15 Steps on Interior Detailing Your Car: A Beginners Guide

15 Steps on Interior Detailing Your Car: A Beginners Guide

Hi, welcome to Detailing World. In this video we look at 15 steps to interior
car detailing. So yeah, in this video we’re going to be going
through, step by step, on the basics of interior car detailing. It’s not going to be a full walkthrough. But it is going to highlight all the steps,
particularly for those who are just getting into detailing and wanting to start looking
after their car a bit more. So just like the video I released a few weeks
back, which I’ll put up here, which was 10 steps to detailing the outside of your car. This is just a guideline, there is no right
or wrong definite “this is how you should this how you shouldn’t do it”. So for example, I usually clean the footmats
of any car I do towards the end. Just because I take them out first and toss
them to one side and forget about them. Others do them near the beginning. But yes, this is the way I do it, and what
I think is the logical order. So as I said, just treat this as a guide,
and we’ll dive right into this now.

21 thoughts on “15 Steps on Interior Detailing Your Car: A Beginners Guide

  1. Great job and some great tips,I have been cleaning my mats at the very start even before hoovering, but find they get dust back on before I am finished the car, so will be doing them near the end from now on, thanks for your efforts to help others new subscriber.Willy (Ireland).

  2. Hi Mat, I recently spent two days cleaning my daughters Nissan (video posted) & good to see I followed the same steps as you.

  3. Awesome video,thats given me ideas how to do mine,i need to have a window cloth as well as I use a microfibre one.looks a lot cleaner.

  4. Great video, very useful tips and nice job on the car. My only nitpicking comment is that 'Hoover' is a brand name, the correct verb to use is 'vacuum.'

  5. What APC do you use ? I'm looking for one but the only one I've been recommended is Meguiars APC , has anyone had any experience with this ? Or can anyone recommend me a good APC , Thanks 🙂

  6. What Fabric Protector did you use? I've just bought some Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric V2 but there aren't many videos on thorough application.

  7. Be careful with those upholstery brushes folks, some of them can be really harsh, I ruined one of the headrests in my old Note. As a rule of thumb start with the softest brush you have first and work up. Now I often use a 2" nylon paint brush where I have cut the bristles down to around an inch (that's 50mm and 25mm for the youngsters!). On interiors I do all the seats then start at the top and work down doing the mats and windows last. I prefer doing interiors over exteriors tbh as I find the whole snow foam/shampoo thing to be a pita.

    You could consider a steam cleaner for the interior but you really need something with a bit of oomph. The Dupray neat is decent at £150 but anything with similar specs (you are looking at the temp and the pressure) will be fine.

  8. Great video full of useful info but I don’t use APC on leather as I’ve been told it can damage the protective coating on it

  9. Tks for the tips. Do you or would you recommend a water extraction machine on cloth upholstery. I can rent one from home Depot for about 25 dollars for 4 hours. I really feel the seats are clean by doing that instead of spraying something on them and wiping it off..

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