13 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas! (Cheap and Easy)

13 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas! (Cheap and Easy)

Learn how to organize your life with 13 of
the best kitchen storage ideas you can’t miss. Tip 1: Do you have a huge pile of grocery
bags lying around? Here’s a creative solution. Keep them organized and easily accessible in a wipes container. Truly
an easy kitchen storage solution that will save on precious space – especially if you
have a small kitchen. Tip 2: Save those empty soda boxes! You can
use them to organize your canned goods. The campbell’s cans are small enough to fit a
pack of 12 – just note that the Del Monte cans are slighty bigger in diameter so all
you have to do is cut the top off the pack and it will hold the cans just fine. How’s
that for a cheap kitchen organization idea! Tip 3: If you want something a little more
elegant, then go for the 3-tier deluxe canned food storage rack. This space saver is stylish
and compliments any room decor. Neatly organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry with this
kitchen/pantry accessory! Tip 4: Have cupcake liners? Store them in
a mason jar to keep them organized and dust-free! They fit perfectly and they are easy to get
to. You can even leave the jar out on the counter for a cute little display. Tip 5: Did you know magazine holders organize
more than magazines?! Behold the ultimate food storage system. Keep your potatos, onions
and other veggies from rolling around. You can also use it to store your spagetti, or
you can use the magazine holder as a plastic wrap box holder. Smart and inexpensive. Tip 6: Are you familiar with these ridiculous
plastic hangers that you get when you buy clothes? Well,
now there’s a legitimate use for them. Use them to hang bags of chips and other snacks.
If that isn’t the most genius kitchen hack ever, then I don’t know what is! Tip 7: For less than 20 bucks, you can get
a snazzy over-the-door pantry organizer. These things are quick and easy to setup. Stash
items over-the-door and virtually eliminate search time with this smart kitchen storage
solution. Tip 8: You may already have this in your home…but
if you don’t, for just a few dollars, you can get a clear over-the-door shoe organizer
and use it to store snacks and other items that do not necessarily need to be kept in
their boxes. If boxes take up too much space in your pantry, then this creative kitchen
storage idea may be right up your alley. Tip 9: Recycle plastic bottles for dry food
storage. Juice Bottles. 2-liter soda bottles. Even dried parmesan cheese containers. You
name it. Repurpose those everyday food containers for long-term storage. Tip 10: If you have a small kitchen pantry,
then you’re going to love this space saver idea. Store your snacks in a fishbowl! Easy
to grab and go, and they don’t take up a lot of space on the shelf. Tip 11: Use chalkboard labels. They make for
stylish organization. The neat thing about them is that they are reusable and you have
to admit – it’s such a beautiful way to become more organized. Tip 12: If you have a few dollars to spare,
then this 2-tier bamboo turntable is just for you. It’s perfect for creating extra space
in your kitchen cabinet or closet shelf. Its natural color compliments any decor and it
rotates for easy access. You can find this at Walmart or Amazon. Tip 13: If you don’t have a few bucks to spare
right now, then here’s a smart alternative to the bamboo turntable – the lazy susan.
All you need for this simple DIY hack are 2 baking pans and a few marbles. Place the
marbles in one 8-inch pan, then stack the other 8-inch pan on top… then viola! It
spins around nicely and smoothly. And there you have it – 13 brilliant kitchen
storage solutions to better organize your life. If you enjoyed this video and want more
organizing tips, click ‘like’ on this video and subscribe to my channel. Make the most of your kitchen and pantry space
and get organized today.

100 thoughts on “13 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas! (Cheap and Easy)

  1. That last one was stupid. The "lazy Susan" it doesn't create any additional space it takes up even more space than just putting your bottles on the counter or in a cabinet.

  2. I really appreciate your ideas some of the ideas I had already but the Lazy Susan I really really like that one will be subscribing to your website

  3. you can also rig the wipes container that you store your plastic garbage bags in to make it hang upside down easily from a wire mesh rack!

  4. JamesDIY… PLEASE learn the difference between "viola" (meaning a musical instrument similar to the violin) and "voila" (as in ta da!). You used viola in this instance. And that damn xylophone in the background is ANNOYING!!

  5. In each room with a small waste basket, we use an empty Kleenex box to hold plastic shopping bags. In the kitchen, in the drawer we use for plastic wrap, Ziploc etc, we have one for grab and go for making lunches. We also keep one in each vehicle. I punched a hole in back of the Kleenex box to hang it on a 3m hook in the garage. Also, to save money, we use empty check box, iPhone box's, Christmas card boxes, jewelry boxes to keep desk drawers, sock drawers, and junk drawers neat and easy to organize. We use tins from Christmas cookies to store oils, extracts and honey used in kitchen. For cat litter box, we cut a hole using xacto knife in the side of a green rubbermade 18 gallon tote, put the cheap cat litter box liner inside, it just fits. No more cat litter thrown out as cat scratches around.  Outside in the yard to keep extra pruning shears, gloves, hose sprayers dry and close by, we keep them in an old plastic container that had held lettuce, then put it  inside a cute birdhouse my husband made. I like knowing no spiders or critters can crawl inside my gloves.  We keep our outdoor barbecue paper products, cookware in an old cooler. Everything stays clean and dry on our covered porch. Even towels stay dry if you put them in a storage ziplock bag then in the cooler, deck box whatever your using. Our friends have an amazing outdoor kitchen, but everything gets yucky because of the humidity, bugs, lizards and frogs, so she has taken to storing her outdoor kitchen ware in bags and plastic totes or boxes.

  6. I reorganized my refrigerator by putting thing in different sized plastic containers. Works perfect, now i know what I have and where its at. Also if the kids try to get out their Kool-aid, if it spills, it doesn't go everywhere, I just take out the container, wash, dry and put it back.

  7. Just watched two of the ideas. Awful and impractical. For the bags why not get one of those bag holders or I fold them and put them in a waste basket. Ugh!

  8. don't reuse grocery store cardboard, pest management nightmare.  Roaches and mice love these spaces.  If you live in a multi unit apartment complex your inviting trouble.

  9. Actually, your "3-Tier Deluxe Can Food Storage Rack" takes up more space than just stacking the same number of cans side-by-side two high. Not really a very "elegant" or "space saving" solution.

  10. I have a…. big tip….. hang a shoe organizer over the door. it's great for the kitchen pantry as well as the bathroom and the baby's room

  11. Perfect! I just moved to a apartment with a smaller kitchen with less cabins and have tried to figure out how to fix the space smart. You gave me more than one good tip! Thanx 🙂

  12. 😀 NEW VIDEO I JUST POSTED, 15 AMAZING Kitchen and Food Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!
    Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRZwIjAk6OY

  13. I really don't see can storage containers as practical unless you stockpile multiples of the same item. Which I don't.

  14. Small spaces need to use the over the sink dish drains! They are life changing! Here is the one we use. One tier or two tiered. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HUJKNCI?tag=amz-mkt-chr-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-org00-linux-other-nomod-us000-pcomp-feature-scomp-wm-4-wl-sce0_ddt0_prc0_aapi0&ref=bit_scomp_sav0

  15. Appreciate video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (search on google)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for decluttering your home without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 at last got cool success with it.

  16. Pretty Kitchen Organization ideas are well displayed, Eye-catching views are these. Really cheap and easy ideas. Thumbs up!!

  17. Don't take plastic bags at the grocery and you won't need to store them at home. Plus, it's way better for the environment. Just take re-usable cloth bags for your groceries.

  18. Juice/water/pop bottles are one time use bottles that are made to break down after the first use. They leak plastic and are decomposing right after use once the contents are gone. Better to use glass bottles or heavier containers for storage such as Rubbermaid or storage containers at places like Dollarama or Dollar Tree.

  19. Those 'ridiculous' hangers that come with pants are very useful for hanging your pants up with 😒

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