2006-2012 Ford Fusion Interior Door Handle

2006-2012 Ford Fusion Interior Door Handle

Today we have a 2010 Ford Fusion. Customer has some issues opening the inner
door handle. So we’re going to be replacing the inner door
handle. We did notice it seems to be pretty common
on these, that when they don’t work, that if you hold the handle just a little bit up,
the lock becomes the actual mechanism to open it. So it still does work, and I don’t know why
that it ends up being like that every time, but that seems to be something that we keep
seeing. So we’re going to go ahead and remove the
door panel to get to this handle. We have a few Torx, T20, bits around the edge,
and we have one 7mm here, and then we have the cover with another bolt there. So we’ll go ahead and start removing some
trim paneling. We have a 7mm here. So now we just want to pull the door panel straight
back. This top rail is the hard one here. These were the clips that we were trying to
overcome. We started at the bottom, making our way up. We did lose a clip… Oh, that’s where the screw is. So we did not lose any clips. Here we can see… Yeah it definitely is broken there. So it does break off the actuator… the spring. That is why it still pulls the cable. The cable is attached to the lock mechanism
for the full swing. We have a 5/16 bolt here, holding the handle
on. To remove it, you just pop it out of the mount. There’s our old, failed interior handle. We have another handle, this one we got from
Auto Parts Direct To You. Everything looks good there. We’ll go ahead and put the barrel back in. Then we reattach back into the mount. Looks like we have a little bit of leeway
on how that handle bolts up. We can tighten this up once we get the door
panel in place, handle positioned correctly, then we can tighten that bolt up. Now we’re ready to reinstall the door panel. Putting the new door panel… or reinstalling
the door panel, make sure we pull all our wires that we need up. We’re going to … we have them all in position. We’ll go ahead and push the top in first. Work our way around the perimeter. We’ll go ahead and give it our final tighten. Put our trim cover back on. Now we’re going to put our trim back on. We have the three torx. We had three different sizes. Two longer, and one shorter. The longer ones are going to go here and here. The shorter one, we’re going to use here,
and then we have our 7mm back into the armrest. Hook the clip, and go in with the front first
and then down with the back. So we’re in, and now clipped. We’ll go ahead and put the bolt back in. So we have one going down, and two going side
ways. That match our… So we’ll put the bottom in first. Now we have our installed door handle. There we have it.

99 thoughts on “2006-2012 Ford Fusion Interior Door Handle

  1. Seems to be a common issue with Fusions pre-2013. Thanks Ford. Just like many other parts that seem to be common like my purge valve/canister.

  2. You made it look simple. When you said it took about 10 minutes, I thought you were exaggerating. With your help and the correct tools, it did take about 10 minutes. Thank you for taking the time to make the video!!

  3. Im having the same prob Ive been crossing over my seats to get out until you said lock still opens the door. Thank you for that info

  4. Have purchased numerous fords this problem once under warranty was fixed. It has happened again I'm convinced the problem is meant to happen for a paid repair. A door repair? Not able to open from the inside? Is that really what you want to do to your customers? After 8 plus new buys I guess they don't care

  5. Great video! Thorough explanation! Found other videos for it, but yours was hands down better. Ordered the part on Amazon, it was received today and installed today. When I called the local ford dealership earlier this week I got quoted $275 to fix. Thank you for the video and saving me some dough!

  6. Thanks for the video, just replaced my door handle and you saved me a ton of time and hassle. I will get my parts here from now on.

  7. Just that tip with the door latch itself, allowed me to get out without climbing over the stick shift. Thank you, liked & sub'd for that reason alone.

    I just processed my Order #

  8. Awesome video! I was able to do this with my son's help in about 15 minutes. You definitely saved me from having to take it to a repair shop.

  9. Thank you for the information and the great video. Your tip about holding the handle out a little and then using the lock as the mechanism for opening the door really helped me out! I plan to replace the door handle, but this makes life easier in the meantime.

  10. wow thanks for this!! I replaced mine all by myself at a fraction of the estimate ford dealer quoted me!

  11. Awesome! I have my part on order and will be replacing this on Tues! My local mechanic said $200 for the part and between 80-140 for labor! Bought on Amazon for $53!

  12. Thanks! Just did mine in under 10 minutes cause of your video. I used to do the trick with the lock and handle for awhile. Then my lock broke off so the only way out was reaching for the handle outside. Ordered the door handle on Amazon for only 15 bucks and was here the next day. Easy fix to months of broken door handle.

  13. Thank you for the video. I have the exact same problem with my 2012 and the disassembly instructions saved me a lot of time. Also, thanks for the trick with opening the door with the lock, solved my headache in the interim.

  14. Excellent Video. Thank you so much. My daughter has a Fusion and lives out of town. I was able to install the handle during one of her short visits. Took me less than an hour. Cheers!

  15. Thanks so much for this video it helped a lot. Told exactly where to go and how to remove the defective door handle. Got the replacement in two business days from autopartsdirect! Fantastic!

  16. I just replaced mine! I was super excited until I turned my AC on and could hear a humming sound coming from my door. It got louder as I turned my AC up to. I don't understand how there could be any connection. Has anyone else experienced this?

  17. great video! that trick to use the lock button to open the door almost literally saved my life! too big to crawl through and can't roll down the dang window! sitting in the car and watched your video first to see if I can fix it and BAM! there's that little hint you put in there!

  18. Thank you for the video. I'll be replacing mine shortly and this really helps. Loved the tip about the lock mechanism.

  19. Is there a way to make the cord longer that goes back into the door handle? Mine isn't reaching to get in the barrel and the groove at the same time.

  20. This is why Youtube is so valuable. It took me no more than 20 minutes to do this job that would have cost a lot of money at the dealer. Thank you so much for posting this.

  21. The little screw cover in the handle niche is hinged at the bottom, at least in a 2006 Milan, so pry from the top and don't pull it all of the way out.

  22. Thanks so much! I just finished this repair for a whopping $10 part and 20 minutes of my time. Also thanks for the tip about opening the door with the lock mechanism… It took a few days for the part to arrive, so being able to open the door easily in the meantime was great.

  23. My 2010 Ford Fusion's driver door handle broke again for the 2nd time in 2 years. The first time, I had a dealership fix it because I was traveling. This time, I watched this video, ordered the parts from Amazon and installed it in 15 minutes. Your information about putting everything together was very helpful!! And I saved $150.

  24. Thank you for this video. This is the second time I've had this handle break. First time cost me $120 for parts and labor. This time, the part was $20 and 30 minutes of my labor. You just saved me about $100 in repair costs because I'm not a handy guy and couldn't have done it without a video showing me how.

  25. Thank you for your step by step instruction. Only hiccup was 4 plastic clips broke off. I will order new ones and just slip them on. Thank you.

  26. Nice! Exactly what I needed to know, but it seems you had to get a new cover for the handle screw as I have learned the is no way the grey it off without scaring it or damaging it.

  27. All was well until it came to reinstalling the cable the white gismo on the cable didnt fit back into the slot that makes the whole thing secure. Any ideas? it seems like I just need about a 1/4 of an inch but cant pull the cable to fit back in the spot to secure it. The old mechanism and the new are identical

  28. Thanks so much! I been rolling down the window to get out but that little trick of pulling the lock and handle at the same time, saves me $200 the dealership wanted to charge me to fix it.

  29. Someone needs to start reproducing these G1/G1.5 Fusion internal door handles in machined aluminum! With a fair price it'd sell a lot!
    It's simply ridiculous that Ford ever allowed such low quality chrome painted weak plastic handles in one of its cars!

  30. I have a 2011 Ford fusion sport now and both the driver and passenger side locks are messed up,I am always afraid those clips will break and my door panel will be loose.Are the after market ones stronger or will they break again in the future?

  31. Fyi amazon has metal replacements instead of plastic. They are 25 each instead of 10 to 20 for the plastic ones. Just ordered the metal one. It should last alot longer.

  32. I have to admit. This is the best and most detailed video I've seen on Youtube. Thank you. This is my second comment in 5 years, so that should tell you how much I appreciate this. Keep them coming.

  33. so my handle is perfectly fine but my cable inst long enough for that white piece to lock into the handle??? why is that… what can i do?

  34. 38 seconds into this video and I can open my door from the inside without having to roll down the window first. This is a neat little trick to use while I await my new door handle's arrival in the mail. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Thank you so much for this video!! Saved me time , money and aggravation!! Such a big help!!
    And the handle had to brake the day before vacation!!!

  36. Thanks man my girlfriends handle broke today I opened it up and saw the plastic torn 😐 so im ordering the part now.

  37. Thanks. The handle on my ‘10 Fusion just broke yesterday. Great video. Great tip on opening the door with the lock lever.


  39. It is a very useful video,,🧔🏻👍🏼..thanks just one question…where did you get the part from?.,and how much $$ was ?

  40. Question, the silver cable with the barrel appears about 1/4 inch too short now. I've been driving the car with old handle removed while I waited for the new handle. Any idea was the cable is now too short? Thanks for any insight!

  41. when you have such small rediculous problemes with cars,dont you think the engeners building those cars the dealers end up selling for so much money should be questioned?,but i think they do it maybe on perpose? to sell more parts? noooo,why would dealers do that right?? hahaha!?

  42. look a this shit,just made so bad and out of plastic…what the fuck are we paying 30 000$ for in general?

  43. we an see by this video how cheap this is built,even with the new part in,ists stil going to break,its the same shit as before….make it better!!! period

  44. I just started college three hours away from home, and my driver's side door stopped opening from the inside on my second day of class.
    You saved me having to rely on packaged noodles for a month! <3

  45. We're calling the police on Ford because it's happened twice now on the same door handle. That's a major safety violation that should be under recall

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