38 thoughts on “2016 CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR // Cozy Country Christmas Decor

  1. Man! I can't even express how talented you are. Love how you showed your home in both day and evening. You are an inspiration

  2. Love, love, love the cozy feel and the colors, OMG. Makes me want to come to your home for Christmas. And, you look amazing; like a model!

  3. I love your house and decor. Where did you purchase your dining hutch and the faux birch tree with led lights?

  4. You have a very nice home. I just subscribed to your channel. I just filmed my first holiday home tour. I would love for you to visit my channel and check it out πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!

  5. I really love the slate on the fireplace. My favorite part is probably all the soothing aqua's throughout the space. My husband Rich is a contractor, and I would love to have him help me with some of your great interior ideas. Thanks, and Happy New Year! -Jenny

  6. How lovely! Thank you for sharing the idea of using your dining chairs in the living room. What a great way to keep them handy without having them in the way when they are not being used! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, I know christmas has gone, but your home is so gorgeous, especially love your formal sitting room, the colour is beautiful, sadly I dont know if it was my laptop? but the picture got a bit dark occasionally? Did not distract from the overall view though. Belated christmas wishes from the UK x

  8. Beautiful home! I especially love that sitting room…that would be my place for tea breaks and reading. Is the cabinet with the advent calendar at the entrance a shoe rack/drawers thingy?

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