2008 Buick Enclave: Cars.companion/ Interior

2008 Buick Enclave: Cars.companion/ Interior

hi I’m Joe wiesenfelder from cars.com
i’m going to show you some features on the 2008 buick enclave this is the third of three models from
GM they are seven or eight seat crossover vehicles they’ve done a good
job of distinguishing one from another which has not been easy with truck-based
SUVs now with this car based design it’s a lot easier to make extensive changes
from here forward we do like that the steering wheel tilts and telescopes if
two drivers in the family from of different sizes are sharing this helps
properly distance from the air bag and get comfortable and all that as you might have guessed its features
mainly standard features that distinguish this model from the outlook
and the acadia most included standard features and this one that the
others don’t have our leather and wood steering wheel audio controls on the
steering wheel there’s a dual zone climate control
instead of single again as a standard feature the rear view mirror is auto
dimming whereas that would be an option and the
other models its standard here this is one of few models you can get
that has heated seats where you can heat the backrest only instead of the cushion
and the back rest now in terms of the center storage console the armrest it
self adjusts forward and backward this one could come a little bit further
forward for for shorter drivers mainly it seems to be designed this way
to open up and allow you to access these storage bins right here which are only a
couple inches deep they’re not that useful when it raises you again get very
little storage the interior quality is quite good the Buick is definitely the best of the
bunch aside from having higher quality materials just about everywhere you
touch your going to find a relatively comfortable surface there’s some fake
aluminum trim also pretty nice looking even though it’s not the real thing the moon roof has a kind of a
translucent screen here it doesn’t totally block the sunlight it
also doesn’t do much the block sound and also the latch here is kind of cheap it’s just a matter of pushing this up
and trying to unlatch it the standard offering in the Enclave is
two bucket seats for a total of seven for the vehicle you can also get a bench
seat as an option in the Enclave the buckets adjust forward and back I have the front seat in the farthest
back position then it goes to show you what the legroom is with me all the way
back i have some clearance which is good some foot room unfortunately the seats a
little bit low relative to the floor which results in Ray’s knees you can also tilt the backrest using the
strap here it’s better than having a handle up here
which some SUVs give you the second row folds two ways first this folding flat
the way you would expect in any SUV and then by using the top lover the seat not only slides forward put
bottom cushion swings up gives you more room to get to the third row in terms of
headroom the third row seat is actually pretty good i’ve got a few inches to
spare the leg room isn’t great with the second row seat all the way back I
probably couldn’t make this work but fortunately the second row does slide
forward and if I beg the person in the second row to give me some I can get a little bit more leg room
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32 thoughts on “2008 Buick Enclave: Cars.companion/ Interior

  1. finally a real life demo of person INSIDE the vehicle. FANTASTIC. I'm not completely sold though, I wonder how it compares to the MAZDA CX9 touring

  2. Man my dad has buick roadmaster 1996. It's cool, and I wish we can buy this, but unfortunately, we don't have buick agency over here…

  3. some of you guys say "CUV" i don't know if thats what you call it in other continents but its called "SUV" Sport Utility Vehicle.

  4. Never owning an American vehicle, I am impressed with the recent products that GM has rolled out including the models that use this platform. GM has improved the interior fit / feel of the materials, but still may have some room left for improvement. I will go to a Buick dealership in the next few weeks and check this car out. Thanks for the post.

  5. I rented the Enclave from Enterprise back in 2007 and must say I was impressed with it. Only thing I didn't like was the leg room in the back seats is very limited, as you can see in this video the man's knees are touching the front chair. That was the biggest flaw this truck has. Everything else seemed cool with me.

  6. For your information… this is one of very few cars that can actually FIT adults in the back. The Acura MDX can only fit 2 kids in the back with limited leg room

  7. An Ecoboost MKT from Lincoln would kick this thing's butt. I'd like to see GM have a more powerful engine in these large CUVs.

  8. This is a nice suv from Buick I really like the shape of it. It is a better choice of suv than their other tow offering. it is nice to see that Buick is stepping up their game

  9. @2000V6 i have a 97 toyota corolla, but toyota has changed to me, for the worse!

    Oh, ive never had any trouble and it stops! peace!

    but right now3 i couldnt agree more!!

  10. @HCHGCA13 If this is the ugliest car you have ever seen then you really havent been looking around because in my opinion it looks great.

  11. What kind of man sits with his legs together like that? No wonder why you don't have room, open your legs and let your nuts hang!!

  12. The center console tray is removable. You did not mention this. You just said that it is small with not much storage. But there is! Remove the coin tray and you have tons of storage under the armrest. Enough for a laptop and a 6 pack of whatever. I'm 36 and own a 2011 enclave cxL. and I frigging love it. Recomend to anyone. Great option from a minivan. Choose this over the Acadia and Traverse any day.

  13. I've been around the car business a long time and can tell you I own 2009 all drive.I will not get rid of it.I have 127,000 miles on odometer runs like a champ.Drives and rides like a dream.very quite inside when driving. wide inside cabin.if your a tall or big person has lots of room. comparing to Full size trucks it almost as wide.didn't realize how big they are till I got inside one.I have a Family of 6 till have an extra seat. I would give it Best in Class for Money.

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