20 Smart Furniture Designs | Transforming and Space Saving

20 Smart Furniture Designs | Transforming and Space Saving

– [Glen] Every home needs some
furniture and accent pieces. I’m Glenn. Here are 20 modern furniture designs, some of which are a
Princeton kind of smart. (contemplative synth music) – [Announcer] Number 20. – [Glen] Designed to help
simplify and improve your life, the Sobro Smart Table is
modernly chic and clever with its wireless charging capability, a cooling drawer for your
favorite refreshments, and even Bluetooth speakers. This table also has
motion-sensing LED lights, a storage drawer with an
app-controlled lock feature, and a sleep mode that helps you create better sleeping habits. Initially listed in 2018 on the fundraising website Indiegogo, the successful campaign reached its goal with over 4,000 backers
and $2 million in funding. In 2017, Sobro’s Smart Coffee
Table was a runaway success and is currently among Indiegogo’s top 20 crowdfunded campaigns of all time. This table features a tempered
glass top and touch controls. Much like the side table,
a refrigeration drawer keeps you and your pals’ beer cold. Two 110-volt outlets, Bluetooth
speakers, USB charging ports and two additional storage
drawers are at your fingertips. I don’t know about you, but if I get one of these, I may never leave the couch. – [Announcer] Number 19. – [Glen] Future-forward the Coosno is a self-raising and
LED-light dancing smart table perfect for an entertainment space. It can hold a whopping
68 cans of cool beer, or sparkling cider if you’re into that. Watch as the lights move to the rhythm coming from the Bluetooth speakers and utilize the voice command while also wirelessly
charging your device. If you want more information
about anything featured in this video, we’ve included the websites and prices in the description below. – [Announcer] Number 18. – [Glen] With its
hydraulic lift mechanism, this coffee table can change into a larger dining
table with little effort. So, when unexpected guests waltz in at dinner time, fear not. You can easily make
extra room at the table, even if you didn’t cook
enough food for guests. As an alternative option,
the SpaceMaster table is super adaptable to tighter areas. It can transform into a
four to six-person table, also raising and lowering with ease. (upbeat synth music) – [Announcer] Number 17. – [Glen] Another favorite of ours is the extendable
four-by-four dining table by Italian designer Ozzio,
earning a place on this list with both an eye-catching blend of rustic and contemporary styles and an innovative
geometric sliding system. This minimalist four foot
by four foot dining table can expand quickly out to a four foot by
eight foot dinner table, accommodating up to 10 people. The cross-support table legs,
choice of three oak finishes, and artistic design set this table apart from others, no pun intended. – [Announcer] Number 16. – [Glen] Deserving of some
attention is this round table designed by furniture
manufacturer Extremis. The extreme Gargantua is a
table with thoughtful design, functioning as a
handicap-accessible table, accommodating to high chairs, or instantly convertible to
a table with bench seating. This multifunctional table
can seat eight to 12 people and is made from teak
wood and stainless steel. Backrests are even an option. For those of you who prefer
comfortably padded seating and privacy, another
creation from Extremis is the Extremis Kosmos. This indoor-outdoor sofa
can seat up to eight people and has an array of extensive
customizable options. (upbeat orchestral music) – [Announcer] Number 15. – [Glen] This super-adaptable
piece of paper furniture transforms from six inches to
accommodate eight-plus people. You can use it in a straight line or angle it to fit around a campfire. If you only need seating for one, turn it into a circular stool. And don’t worry, it can
hold up to 2,000 pounds. (upbeat acoustic guitar music) – [Announcer] Number 14. – [Glen] It’s all about the
sound quality with this one. You get that rich bass
from the center speaker and wide sound from
the other two speakers. Cube Black is compatible with Bluetooth and connects to other
systems including CD players. It has available options
of multiple wood finishes and leather materials
to better personalize. This little i-Star Table has Bluetooth surround-sound speakers. It’s conveniently portable,
has wireless charging, and has all the essential
playback controls. – [Announcer] Number 13. – [Glen] Milano Smart Living
offers another sleeping option where your bed gracefully
descends from the ceiling. Fold in the end legs,
push a button, and watch as it blends and meshes
in with your space. Part of the bed support can be used as a dining or study table. Suave transition, right? – [Announcer] Number 12. – [Glen] Italian makers
from Milano Smart Living wanted to offer something conductive to those living in tiny
homes or apartments. With the Opla Wall Desk Bed, you can have a mantle, desk station, or dropdown bed. It’s the epitome of modern efficiency. – [Announcer] Number 11. – [Glen] A little more storage or display space can never hurt. With the YaCube, you can
assemble and disassemble without making holes in
the wall or any other mess. Each cube has magnetic clips,
and they’re quite strong. The smallest box can hold 40 pounds. They’re compact and perfectly stylish for the person with modern taste. (contemplative synth music) – [Announcer] Number 10. – [Glen] Fully funded on Kickstarter and referred to as an
overbed rolling table, with the Bedchill, you can
now binge Netflix, eat, read, play cards, put together a puzzle and work on your laptop
even at the same time, all while in the comfort of your bed. That’s not useful enough you can get the upgraded Plus version and charge your devices with four USB ports, listen to music with
integrated Bluetooth speakers, and with two built-in power outlets, you can plug in a blender and make yourself some bedtime margaritas. To top everything off,
this multifunctional table has color-changing LEDs built in, too. Sounds like a party to me. The Bedchill also works as a
classic table, connected desk, or gaming table and fits
everything from recliner chairs to bed sizes as big as California
king, king and super king. As an alternative and maybe not as
technologically intelligent as the Bedchill Plus, the
Bedster fulfills practical needs and is adjustable to fit
beds queen size or smaller. – [Announcer] Number nine. – [Glen] This collection offers easy and compact foldable spaces. Aluminum is used instead of wood for lighter packing and storage. The office space folds
out with a chair, desk, LED lighting, and plenty of shelving. The bedroom suits a single guest
with a fold-out nightstand. The kitchen comes with
one stove burner, sink, extendable counter, and storage drawers. – [Announcer] Number eight. – [Glen] It may look
like a hipster’s yoga mat when folded, but the Sofi folds out into a divan-like piece of furniture. Made from birch wood, it is
completely water-repellent and UV-protected, so you can
use it outside in the elements. It has an air of modern Europe, sets up in less than two minutes, and includes a detachable
pocket for your valuables. (upbeat synth music) You get contemporary swag and
versatility with the Q-Couch, being able to alter the size or shape simply by pressing the sections together. You get several color options, and it’s made from 100% recyclable
and toxin-free material. – [Announcer] Number seven. – [Glen] Lovesac is a
green furniture company that uses Repreve, a fiber created from 100% food-quality
BPA-free recycled plastic. Using the recycled plastic to cover sofa cushions, Lovesac is pioneering an eco-friendly furniture
line aimed at sustainability. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, their versatile and durable
modular sofa named Sactional is totally customizable. You can select from the
many seating options to best fit your space. Whether you have kids or would like something that’s more functional to smaller living spaces,
this will strike your fancy. Designed by Robert Gil,
the Urbano King has exterior and interior closets, dressers, open shelving, and a
desk underneath the bed. The Arca Queen is constructed
with a bench with storage and a desk with open shelving
that sits under the loft bed. Both King and Queen are offered
in two different styles. – [Announcer] Number six. – [Glen] The Modos is a
unique modular furniture that can be used for
several things of need. Some of the things it can be
used for are a laptop desk, shelving, seating, TV stand, side table, product display, or a wine rack. With so many possibilities, this creation looks to have a use for any space. Building up and out from one single piece or get creative with the U-Cube. Much like the Modos,
shelving configurations, wall-mounting designs
and freestanding walls for an office or home
are some possibilities. (reflective synth music) – [Announcer] Number five. – [Glen] From Wilding Wallbeds, this multipurpose design can
be a full-sized work desk and then transformed into a bed. The desk lights make a warm feature, which can be switched
on in the top corner. When folding down the
bed, there’s no worry about cleaning up the workspace, as the desk folds under
completely leveled. This hideaway desk bed has some other optional
finishes and styles, too. Some other notable creations from Wilding include a Murphy bunk bed, a bookcase bed, and a home office wall bed. – [Announcer] Number four. – [Glen] Made in Germany
and another space-saver, the SWING can go from a
bookshelf to a dining table, and the rollers help
with moving it around. This convertible table is available in both an indoor or outdoor version and offered in three
different colors or finishes. An alternative that’s similar to the SWING is the IMAX, a multi-tiered
shelf that folds, transforming into a console table. However, this one’s handcrafted and composed of iron and fir wood. (upbeat electric guitar and piano music) – [Announcer] Number three. – [Glen] A space-saver when not in use, this bed has accordion-like folding, providing an instant pop-out bed. The body is made of cardboard and is said to support 660 pounds. The head and foot of the bed are made from recyclable bamboo. For comfort, a three-part
folding foam mattress and washable cover are included. Designed for kids rooms, this one looks to be an ideal space-saver. The Skid bed is double-bunking, can be turned into a desk area, and has a respectable
amount of storage space. – [Announcer] Number two. – [Glen] There is said to
be something fairytale-like that encourages one’s imagination to run wild with a window seat. Simply adding on the
backrest and cushions, this desk transforms into a window seat. Designed by Trickform, the
anonymous design alliance, the DREAM window seat is multipurpose, providing a work desk, a window seat, and inspiring creativity. (contemplative synth and piano music) Great for sectioning off
zones for businesses, room dividers for
different interior settings or special events, LINK
is freestanding, modular, and made with expanded polypropylene, a 100% recyclable, hypoallergenic, shock-absorbing, and lightweight material. Manufactured in Germany and
designed by PearsonLloyd, LINK requires no tools, instructions, or expertise to assemble. – [Announcer] Number one. – [Glen] At the number-one spot on this list, it’s the cube with it all. No, seriously. Designed for a small
space, the Cubitat has a kitchen, bathroom, laundry machines, living room area that
changes into a bedroom area, storage, and a flat-screen TV, of course. Designed by Nichetto
Studio in Venice, Italy, which specializes in industrial
design and product design, this modular habitat was first displayed at the Interior Design
Show, Toronto in 2015. As you see, there is some
innovative furniture pieces and modules that would
fit well in most homes. What did you think about these
functional furniture designs? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts and favorites. For available pricing and more details, check the description box below. Have a great weekend, and
I’ll see you next week. – Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni need with Minds Eye Design. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. – We love to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments
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high-five those guys. These days, leaving civilization behind to reconnect with nature doesn’t
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  4. Good to see some new furniture styles, most of this type have been repeats of earlier video's. Loved the magnetic shelving and always go for the origami style pieces from Italy and Germany. Keep them coming gang. Regards Paul from London UK

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    It's hard to find actual measurements for seating from floor 19 inches to 24inches. I would like to sit and stand from that position without someone helping me up from floor sofas. I Purchasied a few. And have been deceived about the measurements.
    I wish I could find a perfect sofa without holding on to the arms to stand.

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