12 Best Style Tips EVERY Student Must Know! Dress Code Hacks!

12 Best Style Tips EVERY Student Must Know! Dress Code Hacks!

This video is inspired by a DM I
received on Instagram, is it possible to have a creative and successful career?!
Well as a first-generation Chinese American
I know University is intimidating I felt alone during the entire application
process and I wish I had a mentor you guys know I’ve always had this passion
for fashion design filmmaking and marketing well I’m happy to share that
today’s video is sponsored by the Art Institutes! thank you so much for
supporting my fashion series. In today’s video I’m going to share with you 12
fashion hacks they can use on your old or thrift of clothing ways you can
practice your creativity and celebrate body confidence hold up pause be sure to
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details will be linked down below in the description box so that further ado
we’ll top into this video as we transition from summer to fall I
wanted to show you a very easy go so transformation that you can do at home
you can actually transform an oversized sweater into a very cute sweater dress
so the first thing you want to do it is to take off the sleeves now that we have the sweater on without
the sleeves we’re going to bring the two sleeves together in the front cross it
over once and then we’re going to bring it over our shoulders take your safety
pin we’re going to pin the sleeves together in the back and here is the final sweater dress I
love the cross detail in front and who could guess this was originally an
oversized sweater so this is how you transform an oversized sweater into a
sorta a dress without any sewing or cutting if you’re passionate about fashion
interior design or filmmaking I want you to consider the art institute’s great
hands-on programs we have locations all across the United States along with
online classes their student body is diverse and multicultural with students
of all ages so it’s not too late to get your certificate or degree so be sure to
check out the Art Institutes online programs at Art Institute stop eating
you / online programs I’ll have it linked down below have you ever wished that you could
resize an old shirt or one that you found out of their store to make it fit
you a lot better it doesn’t really highlight any of my
curves so I’m going to take a little hair elastic like this we’re going to
add a cute little ruching detail using this hair elastic with your shirt inside
out grab the fabric but you want to Roush just like that flip it back over I’ve been seeing this detail on a lot of
tops at Urban Outfitters selling for about like forty to fifty dollars but I
thought I’m going to DIY this because it’s so simple and really easy to do to
any sweater I actually pulled this off of an old pair of shoes or if you use a
shoelace and then thread it through just like that make sure that both of your
sides of your ribbon is even and then last but not least just hi
everything into a bow so here is the finished sweater I really love the lace
up detail on the side I think it’s super sweet and so cute
perfect for back-to-school so I’m sure if you’re going back to
school you might get a lot of free t-shirts during the beginning of the
year but you have no idea what to wear them to we’re going to flip my shirt
backwards now that you have your shirt on backwards we’re going to tuck it into
our jeans if you want to make this look a little bit more flirty and fun you
could turn it into an off shoulder top simply by tucking the shoulders down and
you can also tuck in any excess fabric that you have here if it’s bunching up
so you can also wear your jacket over so you don’t see this logo in the back have you guys seen Ali’s new video it’s
how to transform a purse into a belt bag it’s actually pretty cute I have to send
it to you so I got this purse I hadn’t worn for a
couple years now I removed one side of the strap and I’m going to wrap it
around the smallest part of my weight slip it through one of the holes on the
side be sure to pull it tight and adjust to where you want it you have the other
strap through bring it to the other side and just clip so what do you guys think
of this DIY so store like tampons or little knickknacks in here for a weekend
trip I think it’s really great for a festival as well in my Chloe hack series
I want to inspire you to think outside of the box when you’re getting dressed
in the morning I know this might look like a conventional jumpsuit but I
figured out two different ways you can wear it but you can actually wear this
jumpsuit backwards which is a really fun and playful way they can wear this for
school so this could be a fun little weekend look and then if you wear it
backwards it could be a nice daytime look first of all dressing modestly or
covering up does not have to feel or look boring I mean you can definitely
add a pop of color to your wardrobe you guys know I have an obsession with
denim jackets and I think I have probably one too many in my closet
firstly your denim jacket on the ground and then we’re going to flip it over to
the back of this denim jacket I’m going to add these embroidered flowers I got
these ones off of Amazon for a really good price and I think it really dresses
up the look of the jacket I’m going to use a hot glue gun so you can also use
fabric glue or to sew it on but we’re just going to be quick and simple today
and use the hot glue I think this is one of my favorite
clothing hats what do you think Bella I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from
my mom she was the one who actually made this top right here so I’m going to show
you two different ways and you can transform a long-sleeve shirt let’s quickly hack just remove the
sleeves so you’re left with your shirt without the sleeves so you can actually
just kind of bring it around your shoulders take two safety pins and pin
it together tada wasn’t that clothing hack super easy take the sleeves and
we’re going to bring one sleeve around the shoulder bring the other sleeve
around the shoulder as well try to lay as flat as possible taking your safety
pin we’re going to pin these two pieces of fabric together bring the two sleeves
together I’m not letting a transform a long-sleeve shirt into pretty much any
silhouettes that you want all you need are safety pins and your creativity when I was going back to school a
majority of my budget was allocated towards tuition and textbooks not
towards clothing hmm what should I wear today I’m so bored of my jeans and
t-shirt kind of look it’s just looking kind of plain but they have to style up
your plain old t-shirt and jeans is to look for a pair of pants that has a
waist tie to it or self time like this untie your waist tie bring it over your
shoulder try your best to lay it flat and then just tie it over your shoulder
like this kind of like a halter top holy hack is perfect for those of you who
have a very strict dress code but what a different way to style up your clothing
oh yeah raise your hand if you can relate this
is such a hashtag short-girl problem I hate when I’m walking around and I
like trip over my pants after I’ve had my pants I had some excess fabric here
and I don’t want these to go to waste I think these would actually make really
cute headbands or hair accessories so first I’m just going to combine the two
pieces of fabric together by overlapping it and then I’m just going to quickly
and simply nan it together two-minute headband is so simple and so
easy you could just bring it around your hair just like that and I think this is
a really fun and simple way to spice up your everyday hair look we’re in the
summertime I scored this long maxi dress for a couple bucks at a thrift store a
quick and simple way to change up the silhouette of the top of this maxi dress
is by removing the sleeve that’s a really simple way to create
this halter neckline maybe you’re not a fan of this long maxi dress silhouette
and you want to instantly shorten it well take a belt wrap it around your
waist and then now we’re just going to pull the fabric up and over the place
where we want this dress to end I’ll transform my long maxi dress into the
chic short mini dress and I’m going to top it all off with a leather jacket now
ready for a nice dinner date with my girlfriend’s I’m not going to lie this
was highly requested by you guys on my Instagram you guys asked me how do I not
my shirt now taking the fabric from the back bring the fabric to the front and
then taking this hand drop it over and then through this loop here we’re going
to pull in the excess fabric and pull and tighten as much as you yeah you
reached the end of this video comment down below and let me know what are your
current clothing dilemmas and struggles I would love to solve your fashion
dilemmas in my next video be sure to follow me on instagram at fashion by Ali
to join this month’s giveaway for back-to-school I love you guys all so so
much and I will see you next time bye

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