17-Year-Old Who Spends Thousands On Designer Goods Claims He’s Practicing ‘Retail Therapy’

17-Year-Old Who Spends Thousands On Designer Goods Claims He’s Practicing ‘Retail Therapy’

I get mad and frustrated with Ron because he just wants more and more money all the time. Ron needs a job to support his habits. I had a summer job at 15. I was washing dishes and I only was getting paid like 100 dollars every two weeks which is not enough to support my lifestyle. Basically after four weeks of working there I quit ’cause I got tired of being told what to do. My son Ronald, he tries to sneak little ways to get more money. Like if he takes out the trash or tidying up around the house, he feel as though he gotta be paid extra for each individual thing. Oh you need to pay me for this, you need to pay me for that. I do laugh because it’s like why do I have to pay you to do your chores? Now Ronald says he uses retail therapy to make himself better because his mom is always at work. But is he willing to take a smaller allowance or no allowance so she doesn’t have to work as much? No I’m not. She’s gonna work more to raise my allowance. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. When you do graduate high school at the end of the year, your allowance will be cut off. Oh no, oh no. You’re gonna have to work
oh no, oh no no. (audience applauding)
I don’t know why you all clapping. No, no. That’s not gonna happen. I can’t. Let me ask you something. You’re living in a small bedroom in your house and he’s in the master suite. Who pays for this house? I do. But you put him in the master suite and you go down the hall and live in the smaller bedroom. Why is that? What did you say to yourself to make that okay? Well, I gave him the bigger room because he has a lot more clothes than I do. I just let him take the bigger room with all his clothes and I took the smaller room. And my question is why? I don’t know Dr. Phil
‘Cause I’m the king. I just need help with re parenting as far as this whole situation with Ron. Oh help’s here. Yeah, help’s here. I really do
Oh help is here. Okay. Yeah, help is here. You know he’s been writing in, actually. He wrote to me on March 3 of this year. He says, “My mom thinks I have a spending and attitude problem. I want her to stop picking on me. I feel like she doesn’t want me to have a normal teenage life. Every time I try to go out with my friends she always wants to know where I’m going and who I’m going with.” Yes. “I just want Dr. Phil to talk to my mom and get us on better terms as far as our relationship and see if he can get my allowance raised.” No, no, it’s gonna happen
Allowance is not gonna happen, and I feel as though we would have a better relationship if he can learn to save money more and spend less. And we do normal things like a family like go out to the movies, dinner. I can spend more time with him. He wrote the next month and he says, “I live with my mom and my little sister.” And he says, “I want to help and stop this drama and to make my mom raise my allowance.” He wrote in June, says, “I went shopping with my friends and I went to the Gucci store and bought a pair of $500 shoes and she got mad.” Yes, his spending is out of control. “I also feel like my allowance should be raised because $400 every two weeks is not cutting it.” It’s not. “She thinks she can control me and the way I spend my money.” Yeah, my money. Once she give me my allowance that’s my money. I get to do
That’s right whatever I want with it.
Once she gives it to you, it’s yours. Once you give it to him it’s his. Yes. Until you give it to him, it’s yours. Yes. (audience applauding) Don’t clap, don’t clap. ‘Cause here’s how much money you have. You get your allowance at her discretion. The woman you send down the hall to live in a small bedroom. Yeah, that’s right. She can cut it off, she can turn it on. She can take it down.
No, that’s not gonna happen. Yes I can. ‘Cause your credit card will end up missing so… I’m sorry? Her credit card will end up missing. He stole my credit card and charged up three to 400 dollars. You know there’s a term that describes that behavior. It’s called felony. Yes. (audience applauding)

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  1. She needs to step out while someone real comes in. A lot of people would be grateful just to eat but he is out here acting like that… If he were to learn what people go thru he would probably still be jaded. Needs boot camp or something

  2. I’ll trade him. He can decide finances, he can try to buy Gucci if he’s tryna be homeless too, I’ll live in the tiny bedroom, I’ll do chores, I’ll make dinner.

  3. $12,000.00 tax free spending $ annually times how many children?! Try $.00-$25.00 a month for normal household chores. Seriously, Mom!

  4. Dr Phil needs to stop making these Nicolette Grey wanna bees famous. Next you’ll see him create his own You Tube channel. Nicolette Grey is not an idol to look up to.

  5. Kid you should be ashamed of yourself treating your mother the way you do. It’s bc hour ill equipped and you clearly lack empathy, sick narcissistic behavior.

  6. When your son is gay he cares about his looks and clothes. When your son is not gay he has only 3 shirts and 2 pair of jeans in rotation lol!

  7. My kids weren't angels but this kind of behavior was cut short the first time they held their hand out assuming they were entitled to my money.

  8. So stop babying him. Just sawf. He gone get what she can afford. Hes not contributing AT ALL. Be the adult. She cawcajun fr. IdC boy would fold them clothes up

  9. It's really funny to watch his face as he starts to realize that he's actually powerless in this, but then try to force himself back into the smiling "Nahhhh I got this under control" mentality

  10. i had a hard childhood, and no allowance yet somehow people like me can be good people, and you act all evil. you have the ability to change though. i have to work and study hard for my future and pewdiepie did too, dont think pewdiepie had it easy. youtubers have to worker very hard famous or not, and even harder when they start. 9-5 type jobs and all. This isn't a fantasy kid, you'll be a bum one day.

  11. I’d make him sell all of his designer clothes and use that money to buy a much cheaper wardrobe at Target. Whatever money is left over is all he has until he gets a job.

  12. this kid will never know how to live in the real world.. i’m 18, still in high school, and i have a full time job.. you EARN your money, it’s not handed to you..

  13. Boy!!!! Once you turn 18 you are on your own. That's how you learn how to manage your money and your life . I despise these teens now who think they are entitled to everything. Get a job already.

  14. She have the 😈 spawn on her hands why would she. spoil him like obviously she don't have no control over she better have speed dial on her phone for 911 cuz when she take everything from he going to go ballistic 🙄

  15. Dang this dude is lucky $400 every 2 weeks. My mother never gave me an allowance lol. If I wanted something extra i had to get a job to be able to buy it.

  16. I could never imagine treating my mother like this. He ought to be glad he has a mother that gives him anything. There’s plenty of people out here with no parents, or worse, toxic parents who turn them loose into the streets and make them fend for themselves. His behavior is deplorable

  17. 100 dollars every 2 weeks?! your seriously complaining about that? you should be grateful you even get that 🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. He deserves an an asswhooping.

    I just realized that this may be another con family like that girl who wanted a 250k car from her mother which she later crashed after the show.

  19. I wonder how much she gives him on his BiRtHdAy 🎁

    Boy when he’s out of school alright I went BRING ME MY MONEY

  20. This little brat deserves a good swift kick in the butt. Man of this was still the 90s before you couldn’t smack your kid on the butt he wouldn’t feel like he’s this privileged. Heck I’m still broke as an adult and it’s because I have responsibilities and never had anything growing up because we were poor. This boy has no idea about life. I want to feel sorry for this mom but she has no idea how to raise a child. She let him control her and that’s not healthy. She needs help cause this boy has abused a broken mom. </3

  21. So take another lifestyle ! You're a pathetic, awful rotten spoiled bratt. You're disguisting, mom, you created this monster !!! It's not funny at all. A spending and attitude problem ??? Is that all ? Your sick in your head, go make your OWN money. You're making a fool off yourself ! 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

  22. I am very surprised my mother is giving this money she is really a damn fool why is he not out working and earning his own my child's answer would be a big fat NO!!

  23. You are supposed to be training this child to become a man. you have raised a brat that expects everything!! what do you think he's going to do to his poor wife when he finally gets married someday? and you think he's going to be a good father and husband? you have created a monster for your son and his future family!!

  24. Boy 400 dollars a month I wish I never got money maybe for my bday or Christmas and if I wanted to go out probably 20 was the most more then that nope


  26. 1:17
    Did he called his mom "Bro"? Or ? Cause I know my mama gonna b*tch slap me across the floor if I called her "Bro", bro.

  27. That little boy is so ugly
    No wonder he needs all that expensive stuff to level up his poor looks
    Especially his poor personality

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