20 lakhs house Vs 25 lakhs house

20 lakhs house Vs 25 lakhs house

Compare the 20 lakhs house versus 25
lakhs house both this house costs are only for exterior and not include the
interior the first house have three bedroom and 1,400 square feet the second
house have 1,650 square feet with four bedrooms this house have four bedroom the two
bedroom and ground for and two in first-floor the total square feet is
1,650 square feet also this house of living call kitchen
etc you

42 thoughts on “20 lakhs house Vs 25 lakhs house

  1. Can u plz let me know how much approx cost is for 1500sqft both exterior n interior? Need four bed rooms same lik tis up and down.

  2. Can you build the same type (2nd house) both interior and exterior in TN Trichy area? And how much cost for 2000 swift?

  3. Hi could you please give your contact details.. I'm from kerala trivandrum..
    I'm interested for both the plans..

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