2004 BMW 645Ci (E63) M-Sport Package In Depth Review Interior Exterior

2004 BMW 645Ci (E63) M-Sport Package In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hey everybody, How’s it going? Today, let’s take an in debth look of this 2004 645Ci coupé. I will show you a bunch of features, about the interior and the exterior. We will get an exhaust clip, We will do some TLC, and I will show some hidden features of this car. 4.4 litre V8 engine 333 Horsepower It’s a black sapphire metal exterior, with M-sport, dakota black leather interior. at the front it’s very spacious. Just like the 7 series. It has satin chrome trim, which harmonizes fantastically with the grey interior. It has a really clean, unblemished design. with the arches looking like the Sydney opera house. The 6er is very comfortable. and when you are stuck in a traffic jam, it matters. This is a huge, sexy sleek looking car It’s nearly 5 meters long It has 70 litres of fuel tank and it weighs 1700kg My future plan is to make it look like an M6 The rear bumper has been already done, except for the exhaust pipes. Generally speaking, It’s a 5 series with 2 doors. Many technical aspects Come from the 5 series (E60) It is designed by Chris Bangle and Adrian Von Hooydonk Who is the chief designer at BMW right now. The interior is done by David Carp, who used his violin, As the source of the interior shapes. Let’s look what hides under this Ping-Pong table. The cylinder block is made of aluminum, It has 32 valves, (4 valves/cylinder) 300Nm from idle power and the peak is 450Nm. It accelerates this beauty from 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds. Maximum speed is 280km/h My combined consumption is: around 11-12 litres / 100km in city is 16 litres / 100km and on highway it’s around 9 litres /100km The type of engine oil needed for this car is: 5W-30 or 5W-40. After 240,000 km We We changed the head gasket cover, because the dripping oil from the engine, destroyed the generator brushless I have never seen an airy, happy engine like this before, It moves this car like a paper boat. no drain, just pure power, from any RPM. It has bixenon front headlights. with OEM angel eyes, which does its job very well. It’s very bright at night. Front foglights. The 6 series has got LED tail lights. which is beautiful at night, and make it stand out from the other BMWs. The 450 Litre, trunk space can swallow up many things for the weekend. Under the floor mat you can find the battery (110Ah) which is put at the back for the better weight balance, and the service kit, sent by BMW. A big drawback of this car, that the real seats are not foldable. There is only a skibox from the inside which extends the rear space by ~20cm Style 121 rims, 19″ inches with 348mm front and 345mm rear brake discs. Sideview mirrors, The M6 mirrors look a little bit better, in my opinion. As Hungarians say it: Üljünk be bazdmeg. Luxury and space, from the first moment you open the door. You can store your wallet in this lockable hidden space. in the middle console. Multi adjustable armrest, really comfortable. ZF 6 speed, automatic gearbox with sport button. If you put it into Dynamic Sport mode (DS) the rev will increase by 500 RPM, So, it will be more ready for action. The memory sport seats are multi way adjustable and include lumbar support. and the steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake, motorized of course, so anyone can find the right position, and the car will memorize it. We had to repaint, some elements of the interior, because, At the period, They were coated with soft touch plastic, which is Not very durable, and can peel of over time. Frameless windows, and powered mirrors of course I will not talk about the Idrive right now, because it’s not working. The glove compartment opened as if a lackey opened it. Slowly but surely. BMW door sills, e brake Let’s look at the centre console and the climate control. This is good for Saharan heat. Front defrost. Rear defrost. Automatic mode. Semi & auto recirculation. Let’s sit into the rear seat now. Just for a few seconds. Don’t have big expectations. It’s a 2+2 seater Well, not bad for short trips, but At the front it was much more comfortable. code 676 HiFi LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM, Thanks for, watching my review, Don’t forget to subscribe, and watch my further videos as well.

59 thoughts on “2004 BMW 645Ci (E63) M-Sport Package In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. it's a very attractive car, I must say. I have an 05 645ci blk on blk, til this day I get alot of compliments, too keep it up too par, every now and then I'll give it a stock up grade, like redip the rims and replace minor wear and tear ….

  2. I wish I can find an addictive too replimish the cracks and wear and tear on the leather seats..any suggestions? for an once upon time/$70, 000 car..they could of done better designing the peeling trims…..

  3. Have you had many issues with this car? Thinking off getting one. The problem is, I can only drive weekends because of work. I heard the battery runs flat if you don't drive it all the time?

  4. Your I drive not working it’s the biggest thing in the car I would have to dislike I have 650i and I love it the I drive is a life saver tells me how much oil I got without me blowing up the motor engine

  5. I have a 2006 630i Sport.. the E63/64 shape has matured really well.. becoming quite rare too. The 3L straight 6 N52 engine doesn’t quite have the same sound or power as the V8s, but it’s good enough for me to use as a daily.. it’s also a solid reliable engine..

  6. I was 16 or 17yrs old when this car came out and I remember being blown away by its styling. It truly looked like nothing else on the road at the time, and to top things off my best friends dad bought the car in 2004 the year it came out. That summer his dad went away for two months and forgot to get his house key off my buddy… We ended up spending the entire summer in his half mansion with our girlfriends and friends partying by night and rolling around in the 6-series by day. Some of the best memories of my life.

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