12 SQUARE METER Tiny Japanese Apartment Tour

12 SQUARE METER Tiny Japanese Apartment Tour

Hey guys! Good morning. So I’ve been staying in Tokyo for the past three days. I’ve been here filming this little documentary not for my channel, it’s actually for a project for the Canadian government. If I am able to show it on my channel in the future I probably will but I’m not really sure that wasn’t talked about, but anyways because I’ve been in Tokyo working for the past three days, I wanted to rent out a place to stay so I didn’t have to travel back and forth because we were starting filming really early every morning, and, that would mean I would have to leave my house at like 5am which is not fun So, I went on air bnb and I found the cheapest place to stay in Tokyo. It was just over 3000 yen a night. If you put that into dollars it was probably about I would say like around 32 dollars american a night, which is a really good deal, for a place right in Tokyo. I’m staying in koreatown Closest station is Okubo Station, and if you walk just like 2 minutes down the road, you’re right in the centre of oreatown. There’s tonnes of good food and shopping, and it’s really fun, and Shinjuku station is actually really close, so I’m right in the centre of Tokyo for just over 30 bucks a night, which is a really amazing deal. So, I wasn’t expecting the place to be huge. I saw the pictures and it looked very small, but I was really surprised when I came in here. It really is really tiny. This is the bedroom, behind me here. It has a really cute wallpaper, I’ll show you after, and you can see the kitchen behind me here And then over here we have the washroom the toilet/shower, and that’s literally it This is the entire apartment I would guess that it’s about 12m^2. When you come in you put your shoes down here in the genkan I’ve got my bags just sitting here There’s a little garbage can, and this is the kitchen! It’s tiny, but it has everything that you need. A microwave, a hot-water-making pot some bowls Down here they’ve got some mugs and cups, salt and pepper, all the cooking utensils, and there’s one burner, so you could cook here, if you wanted to, I didn’t try it out, I just went out to eat, cus I’m in koreatown, the food’s amazing. Sink. In here they give you a little bit of storage which is actually the only storage space in the entire apartment They’re just using it for some pots and pans, and oils and laundry soap or something I think that is? So inside the fridge it looks like this it’s basically a normal fridge, but a really small version it’s got a little area here which is the freezer so you can keep things frozen if you put them inside here That’s about it! Can’t fit much in here, a few drinks, but it’s good if you’re just staying for a few days and you wanna keep some drinks cool Alright now for the grand tour of the bedroom. Here’s my futon they actually give you two futons, so two people can stay here comfortably, but, I layered them on top of each other because it’s just me so I could get some extra layers, and it was actually super comfy It was really nice And you may have noticed that the floor is tatami mat Traditional Japanese flooring, it has a very distinctive scent to it, it kinda smells like Hay, I guess if I could compare it to something you guys would recognise. The smell of hay. I really like it, some people aren’t a fan of the scent, but I think it gives a very traditional Japanese feel to a room The room also comes with all your basic stuff, like tissues, toilet paper, a little mirror for doing makeup(it was kind of a struggle to do my makeup in there this morning, but i’m glad I had something), a hairdryer, and a TV, which I never use, but I guess it’s good, for some people. And then my favourite part is this really pretty sakura wallpaper that they’ve out on the wall here I wonder if their landlord knows about this they never let you change wallpaper or anything in Japan, but it looks like they’ve just attached this wallpaper to the wall, but it looks really nice, I think it goes well with the other red walls And I found a hook, it took me so long to find this, I was like “oh no! There’s nowhere to hand my jacket” but I found a little a little hook to hang my jacket on, so that works. There’s an air conditioner which was much needed, because it was freezing last night so I had the heater on all night. And here there’s like the remote controls and a little table charging station. And that’s about it for the bedroom, so very small but definitely enough for a stay in Tokyo Are you ready for the grand tour? Tada! This is it. This is the entire toilet/shower room The toilet’s in the corner here, and when you have a shower you basically can close the toilet lid, and sit on it and have a shower there if you like. Or you can stand in this little area here It’s very crowded And yeah, that is about it guys That is the entire apartment a total of about 12m^2, I would say. I’m really curious as to how much the rent is. Like I said, the location is great which will definitely up the price a bit , but it’s really tiny. This is the smallest apartment I have ever been in, in Japan. So for those of you who aren’t familiar with how Air bnb works, this isn’t a hotel, or a place specifically made for customers to stay, it’s actually someones apartment that they’ve rented, and, like probably a spare apartment that they own, and they’re renting it out for travelers, or people that are here in Tokyo on business, Japanese people that are on business to stay. So this is an actual apartment building that has regular residents living in the other rooms, so there are people that are living here as their, their normal house, not using it as a hotel. So what do you guys think? Would you be able to live in a place like this? Apartments in Japan are quite tiny, normally, but this is definitely the smallest one I have ever been in. But like I said, it has everything you need, if you are able to minimise your possessions, I feel like, you could live here, no problem. I would be, probably the most frustrated with the kitchen, because I like to cook, and having one burner is a super pain in the ass. My first two apartments in Japan, I believe, only had one burner, and I really didn’t like it So I think that would be the thing that bothered me the most. Not to mention the very tiny fridge, because I do a lot of cooking, I would not be able to store many ingredients in there. But other than that, I think it’s definitely doable, it’s probably quite cheap, and the location is amazing, so it really depends what your priorities are. I’m actually going to a concert today with my friend Greg, so I’m gonna be meeting up with him in the afternoon, and I told him to come here, to my Air bnb so he can check it out, and I wanna see what he thinks, because he lives in a pretty small apartment in Japan, but even so, I would say it’s about two times the size of this one, so this will probably be something new for him. Greg’s here! Welcome, to my home -I was hoping this was the right one, I was lost at the bend?
but we’re good we’re good Imagine if you just knocked at some strangers door -Like “Hello!” So I was just giving my viewers a tour of the room, and I told them that I told them that it would probably be a new experience for you, because for me this is the smallest apartment I’ve ever seen, in Japan, but yeah, come on in, take a tour -Oh God! Let us know what you think -This already looks way smaller than I had imagined Cos your place is really small, right? To me, that was the typical small Japanese apartment -Yeah, but it’s bigger than this, it’s like wider – Yeah, i was just telling them, I think your place is maybe two times the size of this in total? I would say -Mmm, cos I also have -You have like the hallway -The hallway -and the kitchen -My kitchen is like twi- -yeah, this is, welcome to the kitchen -My kitchen’s like two times this, and then – Yeah -Where-where’s your toilet -That’s the best part! Come see the toilet -Isn’t that the shower? -And the toilet, in one Greg’s not a fan of the no one is really, it’s kind of -Oh no! it’s kind of frustrating, because the floor gets wet when you have a shower and then it’s wet all day so when you go to use the toilet the floor’s all wet -Ew -But, they do provide you with slippers, but I I just give up, and I got the slippers wet in the shower, so They’re pretty useless now, but if you wanted you could kind of prop the slippers up in the corner and try not to get them wet and you could use them -Yeah, cos you can’t put them out here cos the mats -Yeah cos then the tatami would get wet Yeah, it’s really weird to see a washroom, and then tatami, because you don’t want anything on the tatami You don’t want shoes, you don’t want water and it looks like maybe some of the previous people that stayed here, just stepped right on the tatami cos it’s kinda wet It’s got like a stain Yeah, that’s such a weird design. You’d think they would put some kind of difference flooring, just at least in front of the bathroom part, but But yeah, that’s it! Do you think you could live in a place like this? -I’m trying to figure out pooping on a kinda wet seat, but that just does not sound like the best experience. -You’d have to wipe it off every time, you’d have to dry it off -But then where would you put anything? I can’t even hang a towel in here -I just realised that there’s no place for the toilet paper -No They had it just sitting on the table here, when I came in But they’re yeah there’s no toilet roll because you wouldn’t be able to keep the toilet paper in here because it would get wet when you had a shower -You don’t even have a You can’t even like, flush the toilet? -No there’s a, that thing -Oh my gosh they look the same How would you even know?! Oh wow -Yeah That’s, that’s small and that’s big flush -Oh, it’s on the side -Yeah -That’s different At least you’ve got a painted mural -Yeah, the wall’s nice right? -Oh, it would have been cool if it was painted -That would have been cool, they probably would have charged a little more than 30 bucks a night if they hand painted it How much do you think the rent is here? I was just trying to figure out how much the rent would be you’re right in like central Tokyo, you’re really close to Shinjuku but because of the size, I would say like maybe 450 dollars a month or something like 45000 yen if I had to guess, that’s what I would say -Probably like 500 dollars-Yeah, you think? with tax because-cos it’s quite old, it’s not like it’s new or something, so it’s old and small -Yeah, right? So once you had your clothes, they would take up the majority of the room -This kind of reminds me of like those animes where you would have this guy that has like just a TV, just a bed they don’t even show his clothes -But in those cases, it’s usually a room in their parents house, so that makes sense, cos its like their room, so this is like going back to highschool, when you just had one room to put all your stuff in It’s weird, I guess if you think of it like that, then you just have to decorate it how you did in highschool, half of your wardrobe and stuff Alright well we are off to explore Tokyo before our concert tonight, hope you guys enjoyed this mini apartment tour I find it really interesting If you’d like to come stay here you can find it listed on Air bnb if you just search under Okugo area Alright guys, I will see you soon, Bye!

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  1. I can kinda see myself living here bcoz the previous apartment i stayed in was just a lil bigger. But i wud so struggle with that toilet like omg super claustrophobic. Ill need to buy a proper table n chair n a metal clothes hanger. At least this apartment has a kitchen area. Mine doesnt n v werent allowed to cook. Not to mention this apartment is in d city n has a wide window with enough sunlight. Some doesnt. It also look tidy n clean. But srly that bathroom is a problem. It wud be a deal breaker for me unless im on a really tight budget.

  2. I wouldn't mind how small it is but the bathroom looks so gross. It's not even the size or the shower and toilet together but how moldy it looks. I don't know how you used that even if for a couple of days.

  3. The Japanese showers and toilets in one always creep me the hell out! Maybe if I re decorated it I could handle it.. the hole underneath the sink makes my skin crawl!

  4. Hello. I love your videos. I enjoy discovering about new cultures and Japan has always interested me. You are very bright as a person so your videos are very easy to enjoy. I have a question. If it's too personal or you don't want to answer it I'm really sorry. I was just wondering if you have job based in Japan or in Canada and what it is exactly that you do? I have thought about going to Japan for work for a few years after I finish university but I'm looking into options.

  5. It's cute, I'd go crazy too about the burner😣 and shower, but for a temporary stay, it looks like it had everything that you'd need 😊.

  6. I think if you put furniture along the wall you can store clothed akd other things u can own it could be enough. It would be hard but it might be ok for some people.

  7. Woah I think it is a great idea if you are there as a tourist, you'll only need it for sleep and it is fairly cheap. I want to travel to japan so I'll consider it into my places to stay, thanks!

  8. Imagine having a shower and at the same time a guest needs to use the bathroom… Well, i hope that guest is really close to you or it´s going to be awkward…

  9. Oh my lords Sharla!! I first thought your jacket was some one with their face in the corner hiding..or as punishment! Face to the corner kid!! Ha..ha Lol

  10. It strikes me as more suitable for university student accommodation, maybe if you were there in the week but not weekends, as it would be so testing to love there full time. We're all the apartments in the block that size because it also looks like they just added tiny apartments on the end of the building (when you opened the door for Greg) like they maybe just added them on the end to make more money 🤔

  11. What a great steal in the middle of Tokyo! Love AirBNB!
    And I'm all about that tatami flooring.
    Thanks for the tour Sharla!!!
    I hope your video shoot with the Canadian gov't went well. ^^

  12. It's like a student room, only with added bonus a kitchen and private bathroom. Only students usually have a common room or something, not that they often use it sometimes.. and the price is similar, at least here student rooms usually cost around 400-450 euros a month, including electricity/internet/water that is. But I could not live there. No room for my books! Or my pets!

  13. Okay, first of all, Greg is AWESOME. His reaction was about what I was expecting (I may have a bit of a bias towards people named Greg, though, because my boyfriend's name is Greg, too 😂 ). I really, really love apartment tours, especially ones that show something cool or quirky, and that bathroom fits the bill perfectly.

  14. Woooow, living space of only 4-5 tatami (jo?) I suppose if you add in kitchen/bathroom that's maybe 6-7 jo. Do Plans typically include those spaces in floor plan size? Because the kitchen sink/cabinet area isn't really standing space but it fills up the inside of the apartment. $450 is as much as my rent in Kofu, Yamanashi! I'm a 15-20 min bike ride from the main station, but I have a family style apartment – separate bedroom, lots of closet space, living room/kitchen combo, and separate genkan/bathroom/toilet area, and a parking space. It's more space than I need, with just me and my dog.


  16. I stayed in this area when I was there with my husband and kid during the dec holidays. Nice quiet neighbourhood. The apartment we stayed in had a wardrobe, balcony, separated bathroom/toilet, slightly bigger than this one.

  17. I think it's perfect for a short stay. You don't have a lot space to tend to, it's in the middle fo the city. The make-shift toilet/shower combo makes me think that it was separeted off of a larger space. It reminds me of mini apartments parents make for their teenage kids in the basement or above the garage.

  18. It would take a lot of adjusting for me to get used to those kinds of showers. Everything would be soaked all the time and I'd find that very hard to deal with. I would only live in something that small out of sheer necessity. If I had to, I could live in a small apartment like of 600sqft or so but that place is just too small. I need an actual shower and a bit larger of a kitchen at minimum.

  19. I was pleasantly surprised by the accomodation until I saw the toilet/shower room – yuck. Not so much that it's shared, but the mold everywhere is disgusting.

  20. AirBnb in general is a great place to find cheaper places to sleep. Most of the hotels are expensive a.f. and Airbnb is surprisingly cheap.
    We got our Airbnb appartment in 4min walking distance to Ueno Station and about 30-35m² for just 43€ per night (price is for the appartment, not per person).
    Also we got a fairly big kitchen with an fullsize fridge etc.

  21. you certainly cannot be obese if you stay in this place…u wouldn't even be able to squeeze into the bathroom to do your business.

  22. Live in it? no. But stay for a week I wouldn't mind. That shower/toilet combo I would actually like. I have bad feet so I have to sit white taking a shower so that would actually be perfect for me. Though they probably would have saved some room by leaving that sink out of the Toilet/shower combo room and just have people use the kitchen sink to wash their hands afterward.

  23. A constantly wet bathroom is the perfect recipe for mould. You could tell from the video. Ugh. No, thank you. Small is one thing, that is just crazy. Where would you put your clothes, books, etc?

  24. Well, what to expect in japan? They are just small country and they are trying their best to give a place not only for their locals, but also for foreigners… At least i got an idea coz my house is small too

  25. Tiny spaces are so nice, I live in a 26 mts apartment and I think is too big, but I can't stand tiny bathrooms, I hate mine, even when it has a full sink and a tube, so I specially hated that toilet/shower which can't be called a bathroom, it didn't have a proper shower, and it was full of mold, you are so brave, I will not be able to survive that thing xD

  26. ……the sad thing is $500 sounds quite resonable………..damn Dublin is more expensive for rent than Tokyo.

  27. That place is SCREAMING for a loft bed, with a desk and storage underneath. And while I'd be okay with the one burner, I'd HAVE to get a real fridge in there; that little dorm fridge just wouldn't cut it. And I'd definitely have to engineer the $#!+ out of that bathroom — waterproof tp holder, fold-down dry floor, etc — since, with everything I carry in my pants pockets, there'd be no way to keep them off a wet floor while using the restroom… >.<

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  29. Every time you pan over to your jacket hanging in the corner, I get a flashback of the final scene of Blair Witch Project and sh*t myself …(cute airbnb, btw)

  30. Perfect. Of course you can pee in the shower but at this place you can actually take a shit in the shower as well.

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