1. I also have watched all of the Fixer Uppers and I now have a better idea of what to buy to really give it that Farmhouse look. Now trying to piece it all is very tricky! Thank you for the advice on how to really learn from reading, watching and studying Farmhouse things. It will make it easier when decorating.

  2. I love the whole farmhouse style. It's beautiful. I would like to change some areas in my home. My decor has been the same pretty much since day one and I've been married 19 years. My husband hunts so we have some taxidermied mounts on the walls. Will that work with the farm style?

  3. The tips were very helpful. I am trying to figure out my decor style. I think I like farm house with a touch of modern.

  4. I was going to paint my dining table white and my girlfriend said, "If you have tablecloths use those. Much easier." I found about 5 tablecloths just tucked away in storage. Put a beautiful antique lamp in the center by the window. All along each side of the lamp I have put some of my good glass collections, an old China plate, a bowl with potted pink roses with pearls spilling around and a flowered/rose empty tea bag scene, etc., etc. I keep adding and taking away. Having fun!!! The window overlooks my front porch.

  5. Hi Meg! I am new to your channel and absolutely love all of it! I have been wondering how and what you painted your kitchen cabinets with. I am wanting to paint mine white but a little nervous about how well they will stay painted and cleaning them!

  6. Hi meg I've fell in love with your channel! I live in Pembroke and work in lumberton. I goes to peddlers mall some time. Where did you get the window on your wall

  7. Hi meg I've fell in love with your channel! I live in Pembroke and work in lumberton. I goes to peddlers mall some time. Where did you get the window on your wall

  8. I have an actual REAL farm house.. with chickens, rabbits, pigs… seems funny this "farmhouse fad".I keep seeing apartments IN THE CITY with "farmhouse" signs & windmills on the wall… SO STUPID lol

  9. Excellent tips! I live in a apartment and I'm striving for Farmhouse style. I also have a YouTube channel. Would love for you to check out 😊😊😊

  10. I love the farmhouse look. my house has been primitive for quite a while with a lot of dark furniture and a lot of black. thinking I need to buy some white and lighter colors. it's amazing what a bucket of paint can do

  11. I love it. I just saw that one of the little towns outside of Charlotte (Indian Trail) has a studio where you can make your own farmhouse decor. I am taking a class next week. If your in Charlotte again you should check it out. I'll get more info 😀

  12. i love your tips but id rather see pictures while your talking instead of just imagining the tips myself

  13. We have a real 1893 farmhouse and are enjoying fixing it up as a family! As a artist/stay-at-home-mom of 2 and I am loving all the useful tips on your channel. Thanks for sharing a Christ centered view of family on your channel! We appreciate you guys! P.S. we just started a channel too chronicling our farmhouse "fixer upper" journey and our art. Would love to have you check it out and let me know some things to work on, Love the Floyds

  14. I really like the coastal theme in my home, with a touch of farmhouse. Painting pieces has made so much of a difference to get the look I want! I thought you did a great job decorating with all of the bold colors you used to have in your home, but the new neutral colors look great too!

  15. Love this video!! And I LOVE your accent OMG 😍 I actually just uploaded a DIY Dollar Store Home Decor video on my channel and would love it if you would check it out and let me know what you think ☺️

  16. I love how you reuse decor items also and move them around, paint them etc. I would also love to see a painting video like someone mentioned above. Love your channel!!

  17. I almost mentioned in your last decorating video that you should paint your dresser and not use the zebra since that's modern looking 🙂 but I didn't want to get hate comments ..lol . I love your decorating style now ! Fixer Upper is my favorite show 💕

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