beings.
2 – Stairs • There really aren’t too many rules for
building a staircase, but going from one place to another seems pretty key.
• The problem with staircases is that they take you up or down into a different place,
but this pesky problem was solved by a brick wall built directly in the path of this staircase.
And then there’s this one that was built by someone who clearly ran out of fucks to
give. • It’s pretty simple, guys: If you can’t
build stairs properly, don’t build stairs! 1 – Lighting
• I don’t want to be that guy or anything, but I feeeeel like there’s something sort
of wrong with these lighting fixtures. • A big old lightbulb above a hot steamy
shower head is surely not the best way for electricity, water and the human body to be
introduced. And this lamp which has been very discreetly duct-taped to the wall is just
so elegant I can’t even deal. But this dual-bulb makeshift coathanger fitting really does take the cake.
• I don’t know whether the person who created it deserves a medal or a straight
up punch in the face.

100 thoughts on “10 Dumbest Home Renovations Ever

  1. danger dolan your a nut but a square nut in a round hole this video had me rolling on the floor with laughter good show mate

  2. I don't think that lamp over the shower was IPX3 categorized. That's the least it should be, preferably over 3.

  3. Sorry Dolan but much of this has been Photoshopped! However there are some that are real silly (Where I live uh… I just rent here — should fit into this video, it is phenomenal how this house looks like being in the most expensive city in the States)!

  4. Emazing Mako11 months ago
    This had to be one of dolans funniest ones I was dying
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    PewDiePie 1
    PewDiePie 13 months ago
    Emazing Mako ya
    Reply 1
    Katelyn Carson
    Katelyn Carson1 month ago
    no it has sarcasm
    Iris Derrickson
    Iris Derrickson5 months ago
    Why and the fuck do you talk like that?
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    Th3GamingLegion552 days ago
    Iris Derrickson stfu laddyyy
    Reply 1
    Anett Bazingá
    Anett Bazingá5 months ago
    the garage drop one is genius, imagine being able to open almost entire wall on a sunny day, it's like being outside but better 😀
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    Xavier Fauver
    Xavier Fauver4 months ago
    I would fall off……..
    Numbat Watch
    Numbat Watch1 month ago
    Anett Bazingá possibly falling to your death…
    Quasaricemage5 months ago
    Aww…Dolan is either drunk or hitting the pipe again…
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    perjus5 months ago
    Replace "occasionally" with "frequently".
    Reply 2
    Danzilla 2004
    Danzilla 20044 months ago
    Quasaricemage or both
    Reply 1
    juniorsutereo5 months ago
    this was hilarious!
    Reply 29
    Ceylon M.
    Ceylon M.5 months ago
    juniorsutereo It is and I just got hiccups by laughing at this video! 😂😂😂😂😂
    Reply 7
    Nate River
    Nate River5 months ago
    juniorsutereo ikr
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    Adam Rosenhamer
    Adam Rosenhamer11 months ago
    i love how he actually sounds genuinely angry at how stupid people are when building stuff. just listen to the tone of his voice
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    Mags McCat
    Mags McCat11 months ago
    He is hilarious
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    Chicachoo11 months ago
    Clearly someone ran out of F***S TO GIVE when designing the staircase!
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    MC Aaron105
    MC Aaron1058 months ago
    Reply 1
    Charles Schmidt
    Charles Schmidt5 months ago
    I'm an electrician by trade. I get to walk into multi million dollar homes and billion dollar commercial and industrial complexes and you would not believe the absolute idiocy that plagues the construction industry. people don't know how stairs work because they don't measure there distances and compare to plans, and then calculate to field specs. plumbing is not hard, but you have to not cut corners or you'll have shit everywhere… literally. electrical is also not necessarily rocket science but just because "it'll work," that doesn't mean that it is fixed. I now work at a university specializing in automation and vfd controls for motors and stuff and the corners cut there, now and in the past, are absolutely infuriating. sorry for the long comment, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who sees these things as unacceptable. Thanks Dolan!
    Read more
    Reply 28
    The Phantom
    The Phantom5 months ago
    I really don't think there would be many people who would see these things as acceptable mate…
    Reply 10
    Tracy Fay
    Tracy Fay5 months ago
    this guy's vooice tho.
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    HAYGIRL SLAYGIRL5 months ago
    onaturalia he is actually Australian
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    tooth fairy
    tooth fairy5 months ago
    Tracy Fay is this the original danger dolan? I don't remember him sounding quite so – how can I put this tactfully – uncool.
    Ebears Canada
    Ebears Canada5 months ago
    hate this dude's voice…
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    Timmy Folsom
    Timmy Folsom1 month ago
    then why are u here?
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    Cas Mitchells
    Cas Mitchells11 months ago
    We have a storage closet that is so small you can only fit a coat in it. One coat.
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    Paula Rose
    Paula Rose10 months ago
    I have a wardrobe that if you hang clothes inside the door won't shut, it's not deep enough so all the clothes have to be pushed on an angle to shut the door
    Reply 1
    Cas Mitchells
    Cas Mitchells10 months ago
    +Paula Rose We have plans to renovate but idk if my parents are going through with it.
    Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson5 months ago
    There is a staircase at my church that goes to nowhere.
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    Becky W
    Becky W4 months ago
    Oh you mean the staircase to 'heaven'? A lot of churches have those.
    Reply 1
    Tsuki J
    Tsuki J8 months ago
    Reminds me of where my brother lives, the ONLY way to turn on the lights for the living room, kitchen and hallway to the bathroom is… to claim on a chair and flip the light switch ON.THE.CEILING.
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    eevie5 months ago (edited)
    no…truth is they didn't run the wire long enough to reach the wall. lol You can't splice it..not safe.
    Reply 1
    A Heimdahl
    A Heimdahl5 months ago
    I mean seriously, WTF.
    Reply 18
    Sue sue
    Sue sue5 months ago
    A Heimdahl lmao
    Reply 3
    Iamme Secret
    Iamme Secret1 month ago
    A Heimdahl dude my house has a door that leads to a brick wall
    Reply 2
    Owen Fitzgerald
    Owen Fitzgerald6 months ago (edited)
    Nothing wrong with the Analogue Clock, it's how people learn to tell time.
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    ThatDrawingGeetarist 07
    ThatDrawingGeetarist 074 months ago
    Master Xehanort cos wo cers abot spellon
    Master Xehanort
    Master Xehanort4 months ago
    +SCP – 049
    No wan caers abawt spehlling
    Cole Raid 0311
    Cole Raid 031111 months ago
    This has to to the funniest episode in long time. I'm on the toilet and the dispenser is right behind me. I have to turn to get toilet paper.
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    ReDirect11 months ago
    +Billy Slover I'll give you a clue, it's in eastern europe.
    JP_PlayZ10 months ago
    Cole raid your clearly doing everything wrong. You're supposed to sit facing the lever so that you can have easy access to a toilet paper roll and a place to have your book .
    Reply 1
    Terezi Pyrope
    Terezi Pyrope7 months ago
    I can actually say a dumber renovation/design. Ok so basically I moved into my house last year. A few months into living there I noticed my shower as well as the drain pipe on my floor was filling up with sewage. Basically we called the plumber and they had a look. As it turns out, the people who designed my house thought it was somehow a brilliant idea to combine the toilet drain with the shower drain. So basically every time I flushed the toilet I sent shit into my shower.
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    Terezi Pyrope
    Terezi Pyrope5 months ago
    well its fixed now 😛
    Reply 3
    Luna Azul
    Luna Azul5 months ago
    Terezi Pyrope

    xXEnderLainieXx11 months ago
    In order to open my grammas kitchen drawer, I have to open the dishwasher.
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    PinkTeardropos5 months ago
    xXEnderLainieXx Same in my house but that's because the original dishwasher door didn't stick out as much as the one my family replaced it. The one that replaced the original one was originally a standalone one from the late 90's.
    Timmy Folsom
    Timmy Folsom1 month ago
    I don't… why?
    preppersintent5 months ago
    Talk like a frikken adult moron…you sound like youve got cum in your mouth.
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    Blanche11 months ago
    At my old house my dad and grandpa installed a storm door but put the door handle upside down. Then, at my new house, my grandpa was installing a new storm door and the door handle was put upside down…again.

    At my dad's store there's a door on the second floor, but there's no stairs or anything from the floor to the ground so there's just a door there for no reason.
    Read more
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    Back at it AGAIN?!
    Back at it AGAIN?!9 months ago
    I see Alzheimer's
    Reply 2
    MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
    MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)5 months ago
    Is this in Russia by any chance?
    Reply 1

  5. Danger Dolan is himself so hilarious that even his spooky videos make me laugh,
    No.1: Umm Why does he always shout 'have a go!!!!' at each of his videos?
    No.2: And why does he always sound like he's drunk ? like he drank 20 bottles of rum at once…..

  6. My house builder thought it would be a good 😊 idea to do teo toilet leverst to flush the damn toilet i am so fliped and mad 😡

  7. My house is fine, but what ever dumb a$$ decided it was a good idea to put the thermometer that controls my English class building's temperature in concrete connected to the concrete out- fking-side obviously has zero functioning brain cells, or… nope only explanation

  8. No people you got to give it up to the house with the penis shaped windows. Imagine being a friend going to visit that house for the first time and you can't find it and your wife looks to you and says "Okh honey look it's the house with the penis shaped windows" God I would be so embarrassed.

  9. My shower has hardly and light and if you want to shave you have to get out of it or sit on the floor like someone doing yoga. (Why. Just why. The couldn't even make a plexiglass window to let the light into as the light is on the otehr side of the shower wall!) And the light switch is outside the room.

  10. what's with all the trolls commenting on dolans voice, how about you just shut up and enjoy the video.

  11. so in defense of who ever built the elevated garage….scientist and car manufacturers DID say we would all be driving flying cars by now…..

  12. 1:18 um…I don't think you can "break lemons" but duct tape does fix 99.9% of things

    …but it won't fix your sad, lonely sex life >:3

  13. That second sink with the water missing the basin was originally from an antique farm sink that someone had replaced the giant iron basin with a small bathroom sink.

  14. In the house my parents rent the electrical in the dinning room and a part of living doesn't have working plugs or lights, we've tried locating the circuit breaker for it, but it doesn't exist. The house needs to be rewired and also the plumbing isn't probably vented. Needless to say, my parents probably won't buy the house like they originally planned to.

  15. They removed the star case from the emergency exit from my high school gym so the door was at least 3 feet off the ground

  16. This is my most favorite Danger Dolan video. It makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    Just: "What the holy fuck, were the building designers thinking" always cracks me up.. It's just beautiful. This is a prime example of what humans can do when they put effort into things. Don't be lazy kids. Don't be lazy.

  17. The moron who made my bathroom put the drain on the wrong side of it so after every shower I have to mop a small pool of water on the corner of my bathroom. Small, but really annoying.

  18. Dolan: i Don't want to be that guy but-
    Me: let me stop you right there. You have a channel that has half the stuff you post pointing out stupid people. So you do want to be that guy.

  19. Obviously a Taurus man did these repairs. Cheap bastards that like nice things but are too cheap to make anything nice.

  20. My dad built our house and though its not a huge fail all of our rooms were supposed to have ceiling fans but, mine never ended up having one so somehow my light switch ended up with two switches but only the second one actually does anything.

  21. 3:11 a quote… from the Dreams in the Witch House rock opera.

    "There's a haunted town…
    Full of whispered tales…
    About a creeking house of mystery.

    This brooding moldy tomb…
    With a crooked garret room…
    Hides a devilish history.

    Behind these slanting walls a lurking place…
    Unbounded void transcending time and space…
    Stay one night and leave no room for doubt…
    You'll suffer fever Dreams…
    in the Witch House."

  22. All are superb ideas to give an attractive look to home. Homestead Custom Carpentry also provide the great ideas for home renovation. The owners of Homestead take their work seriously and will not walk away from a job incomplete or with the client left unsatisfied. Homestead Custom Carpentry is fully capable and ready for the challenge!

  23. My fiancé & I now have our stove in the middle of the kitchen bordering our living room in a “kitchen island”, with no backsplash, hood, or ventilation. Her family are the landlords & they swear that hood ranges do not work & are eye sores. If they were her family I would call D.O.B & let them say if it’s up to code or not. FML

  24. The house I grew up in, the previous owner tried to dig a basement under the living room; problem is, it was on wetlands, so it began filling with water. Instead of filling it back in, the guy stuck two 2×4 pieces of lumber in the mud and put the living room floor back in! We discovered it when tearing it down after it burnt down.

  25. I actually know a good way to fix that staircase to nowhere. Get a skilled artist to paint a tunnel where the stairs end so you can trick people into running into a wall!

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