15 ARCHITECTURAL MARVELS from Award Winning Architect Zaha Hadid

23 thoughts on “15 ARCHITECTURAL MARVELS from Award Winning Architect Zaha Hadid

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! 😍
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  2. Love your videos love your work keep up the great work you rock I enjoy watching them everyday a new one comes out👍🤘❤️

  3. Sorry, but most of this is just ugly. It has no soul and you don’t need any creativity to design random futuristic shapes.

  4. Zaha Hadid, to whom who doesn't know, Hadid in Arabic means Iron. Her name reflects his ability and personality.

  5. They were all really great and has resulted in me adding to my bucket list. Visit all Jaha Hadid's building and bridges. Is there a rich young lovely out their who will take me?

  6. What a great video. It's the world's loss that we have lost such a creative mind and with such great innovations.

  7. Certainly an exception should have been made in the "Most liked" choice on this video! #1 is the one with the most potential to be featured in a film- love that "Movie Star Potential".

  8. Your best video yet folks, thanks so much for your time making all of your videos, for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THT

  9. 12 looks great, because it took nature into account before construction.
    As did 11.
    7 looks wonderful.
    4 looks complex.
    3 looks bright, for all ages.
    1 looks futuristic.

  10. I like the one(s) with curves in them. 😉

    That's almost all of them! 😀
    Seriously, I'm amazed by all of them. Particularly the ones that look like landscapes and space-age buildings. Plus, that swimming center looked cool!

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