2016 Honda HR-V In Depth Review Interior Exterior

2016 Honda HR-V In Depth Review Interior Exterior

everyone this is a Latin sexy one today I will be filming this beautiful Honda HRV this is the 1.6 diesel with 120 horsepower three on the penita meets of torque zero to six to in ten seconds the top speed is 192 km/h as I said the engine is a 1.6 liter diesel 4 cylinder this car is about 1,300 kilograms the few capacities 50 liters this is the most luxury version on the HRV with the tinted windows panoramix on new daytime running lights parking sensors beautiful chrome met chrome finished front spoiler also in the sights and in the back standard comes the executed trim that 17-inch rims to 1555 these rims are special to that executed line there’s also the elegans LED turn signals keyless go system beautiful corner episode new taillights LED taillights parking sense in the back hurry if you camera 470 liters capacity then you fold the rest it’s down its fifteen hundred and thirty three you look liters storage area also available with the spare tire power outlet this is how the engine looks like there’s also a 1.5 this is the 4.6 what is quite nice is that the door handle is here instead of here gives it a more sporty stance Ulf leather interior storage compartments tinted windows little armrest wrapped in leather this is the space in the back more than enough but the Headroom because of the panoramic song is a bit small and this is the interior of the Honda HRV navigation system thought screen 6-speed manual transmission push-button ignition very nice phone around song it’s lights you say instead of the outside which is nicer I think chrome door chrome roof railing keyless go system sport areas nice sport seat soft leather touchscreen navigation holding beers and this is the interior of the Honda HRV RF counter at the left speedometer with the trip computer buttons on the steering wheel cruise control on senior touchscreen navigation adjustable armrests sport area two cupholders glossy black trim on the interior six-speed manual transmission electron cat hand brake brake old it’s this steel on a junction and you don’t need to push the brake you can turn the start/stop off climate control dual-zone fully automatic with heated seats two settings parking sensor work in the touchscreen navigation will not get a lot of options navigation this is the whole o menu main menu of the car Bluetooth connectivity your settings for the car settings for the camera settings for the system display settings language English display settings audio settings information Internet push button ignition keyless go system you don’t need to keep cruise control with limiter voice activation you can scroll down the menu if you want the safety system Lane Assist parking sensors ESP Eco mode fuel dimming rearview mirror this is the control for the song thanks for watching

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  1. I have seen this version here in Uk and it looks really good, BUT the version with the LED head lights only comes in the most Expensive trim, Engine size are 1.5 AT or 1.6 Manual.. My advise would be WAIT for the 2017 HRV, it "might" come with the NEW honda engine 1.5 Turbo or 1.0L Well worth the wait. The new 1.5T are in the new Honda civil that's out in USA

  2. Japan always just catching up and passing,best and most innovative cars are still from Europe.
    We just had Volvo antonymous drive tested here in Australia but everyone will forget that once some Japanese company comes up(copies tech).
    Japanese cars want to have German car pricing but don't back it up with quality,reliability,crash safety or innovation.

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