2008 Honda Accord Interior Features Reviewed & Explained

2008 Honda Accord Interior Features Reviewed & Explained

On the steering wheel you have controls for
audio on the left, cruise control on the right. Whenever you hit mode here, that allows you
to go between the different available modes on the stereo system. Those modes are FM AM
XM CD and auxiliary. So while you are riding down the road, let’s say you are listening
to the FM radio and you want to listen to XM radio, you would just hit this until the
setting goes to XM radio. This allows you to change modes without taking your eyes off
the wheel or off the road. You can then turn the volume up or down and when it says CH
that stands for channel up and down. These are your preset channels for FM AM and XM.
You can just cruise up and down those. Cruise control is here. Whenever you press cruise
control on the steering wheel, a little green light comes on in your speedometer that says
cruise main. At that point that means that the cruise control is on. It is not active
yet. Whenever you get to the speed at which you want to cruise, you press this toggle
down to set. And that sets it at that speed. At that point, let’s say you are cruising
at that speed, it’s 60 miles per hour, you can use this toggle to speed up by pressing
it up, to decelerate or slow down by pressing it down. That’s why it says Accel for up,
Decel for down. Then you can press cancel and that cancels cruise. It does not cut it
off. It simply temporarily cancels it. If you have to break speed, if you have to tap
the brakes or something like that. Then whatever speed you get back up to, you can simply press
that it and it will reactivate the cruise control.
Your turn signal stalk is here on the left side. Of course, flipping it up to the right
does the right turn signal, left, left turn signal. And then on the end of the stalk here,
that is how you cut the headlights on manually. That allows the headlights to cut on automatically
at night as the sun goes down. That’s your parking lights and that’s off. Then you can
pull it toward you to flash your brights or if the headlights are on manually you can
push it forward and it will engage the brights, if you are out in the country and you need
your brights on. That also works for automatic but that has to be whenever the lights are
on and when its dark outside. Your wiper stalk on the right. There is a
little indicator here that indicates the speed at which the wipers are engaged and that has
to do with the connection that is made here. So that’s off, the top one is off. If you
push it up once, it will wipe it. Wipe the windshield one time. If you pull it down once
it will allow them to wipe intermittently. And the adjustment for intermittent is here.
That is less rain, more rain, low, high. And if you pull it toward you where it says pull,
that will wash the windshield off. The gauges are nice and bright, clean and
easy to read. Over on your left side is the temperature gauge for your engine. Tachometer
is on the left. Trip A and you also have Trip B. Your gear tree, this tells you what gear
you are in. Speedometer and fuel. Right here, this little stalk right here will adjust the
gauge brightness and its also going to allow you to toggle in the multi-information display
here for you temperature, Trip A, Trip B and oil life. Then of course there is your odometer.
If you want to reset Trip A or Trip B you just push that stalk in and hold it in while
Trip A or Trip B is displayed. The center console right here you have a band
of buttons that are right here that is all climate control. And this cluster of buttons
here is all audio. Dual zone climate control, passenger and driver. You can go all the way
up and all the way down for inside if you want to. Dual, you can hit this and it will
allow the passenger to have control of their side. You can deactivate that and now I have
control of the temperature in the cabin, both sides. Auto makes it work just like the central
air in a house, so you pick a temperature and then you press auto and the car keeps
it at that temperature. This is your fan speed. So you can increase or decrease the fan speed
here. This is recirculate, so that basically gives you an extra fan speed and that is super
helpful in the summertime. Front defrost, mode changes the fan direction from vent to
foot to up and down and all that. A/C cuts A/C on and off. And this is rear glass defrost
and also heated mirrors. 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 are your presets for your
FM and AM and XM. Whenever you press FM up on the little multi-information display you
see FM 1, you press it again you see FM 2. If you wanted to memorize a station, you would
just find the station that you wanted to memorize. Let’s say you could tune it right here and
then we find the station that we want to remember into the system, we just press and we hold
it down and you hear the beep. That gives you the indication that it is memorized. You
can do that for FM 1 up to 6 times. FM 2 up to 6 times, for a total of 12 memorized stations.
You can load up to 6 CDs, you can put up to 6 CDs single feed and it will allow you to
listen to lots of different CDs. You see MP3 and WMA. MP3 is an audio source that allows
you, and it uses something that looks just like a compact disc but it allows you to have
about 10 times the amount of music on a disc as a regular CD, it will play those. WMA stands
for windows media audio. XM is here, you can press that and you can also memorize XM stations
here so whenever you hit that you actually have 2 modes of XM stations as well. Just
like FM 1 and 2. You have XM 1 and 2, where you can memorize 12 preset XM stations. CD
is here. Auxilary allows you to listen to music through an auxiliary port down below.
Title will allow you to know the name of the artist and the name of the song title. Clock
is then where you can make adjustments to your clock. You can do hour and minute, you
can do 24 hour clock. You can do 12 hour clock. Scan will just simply scan the stations and
then whenever you find what you want to listen to you hit scan again and it will keep it
there. Category will allow you to scan the category of music. This is especially helpful
when you are listening to Satellite radio because there are so many different categories.
You can do that there. Skip will allow you to skip when a CD is playing, you can just
hit skip right there and it will skip a track. You can also skip, kind of use it as a scan
for XM and FM radio as well. Then the return button and the menu button.
Menu allows you to adjust the settings on the radio like the treble, fader, balance,
subwoofer adjustment, also clock adjustment as well. Then you can press Enter when you
want to make the adjustment. You press that to cut the radio off. And here are your hazard
lights. We have our driver and passenger front heated
seat controls right here. And there are two stage heated seats, low, high. Emergency brake
and gear shifter. You also have a little bit of storage here. There is a two level storage
bin system so you have a couple of different places where you can put your items. Thanks
so much for watching everybody. My little tutorial on the 2008 Honda Accord. I hope
this interior review will help you enjoy your ride. Remember to subscribe. Also please feel
free to leave any comments and questions in the comments section below. I’ll be more than
happy to answer those as soon as I possibly can. Have a great day everybody. I hope this
helps you enjoy your ride. Thanks so much for watching and remember to subscribe.

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  1. how come my aux doesnt show up when i go through my modes i put a cd in and it works then i plugged in a aux cord and there is no aux mode

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