2014 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Walkaround and Review

2014 Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo Walkaround and Review

I’m Dean Bowman your Nissan Insider I’m going to show you an overview of the nv200 compact cargo van it’s ideal for quick around town deliveries with great fuel economy and a size that allows it to fit and maneuver in crowded city streets the nv200 is easy to maneuver it has an incredible turning radius a lot of features that help provide great visibility outward the driver’s seat was positioned so that it feels similar to a midsize pickup truck and add the large windshield for a great view outward there are extra large mirrors with built in convex inserts to help improve your side view and for additional assistance looking out back there’s an available rear view monitor the nv200 provides versatile access to your cargo the dual slide indoor design really helps when one side of the van may be blocked when parked in narrow alleys the nv200 features 60/40 split rear doors the engineers learn that most users only prefer to use one door so why not make one bigger the other door is small enough so it doesn’t intrude too far into traffic if equipped with the available rear windows the driver will benefit from the larger window on the passenger side when looking back the nv200 features squared off openings in the back this is ideal if you use a forklift to load or unload your cargo the cargo area is more than wide enough for a traditional pallet the floor is long enough to easily fit long items and if you need to haul a really long item you could fold down the front passenger seat to create more cargo length the nv200 features an incredibly low cargo floor to help make loading easier you’ll notice the wheel wells are minimal and flat the rear suspension was designed to minimize intrusion into the cargo area the flat design really helps when stacking items in the back there are six available d-rings to help secure your cargo they fold flat into the floor until ready for use and for those who plan to add shelving there are 18 reinforced mounting points along the walls and in the floor to help not only make up fitting easier but more secure as well in the nv200 you have plenty of space to get your work done you have great leg room so you can really stretch out the shifter was placed upward so it’s out of the way the window switches are on the door not the center console the armrest moves to give you more room and the front passenger seat folds down makes a great place to eat or it works as a desk because the engineers know you’re going to be coming and going a lot they designed where patches on the seats to help reduce damage done by jumping in and out all day the nv200 has plenty of storage throughout there’s a place for your CDs the center console is deep enough for a laptop and hanging file folders to help keep you organized the large cupholders help keep you from spilling there’s a drawer under the passenger seat perfect for invoices or notepads the glovebox is deep enough to store a digital tablet out of sight there’s even an upper dash bin perfect for keeping a clipboard at arm’s reach and there’s plenty of power including an available USB input and two 12-volt power outlets the nv200 is available with nissanconnect with navigation to help you with those hard-to-find locations you have two maps to choose from and available real-time traffic updates warning you of potential delays plus XM weather reports to help you keep an eye on the skies to help keep you connected on the road you have Bluetooth wireless technology the hands-free phone system allows you to make or receive calls plus it can store your address book to assist voice dialing and it could read text messages to you mm-hmm so you never have to reach for your phone message from warehouse delivery address change new location is 211 Main Street for entertainment satellite radios available bluetooth streaming allows you to play music from a compatible device wirelessly the USB input allows you to connect your iPod and scroll through your playlists if you connect an iPhone you can provide feedback to your Pandora app be sure to check out the Nissan commercial incentive program you can choose from three options a no charge complimentary Adrian Steel up fit package for inside the cargo area or a 3M original wraps graphic package for your company messaging on the outside of the vehicle or there’s a cash alternative see your local NCV dealer for more details

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  1. these vehicles look nice but what is the USEFUL and LEGAL GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT that it can safely be used for?

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