11 TIDY HABITS for Back to School + Your Home Office | ANN LE

11 TIDY HABITS for Back to School + Your Home Office | ANN LE

– Hi, loves, how’s it going? It’s Ann. Welcome back to my channel. So back to school is coming up and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have like a study office,
work desk or a home office. I have a home office
because I work at home a lot and it’s very important to me on how I set my space and my environment because it plays a huge
role in my productivity. So today, I am going to share with you all of my best practices and
what I do to stay productive. So if you are into organization or if you are looking for some new ways on how to improve your workspace or just your overall environment
and home, keep on watching. So for tip number one, start the day off with the right mindset. Before reaching for your phone, take a moment and process
through your thoughts and what you want to
accomplish for the day. Ask yourself if you want
to focus on just relaxing or you want to get things
done and feel productive. In the morning, I usually like to do a 10 to 15 minute meditation. It’s a really nice way to clear your mind, clear your thoughts of all the things that are just running wildly in your head. After meditation, I
immediately go to my journal, open it up and do a mind dump. When I do a mind dump, I write down everything
that’s in my thoughts. This step is like my morning therapy. I can let go of all the
clutter that’s in my head and just hold on to the
more uplifting thoughts that will help me move forward. In the past few years, I’ve just been so used to
the fast paced lifestyle that I do not give myself
any time in the morning to just reset my mind and I highly recommend for you to try this if you are always on the go and if you’re always super busy. Just set aside 20 minutes for yourself, have a little me time so that way you can reset your
mind, clear out your thoughts and then you can continue your day with a whole, fresh, new outlook. Step number two, organize your checklists. Keep your mind dump notes on the side so that way you can organize
them onto two lists. One list that I keep by my workstation is all my daily tasks
that I want to accomplish in order to reach my long-term goals then on the wall, I have
more of my monthly goals, things that I need to
accomplish for the month. By separating my notes, it
helps me to stay more focused. I like to keep my daily
tasks near my workstation. This way, I don’t get distracted easily or get sidetracked. I tend to go on my phone and then forget about what
I am doing at the moment so having my notes right
here looking right back at me really helps me to get back
on track and finish my work. On the wall is where I
organize my monthly goals. I find it super helpful
to have a separate place to just place my monthly goals. It gives me more clarity
just by looking at it and not mixing it up with other notes. I usually have my bullet journal where I keep all my notes
consolidated in one area and then I would break up my notes so that way it could help me with focusing on just getting
things done one at a time. Organizing your notes will
help you with tip number three which is focus on today and commit to, if you let your mind drift
off to future projects, you may feel overwhelmed or lose focus with more tasks just piling up. Having a long-term plan versus
a short-term plan to-do list really helps you just stay
focused on one thing at a time. Number four is to take action. Now, taking action is always
easy said than done, right? So I would recommend
that you start your day with something that you like the least and something that you know you will most likely procrastinate on. This way, you can get
it done, out of the way and then reward yourself with
a task that is more enjoyable and that makes you happy. If you’re feeling a little
overwhelmed over your mess, the first step you can do is
consolidate all your clutter. It’s better than just sitting
there doing nothing about it. Instead, take action so that way you can get into
the momentum of cleaning up. That way, when it comes to deep cleaning, half the work is done. All you have to do is put
everything in its rightful home. This leads us to number six and
that is to compartmentalize. Find and destinate a home
for everything that you use. This way, it can create a healthy habit of putting things in its rightful place. Sometimes, the workspace
can look cluttered even after you organize and clean up. To minimize the clutter in accumulation, purchase items that has multiple purposes. It can also be served as
a shelf to hold my plant and it also makes a cute
piece of desk decor. Another tip that really helps me and prevents me from procrastinating when it comes to cleaning is having a miscellaneous bin nearby. So I would keep this bin
on my shelf or on my desk. Sometimes, other people
would come into my office and leave their things around or sometimes I would just
bring things from another room into my office like for
instance my nail polish bottles, my fake lashes, all that kinda stuff. They would just lay around my desk and I would feel too lazy to put them away so by having a miscellaneous box, I can just consolidate them
all into this one place and on the day that I have to clean then I would just take
them to its rightful place. A new habit I started this year is to keep my cleaning supplies nearby. I like to keep my DIY cleaner and reusable towel on my shelf. It makes cleaning very convenient because everything is
right there for me to use. Making my own DIY
all-purpose spray cleaner is beneficial because I’m
using all natural ingredients and at the same time, I get to store it in this pretty amber bottle which I can display on the shelf without having it stand out too much. 10th tip is to have a recycle, donation and trash bin in your room. This is a great way to sort
out your unwanted items and at the same time help out
your community in recycling. Alright, so we are onto the last tip. Now, tidying up is not just
about disposing things, getting rid of things. It’s also about bringing
happiness into your workspace. Don’t be afraid to decorate your desk with something that
reflects your personality. Try adding a house plant, a picture frame or even a DIY project on your desk to make it feel more inviting. To me, the simplest joy in life can make a big impact on your workflow. At the end of the day, you
just want to feel happy, relaxed and excited to work again. So the first thing you can
do is try out these steps and start making a difference
in your work environment. I hope you enjoy them. Give this video a thumbs up if you do and if you have anything
you would like to share with the rest of us, make sure
to comment below this video. Thank you all so much for watching. I love you and I will see you soon. Ciao.

91 thoughts on “11 TIDY HABITS for Back to School + Your Home Office | ANN LE

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