10 Tips & Tricks For Decorating Your Dorm Room

10 Tips & Tricks For Decorating Your Dorm Room

– Oh my God! – Hey everybody, I’m Ashley and today I’m gonna walk you through
ten tips and tricks for decorating your dorm room. I’m headed over to NYU
where Yumi is a senior RA. She reached out to me on Instagram, told me she was moving into her dorm room and could really use a makeover and I knew I wanted to make
this tips and tricks video so it worked out pretty well. I’m not gonna lie, Yumi
has a very cool dorm room and it’s pretty spacious but
all of these tips and tricks can be applied to any dorm room anywhere no matter how much
or how little space you have. Let’s get started. My first tip is a shopping tip ’cause you can’t really decorate
if you don’t have decor. When you’re shopping, try to find stores that let you order online
and then pick up the items at the location nearest your school. I did that today, I used
Target Back to College Pickup. So easy, all I have to do is
show up and pick up the items. I came here to pick up what I ordered and I already have like
six new things in my cart. This is a really good
Target too, I will say, wait, I’ll show you. Oh, I can’t make the cart go sideways but it’s pretty. (camera clatters) I dropped you. I wanna get her a clean laundry hamper. You don’t just need a
hamper for dirty laundry, you need a hamper for clean laundry because if you’re like me,
you leave it on the bed and you don’t fold it right away and then you end up
sleeping on top of your perfectly clean laundry
and then there’s wrinkles. So, you gotta get a clean laundry hamper so that you don’t do that. Boom! This cart is getting
really full, really fast. Tip number three is all about
rearranging your furniture. I moved pretty much every
single item in Yumi’s room. The biggest change might have been taking the hutch off of the desk and using it as a book shelf and I tucked that in the hallway which she really wasn’t using before. It really opened up the space. I moved the bed away from the window and then I put the couch
where the desk originally was. That way she has a
clear division of space. This is Yumi’s area for
work and sleep and relaxing and then she has her hangout area where her residents and her friends can come and have a good time. With all of that furniture moving, I did sacrifice some
valuable outlet real estate and we just can’t have that so I got her these bed risers
that have outlets in them so she can charge her phone,
she can plug in a lamp, or whatever electrical needs she may have. Good thing I prefer comforters over duvets but for a dorm room, a
duvet is the way to go because nine times out of 10,
a dorm room washing machine is not going to be big
enough to wash a comforter and it’s college, people are
gonna be sitting on your bed, you’re gonna pull an all-nighter or two, there’s gonna be snacks involved and you need to wash that comforter so a duvet is the way to go and I got her this really
cute one from Target which kind of inspired
the rest of the room. (light upbeat music) This next trick is one of my favorites, it’s a Pinterest classic. You can use a sheer curtain
and some string lights to create a canopy headboard situation. I used a small curtain rod
and some removable wall hooks to hang up the curtain behind the bed and then I put some string light between the sheer curtain and the wall and boom, you’ve got a
really cute canopy headboard that also doubles as
perfect accent lighting. (light upbeat music) Moving onto the lounge
area, that navy blue couch was just not it so all I
did was get a big blanket, stretched it over the
couch, and tuck it in. It totally transformed this couch and now it matches the rest of the room. I also did sort of the same
thing on the desk chair. I just folded up a blanket
and put it on the back to make it cohesive with
the rest of the room. (light upbeat music) For some extra seating, I
opted for floor cushions. These ones were the perfect
color, I could not say no. They’re easy to put away
when you don’t want them, take them out when you do. Another item I got that can serve as extra seating is this ottoman. Not only is it extra seating
but it’s also gonna double as her nightstand and
it’s also gonna trickle as some extra storage. This is a tip that I use pretty much anytime I’m decorating any space because I always forget to bring a level. I dunno, when you’re
packing for a home makeover or moving into a dorm room, the last thing you’re thinking
about is bringing a level. But you can actually just download a leveling app on your phone. My mind was blown when I found this out so I need to share it with
anybody who will listen. Finally, one little last piece of decor. I gave Yumi this wire organizer. Personally, I love
collecting little mementos, notes, pictures, and I can definitely make a cluttered mess for myself which is why I need to
have a designated area for putting mementos,
otherwise they’re just gonna be all over the room looking really messy. Now it’s time to show Yumi her dorm room. Let’s see if she liked it. Take a look. – Oh my God! Oh my God, it’s so pretty, oh my God. Oh my God, thank you! (Yumi and Ashley exclaim) I love it, wow! – [Ashley] Do you? – [Yumi] The colors are amazing. (light upbeat music) – Well, I hope you have
the best senior year here. You’re so sweet, thank you
for letting us come over. – Thank you. – Really, it’s been so fun doing this and it’s totally made me
want to go back to school so I’m very jealous. Live it up this year. (Yumi awes) – Oh my gosh. – Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked this video,
please give it a thumbs up. Also, quick little plug,
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if you’re interested, and I’ll see ya next time, bye! (light upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “10 Tips & Tricks For Decorating Your Dorm Room

  1. as someone who's already lived in a crappy dorm room, that's the most inefficient use of space! where's the fridge? laundry? food storage?

  2. This was well done! I would have thumbtacked fabric onto the chair instead of covering up with a throw… other than that, the colours worked well with the wood!

  3. I would be happy to help with the most important tip for your dorm room.
    Do not bring everything to decorate your dorm room because by the end of senior year you will be moving books and your clothes in garbage bags.
    I sincerely wish someone had told me just how much I over-packed freshman year and how obnoxious a room full of photos and posters and reminders of high school looked.

  4. I bought a bunch of decorations for my dorm but barely any actually made it to my room because I had no one to help me get to school and a very limited amount of things could be shipped to me. So my side of the room is very bare and people always say I’m bland. At least my personality is shown through my outfits

  5. My questions is, what about her roommate? Would she be in agreement? After having two beds, two desks, two closets and dressers there was no room for a couch.

  6. Aw man, I don't use social media hardly at all so I definitely can't do that. Except comments like this, I don't think I've posted anything anywhere in about five years. lol

  7. For college students who can't afford to go out to Target and other big stores to buy decor for their dorm, always try a thrift store or two first 😊❤

  8. I’m so nervous for college I share a lot of stuff with my sister and mom so the transition and buying new stuff just for me is gonna break the bank I can’t wait though

  9. I don't really the need for a clean hamper. I don't think I would have utilized it back when I lived in a dorm.

  10. People are saying they cant afford this what you can do is just buy things before hand and leave them in storage for when you do get a dorm that what i do. Ya know when you do have money buy the stuff right away.

  11. FYI former RA here please check your school’s room policies before you buy all this stuff because my school doesn’t allow string lights not even battery powered and all of the lights in that room except the lamp would’ve been a “fire hazard” and we would’ve made you take them down. Also make sure you’re not hanging things too close to the fire sprinkler on the ceiling and look up online room dimensions and what furniture you have ahead of time because this is probably bigger than your standard dorm room.

  12. Im going to university in september and I dont know what im going to do with my room because I really dont want to buy stuff because they are expensive and I cant carry big stuff with me :((

  13. How about a loft space that I'm trying to turn into a bedroom. It's just one ok size space, no closet…

  14. At tip #2 I raised my head and looked at my clean clothes with which piled onto of “the chair”,,,,,

  15. I use this to decorate my barracks room since I'm in the army but it's designed like a dorm room so this helped a lot❤

  16. when you forgot to give her a mattress pad or mention that college students need mattress pads to stay comfortable….

  17. I go to nyu, and I lived in that same dorm hall….. and I was today years old when I found out you can take the hutch of the desk….. I'm-

  18. This was SO helpful! I've been looking for places to live (in London, which can be REALLY expensive), but I was hating pretty much every single room I found. The horrible color sofas are everywere!!! Your idea of covering it with a simple blanket was genious. Thank you for that 😀

  19. When I was briefly in college we werent supposed to have those holiday lights/fairy lights or whatever, even the battery powered ones so that tip suprised me

  20. I think u should have just gotten a new cushion for the desk chair, it looks kinda funny with a blanket I love the rest tho😄👍🏼

  21. My college tip for extra storage is to buy two plastic drawer sets, put them on the sides of your desk, and then put some kind of board across the top. I thrifted the drawer sets for $5 since it was originally one long drawer set and the board I used across the top came from another thrift shop that is based more towards home improvement things. All I had to do was spray paint the board and I had a pretty good looking shelf and drawer set.

  22. The canopy headboard is actually the most original college diy I've seen on YouTube. Most of the time it's pretty much the same 4 diys. Same goes with the level and memento board. I really like that there's no pushpins ruining it.

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