2007 Nissan 350Z:  Cars.companion/ Interior

2007 Nissan 350Z: Cars.companion/ Interior

hi I’m Joe wiesenfelder from cars.com this
is the 2007 nissan 350z roadster ever since it came out the 350z has had a tilt
steering wheel that doesn’t telescope but it has a nice instrument panel
package right on top that tilts with the steering wheel which does a pretty good
job of keeping the gauges in your line of sight no matter where you put the
steering wheel the interior quality of the 350z is not the greatest out there
it has improved in this 2007 version of the materials are decent they’re not
great the gloss levels are good it could still
use a little bit of work one thing they’ve improved is this door used to
kind of Jockie itself off and slide in all rickety now it’s just a simple
pop-up gives you some storage their overall it’s become a little bit more
accommodating this is always had some quirks with regard to where things are
placed the hazard button is now here it used to be back here when you were
shifting no matter what you did it seem like you’re always turning your hazards
on now there’s a storage compartment back
here that didn’t use to be there one of our drivers noted that it’s not flush it
seemed like he was always hitting the button and popping it open when he was
trying to shift that’s not so good but at the same time it’s actually pretty
roomy which is an improvement over what had been available before like most
modern soft tops the 350z roadster has a soft top but it does have a glass rear
window with the defroster built in there are practically no plastic rear windows
anymore the top is not super thick it’s one
layer so you do get some noise through it one of the good things about it is
there’s just one latch to disconnect it from the windshield though there’s one
latch so you don’t have to flip your visors and stuff it’s still connected
three places which makes it watertight airtight once that’s done the rest is
powered you just have to step on the brake and hit a button over on the side
here you may notice it automatically moves the passenger seat forward a
little bit and then it moves for heard apparently hit the driver in the head seems to be my job at cars.com to get
hit in the head then once it’s down all the way the hardcover comes down covers
that makes it nice and neat and the seat returns to its old position for
additional information on this car or any other go to cars.com and our blog
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72 thoughts on “2007 Nissan 350Z: Cars.companion/ Interior

  1. i bought 350z for about a few weeks ago. I live in norway and wonder, is it a good car on the winter and snow?

  2. i have a 350z roadster, its really fun and nice, my favorite part of the the 350z is that i like passing people on the highway and like shutting them down, its so fun.

  3. Im not sure how the models work Track mean you have the optional rays forged 18inch wheels and brembo brakes (don't know why it would matter if someone was not a good driver better brakes can only help) touring i think has an upgraded interior with a nav system but im not 100% sure

  4. My friend knows this guy that drives one and he tried to say that this car has a 350 (5.7) in it….hahaha move the decimal over two spaces cuz that shit has a 3.5 right?

  5. Most people use it as a drift car. Assuming they do a lot to the car to make it slide better, i'd still say it sucks in snow. (never driven one)

  6. I have this car but its black! we got it in january. and i love it its fun to take on a road trip…its so amazing

  7. lol most people? your silly. More like most people store it in the garages until spring rolls along again.

  8. fucken whack haha… i was thinking about it but every interior pic i;ve seen, the seat is pretty close up to the wheel. lame!!

  9. nissan makes some of the best transmissions for mass production and the 6 speed in the 350z has also been credited with having one of the best 6speeds you can have.

  10. I was talking about the fact that the passenger seat moves forward automatically when the roof comes down. Now what if there is a tall person sitting there, would he still be comfortable if the seat moved forward?

  11. i watch this video again.. 2 years after i bought my 2007 350z.. and i still get that butterfly feeling as if it was the first night i brought her home.

  12. I jus bought a 2006 350Z…..only has 4000 miles….practically brand new….and I get those butterflies every time I get in the car too!

  13. excellent review. these are the things you don't find out about until you own the car for a while. a single layer roof is just no good for me.

  14. I watched this clip 2.5 years ago before getting my 2007 350z base coupe. Now, 2.5 years later, I watch this video again for the 3rd time in excitement. Still can't believe this car is sitting in my garage right now.

  15. Why are people complaining about this review? Its his job to give comments & criticize cars. A lot of car magazines dont do interior reviews in this detail. He points out some of the bad designs of the setup for components in the car like the hazard buttun & the center console popping out of place. Reviews are not always about performance. Think about, Euro critics always bash American cars for using cheaper materials like plastic & other not so durable materials. This is a good review.

  16. @xMixemup That would be great. I don't understand is that if the 350Z doesn't have a back seat, it should have lots of trunks space, but it doesn't. Thats 1 of the benefits when owning a American sports car. They have back seats & a little more trunk space.

  17. @Carscom Is the 350z and 370z automatic? I know its a stick but like can you move the shift 2 a spot like a Mitsubishi eclipse and make it automatic?

  18. @barreltrollololol o ok yes cause i do not know how 2 drive a stick no homo, And im really starting 2 love Nissan like the Nissan GT-R but that car is pretty pricey

  19. the 2003-2008 (Coupé) 2004-2009 (Roadster) Nissan 350Z/ Nissan Fairlady Z was assembled in
    Oppama, Japan (2002-2003)
    Tochigi, Tochigi Japan (2004-2009)

  20. hey guys, im in Australia and am thinking of getting a 350z convertible (im 22).. thought, and opinions please? also anything i should look out for when purchasing? thanks in advance 😀

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