10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Time for another Interior Design Q&A!

10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Time for another Interior Design Q&A!

Hi everyone! DesignChickee here… Guess
what? This channel now has more than ten thousand subscribers! I’m so excited to
have such a huge YouTube family I can’t even believe it I still never thought
I’d have a hundred subscribers so having ten thousand is seriously blowing my
mind so I’m sending you all big Internet hugs for subscribing liking and sharing
my videos I’m so glad you’re all onboard and that you all love interior design
just as much as I do thank you for all your comments and questions – in fact
these days I get most of my video ideas from you so if you’ve got a burning
question about something specific or if you need me to clarify some sort of
interior design Theory please let me know and with that I think it’s time for
another official interior design Q&A video so if you have a design dilemma
you can leave your questions here in the comments below or you can send them to
me via twitter at design chicky twitter is great because you can attach your
photos to the tweet you can’t attach photos here on youtube sadly and the
more information I get from you the better I can help you so send them in
and I’ll gather them all up and answer your questions in an upcoming video so
definitely stay tuned for that I’m beyond excited to have you all following
along I can’t wait to share more of what I love which is all things interior
design with all of you from design lessons to interior design tips and
real-life design projects that I’m working on it will all be right here and
I can’t wait to help you with your real life design dilemmas – so get your
questions in and I’ll see you very soon

21 thoughts on “10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Time for another Interior Design Q&A!

  1. I just foubd you this week and you deserve de subs czuse you're a pro. I found you cause I was looking for ikea top picks love the scandi look but still not there due to my ckutter whith 4 kids its not easy to stay minimal. Can you do storage video's and a garden balcony…….I m from Belgium.

  2. Congrats! I just found you this week! I will definitely keep watching. But why do I find you look so familiar? Have you been on Breakfast Television? It has been driving me crazy! 😆

  3. Congrats! I only recently discover your channel (and subscribed) and I thoroughly enjoy it. Well deserved milestone.

  4. Congratulations!!! You give such great educational information in each video.

    My question is: I really like the minimal/Scandinavian design style. However, my favorite color palette is totally not along those lines — I love deep peacock blue, walnut and cherry wood, black and grey. How can I combine the style I like with the colors I like?

  5. Hi recent subscriber!! Love how simple your videos are! Question: can you create a video showing us how to redesign a current closed up floor plan of a rectangular single floor “condo” and how u would redesign it to be more open floor plan? (Around 1000 sq ft). I think that would be a super helpful video!!!

  6. Way to Go! I dont know what kind of couch to put in my living room. I only have 3 walls the fourth is a large arch as you enter and the room is 11 feet x 9 feet,HELP!

  7. My ask is if you can lay out a step by step thought process on deciding direction. Example1, my empty bedroom is mid tone wood floor and white walls, how do i know if i should go for wood bed (headboard) or upholstered, or metal? Example2, my other bedroom is grey carpet, grey blue walls, black metal frame bed, should i go for a wood-look dresser or a painted dresser? I like to learn your thought process, learn how to decide on the general direction.

  8. We have a small masterbedroom but we feel like we need the bedroom essentials like bed,bedside tables, chair/bench and a coffee station.How can go about this?

  9. Congrats! How you work around a major element that you can’t change? I have hardwood floors throughout my house that have a deep red undertone. My husband will divorce me before refinishing. I want a cool palette but can’t seem to find colors that work with the floors. Area rugs are tricky too bc it’s an open floor plan with lots of angles in the room.

  10. Congrats 🎊
    I have a question please
    Where do I get the principles and guides for the sizes and measurements for planing and designing the area , for example bedroom , bathroom , kitchen … etc the space between 2 pieces of furniture should be X inch

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