40 thoughts on “2 – Data warehouse Architecture Overview

  1. so irritating video
    cant you please delete that fucking music we are not able to concentrate on your voice……..

  2. Stupid background music is over powering your Indian accent, which is very annoying to any living creature and it feels like I am in a data warehouse night club.

  3. Vikram nice presentation. When are you uploading OLAP concepts explaining 1.ROLLUP, 2. DRILL DOWN, 3. SLICING AND DICING as mentioned in this video ?

  4. It helped me alot.
    Please make a video on OLTP also and please slow down the volume of backgrond music.

  5. Very annoying background music…not good embed music background during lecture…you just add barrier of communication which is noise..

  6. aloha vikram sir nice explanation ………… as u said in dwh architecture video .. will u plez upload a video for olap in depth explain …..

  7. With all due respect .In some parts of the video session it is hard to listen or concentrate on the topic because of the back ground. Your voice is clear and pleasant Mr. Vikram.
    Thank for the tutorials.

  8. Rather than keeping lower sound you can use audacity tool to remove that irritating background sound .
    And very nice and simple explanation thank you 🙂

  9. Good Video Vikram , can you please show us a schema link for a SQL dump for meta data , summary data , raw data (just Schema is enough) .. would be really use full to understand the DW in detail..

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