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– [Glenn] Hey, everybody. We’ve got 20 creative furniture
ideas and super innovative pieces to share with you,
from appliances to furniture that you thought only
existed in sci-fi stories. It’s all here. I’m Glenn, so what do
you say we jump right in? (upbeat techno music) – [Announcer] Number 20. – [Glenn] For those of you
living the gypsy lifestyle, always on the move, this foldable sofa might be perfect for you. Able to fit in smaller spaces or vehicles. Its unique honeycomb structure
allows you to set it up like you’re playing the accordion. It’s made with environmentally
friendly materials. Stylish with its modern
appeal, it doesn’t skimp on comfort either with
its six inch foam cushions so by all means get to Netflix binging. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number 19. – [Glenn] This lounge seating was designed to create a space of seclusion with its sound dampening
walls and encasing. Perfect for those business
that want a little private zone for meetings or to break
from the boss-man’s demands. The Strong Project comes in
a variety of configurations. You have options between
metal, wood, different fabrics, lights, and even screen mounts. Time to spruce up your space
with this sleek couch-cave. (feel good lounge music) [Narrator] Number 18. – [Glenn] Entertaining your
guests is as easy as ever with the Nota, slide
off the top, and wallah! You have a fully equipped indoor
or outdoor kitchen or bar. Fairly customizable you can choose between an induction stove, grill, wok, or oven. A standard or beverage
fridge comes with it, as well as a sink and dishwasher. There are even charging compartments for your phone or other devices, and the built-in Bluetooth speakers insure that you keep things bopping
with your favorite playlist. (feel good lounge music) [Narrator] Number 17. – [Glenn] If you love the
idea of sleeping on air or wonder what it would be like to sleep with the creatures of the
ocean, then this Zerobody bed might be perfect for you. Your body is supported
by a waterproof sheet resting on heated 400
liter water mattress. Science tells us that
sleeping while floating relieves the body of constantly regulating temperature and gravitational
attitude, therefore, liberating you to produce more of those wonderfully pleasant endorphins. The New Relax comes with each bed, providing a variety of
relaxing meditations, as well. Even if it does look like
Dracula’s coffin from the future, who cares if it gives you
the ultimate deep sleep? (feel good lounge music) [Narrator] Number 16. – [Glenn] For the NASCAR
fanatics and people who love their vehicles, you’ll be
obsessed with the Racing Sofa. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture to showcase. As well as being able
to modify the fiberglass and wheel colors, you have
the option to chose the color of your genuine leather seats. You can even have realistic
headlights to surprise flash your guests with. Or have LED lighting
installed underneath the sofa. Turn on your favorite
Fast and Furious movie, and have a mind-blowing
experience like never before. (feel good lounge music) [Narrator] Number 15. – [Glenn] Coming from the same
designers as the Racing Sofa, the Racing Desk will appeal
to you automobile enthusiasts. All the right style and
functionalities there including being able to change
between an array of colors. With its spacious drawers,
cabinets, and scratch resistant worktop, the practical
necessities are all met. If you’re a business looking
to wow your guests even more, then add the front LED
lighting under the desk for extra effect. (feel good lounge music) [Narrator] Number 14. – [Glenn] With this LED
sectional sofa, you can turn your living space into a
Star Trek or Tron scene. This contemporary and
future forward design comes embedded with LEDs
which you can customize to your preferred color. A combination of genuine
and synthetic leather make up the cushions and backing. Its seat cushions are created
with high density foam that is supported by those
bouncing sinuous springs. Things such as color and
material are changeable, depending on your preference, and it has a cubby to stow
away the Devil’s nectar. (feel good lounge music) [Narrator] Number 13. – [Glenn] One, two, three. That’s right, within three
seconds of getting out of bed, you can watch as the Ohea
straightens the bottom sheet, top sheet, and pillow cases for you. Relax, mom, making the bed is no problem with this cozy contraption. Its smart technologies are pretty cool being able to record how you are sleeping and adjust positions or change the firm and soft level as needed. (feel good lounge music) (laughs) – [Announcer] Number 12. – [Glenn] Oops, did you forget
to chill drinks and snacks as you just sat down to start your movie? With Primst you can avoid
those extra tedious steps with this two-drawer refrigerator. If you just want background
noise, turn on music with the dual Bluetooth
speakers that are attached. If your phone is dying while
trying to set the mood, just plug it into the USB charging port on the side of the table. It’s touch controls give
it that seamless quality, and if you’re worried about
younglings (pops open can), you can breath easy using the
child-protective functions. (feel good lounge music) For those who favor a more
traditional mini-fridge but with a musician’s piazzas and flare, the Marshall compact
fridge is an obvious choice being constructed with
authentic Marshall parts. It’s 4.4 foot body makes it an ideal place to stash your favorite beverages. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number 11. – [Glenn] Sleeper sofas are an
overrated thing of the past. Or at least that’s what
this designer was thinking. The Murphy bed chest has that
cookie-cutter cottage look and can turn into an
efficient sleeping space for your guests. It has a foldable, cool, soft gel infused, memory foam mattress and
can be assembled easily. A built-in USB charging
station gives your guests the convenience of keeping
their devices nearby. While the two drawers at the end can keep the excess knickknacks out of the way. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Glenn] A contemporary
and fashionable solution to shelving, the Build modular units have endless configuration possibilities. You can create a sculpture of
modern art from the ground up, mount them to the wall, make
them into a coffee table, or even use them as extra seating. Great for displaying your library of books or business products,
Build keeps it versatile. And can also be used as a cooling chest with its thermal insulation. Oh, and it’s even toxin
free and 100% recyclable. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Glenn] It may look like a simple table, but don’t let its appearance fool you. As it turns out, crystals are not just for hippies and witches. The Ebord provides a
wireless crystal charge to your devices by just setting
them on its glass surface. Its surface gathers energy from
indoor and outdoor lighting, and has built-in speakers that you can connect to with Bluetooth. Ebord’s use of clean energy is impressive. The LED light system doesn’t
even require a plug-in. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Glenn] Inspired by
lane-keeping technology in Ford vehicles, the
lane-keeping bed’s purpose is to make sure your
partner stays on their side of the bed without constantly
invading your sleeping bubble. Cuddles are great, but some
of us need a little more space when drifting off into hibernation mode. So with pressure sensors
and a gentle conveyor belt, your needing bed-fellow can be
rolled back into their zone. Let your bed mediate on your behalf for a more comfortable night’s rest. (feel good lounge music) Do you have a loud baby or
partner who acts like one who needs a little sound
therapy to calm them down? Instead of handing them a Snickers bar, try giving them this
stuffed Honda sound sitter. With its built-in speaker
and car engine sounds, that low engine growl has
been proven to help those anxious youngsters feel
safer and more at peace. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Glenn] This sleek
canine house is perfect for those furry pets who do not do well with thunderstorms or fireworks. As well as being built with
noise-canceling materials, this kennel has microphones
inside that pick up on those booming
explosive sounds and emits an opposing frequency that
eliminates that heavy sound. Entry is easy with its automatic doors. So your pet can crawl right in when they’re feeling overly anxious. (feel good lounge music) – [A.I.] I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. – [Announcer] Number six. – [Glenn] Mirror, mirror, on the wall, time to workout and have a ball. This technologically
advanced mirror allows you to see yourself while
streaming your favorite boxing, yoga, or other workout
class right in your home. You can interact live with your instructor or workout partner too. To enhance and personalize your sessions you can sink up a Bluetooth
heart-rate monitor. It will talk to the mirror’s
biometric data system giving you information on your progress. This magical mirror comes
with surround sound, and when you’re done playing
who’s the fairest of them all, it turns back into an ordinary mirror. (feel good lounge music) Have the open mirror too
and its unique oval shape and ability to slide, making it convenient charging spot for your phone. Turn on those morning or evening jams with the Bluetooth loudspeaker
and adjust the controls by making gestures at your own reflection. – [Announcer] Number five. – [Glenn] Why not bring
the relaxation of a spa to your home with this
two-person, all-wood sauna? Get into that stress-free zone
with its six carbon heaters, chroma-therapy lighting, oxygen ionizer, and built-in sound system. Adjusting the temperature is simple whether you’re inside or out
with the LED control panels. The hemlock sauna comes
complete with a towel hook, magazine rack, backrests, and
seven-color therapy lighting. A seven year warranty insures
the upkeep of your sauna so you will feel zen with every use. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number four. – [Glenn] The bed in a box is a luxurious gel memory foam mattress
designed to inflate to its full majesty once unpackaged. The beauty of memory
foam is that it conforms to your body and relieves pressure points that a spring mattress might insight. This comfy mattress helps
regulate your body’s temperature with its gel infusion, is resistant to allergens,
mold, and bacteria. It is compatible with an adjustable base, and the mattress will include
two memory foam pillows. (feel good lounge music) Here’s a sneak peak at the
Spacemaster convertible ottoman that’ll fold out into a quaint,
single-person, guest bed. Great for small spaces and tiny homes, it comes with a snug,
two inch foam mattress, and four colors to choose from. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number three. – [Glenn] Have you ever dreamed
of having a portable kitchen that you could place indoors
or at a covered outdoor area? The popup kitchen Pia
transforms from a cabinet to a full-on chef suit, a
sink, cooktop, dishwasher, waste disposal cabinet,
refrigerator, and LED lighting and electric sockets are all included. As you see, there’s ample
storage for your dishes and utensils on the foldout walls. When you close it back up,
you can get to watching TV, should you choose to mount one while feasting on the
masterpiece dish you created. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number two. – [Glenn] This shower
system will have you bathing like you’re at the
carwash in the best sense. The panel is equipped
with multiple settings which include the rainfall
shower head, water spout, handheld head, and body jet sprayers. There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t get squeaky clean with this one. The LED lights are solely
powered by the water’s flow, and its digital display
adds some modern eloquence. (feel good lounge music) – [Announcer] Number one. – [Glenn] Whether you
wanna conserve more space or because you like the
prospect of sleeping elevated, having a Bumblebee Space
may just suit your desires. With the press of a
button or voice command you can lower or lift your
bed and storage compartments. An intelligent network
learning system can identify and catalog your items so if
you forget where something is, just try asking your robot butler. These spaces are currently
limited to certain cities and are not available
to customers directly. For more in depth information
about any of these pieces, check out the links
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kinds of wacky, futuristic, modern, and ventage contraptions. For more information
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high-five those guys. – [Narrator] These days
leaving civilization behind to reconnect with nature doesn’t
mean you have to sacrifice the modern luxuries of technology. – For more information on this product, the link is in the description below. – Videos are always
written out with a script. We wanna know what we’re gonna say. – [Narrator] By designing innovative and environmentally friendly, balance beauty with modern technology. – Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design. (feel good folk music)


  1. The zerobody bed reminds me of my waterbed from the 70's and the chair was from sir spanks a lot's Saturday morning show pee wee's playhouse. Some really interesting and innovating choices. Thanks team for another great video.

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