2017 Mercedes E Class Coupe In Depth Review Interior Exterior AMG 2018

2017 Mercedes E Class Coupe In Depth Review Interior Exterior AMG 2018

and here it is the brand-new mercedes-benz e-class coupe with the AMG Sport package with the AMG Sport package you get the more aggressive front bumper side skirts rinse and the rear bumper with a diffuser and two exhausts in this video I will show the brand new right screen cockpit the interior functions the exterior design and we will go through the engine there are styling elements in the car special to the AMG Sport Package the diamond grill looks beautiful the chrome metal part and front bumper special to the AMG front bumper beautiful rims and side skirt it has the Stardust light system at the back looks beautiful and the rear bumper with the chrome inserts special to the AMG line and it has of course the diffuser the car has 184 horsepower and 3 on the Newton meters of torque 0 to 62 and 7.8 seconds and the top speed is 240 kilometers per hour that’s 150 miles per hour the fuel economy is 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers the engine is a 2 liter 4-cylinder inline petrol engine it is of course a rear-wheel drive car and it has a 9 speed automatic transmission with shift paddles behind the steering wheel the fuel capacity 66 liters now this car is available with a panoramic sunroof you can tilt it or or slide backwards just like this the interior has the ambient lighting with 64 colours the human eye can detect 64 colors that’s the reason it has every possible function on it it looks gorgeous inside and outside one of my favorite for sure this Southie looks like the brand new machine smells iike lossky this is also new just like the e cloth it looks very smart now let’s take a closer look through this beautiful coupe AMG front bumper lower Binker air intakes it has the diamond grill this is an option you can buy this car with 360 degrees camera system with the Distronic plus system you can buy it also with the LED multi beam headlights these data running lights are special for the e-class it has of course the intelligent light system that automatic I beam and the fog lights are integrated in the lights gorgeous looks on this car very good SPECT by the mercedes-benz dealer the details are great on this car it has the new 19-inch AMG Sport rims new design for this group ventilated brake discs it has the AMG logo on the side of course the AMG side skirt to let it stand out test the LED turn signal you can also buy it at the Blind Spot Assist and we will look at the interior and the right screen cockpit in a few moments in a few moments it automatic seatbelt giving function the panoramic sunroof you can also buy it with the night package with tinted rear windows very sporty looking rear-end with the start of effect rear taillight one led stripe looks beautiful at night it has the AMG rear bumper with the chrome inserts and the chrome tipped exhaust you can open the trunk with the key you can also buy it with the automatic closing trunk it has 428 liters capacity at the back you can fold the rear seats down for more spaces clever systems now let’s take a look at the interior of this new equip of course you can buy it with a lot of features for example the member seats the heated seats dad up display the white screen cockpit just like this one it is of course the leg extensions there will be a convertible very soon on the market here are the heated seat settings 3 settings you can buy this car also with the Burmaster surround sound system plenty of storage areas at the door bins power adjustable front seats and this is the beautiful – with the four air vents special to the e-cloth flat-bottom steering view looks gorgeous I love the design of this interior a lot for one of the best for sure when you look at competitors this interior is for me just perfect it has the beautiful panoramic sunroof and the dark headliner and plenty of space at the back and one meter an 83 cup holder space my head is not touching the roof Taylor left doors the seats are gorgeous full leather with leg extensions it’s all about the details and this car has all of them again the each seats for the driver folding mirrors you can also buy it at the Blind Spot Assist they have an automatic dimming function of course this car is also the head-up display and I love this steering view the seats are very comfortable keep you in place in corners these are the AMG line seats and the right screen cockpit is a must F and this is the view from equip driver seat lovely lovely interior one of the best a gages are special to the e coupe sporty gauges different settings it has a spy POTUS just we know it from the e-class beautiful staring view flat-bottomed design thanks to the AMG Sport package perforation on-site Dekker staring you you can also buy the head-up display it has a letter – widescreen cockpit and the sport mode the gauges are yellow Stosh important – USB inputs outs and put SD card input and beasts lighting 64 colors this is the touch pad you can also write the address now in this seatbelt stop stop dynamic function of course this is new volume adjustments couple of storage but it comes with all the features of the e-class the most intelligent expletive saloon active brake assist comes a standard it is able to warn the driver of an Amen imminent collision provide optimal support with emergency braking and if necessary also autonomously apply the brakes car settings dynamic select individual car settings engine sports display that the different needs to meet torque and horsepower and kilowatts very supportive character of the scarf traffic sinuses light settings for the ambient lighting color display car settings so the coupe comes standard with direct control suspension in the interests of a sporty look the suspension is 15 millimeters lower than a saloon eeeek laws and a student for comfort with an amplitude dependent damping system the dynamic body control suspension with adjustable damping is optionally available 8:2 is set lower using a switch in the central console for the standard dynamic select system the driver can vary the damping characteristics of this suspension three modes are available offering a wide range of adjustments options Comfort Sport and Sport Plus this is the main menu card system settings come on touch language settings language English Turkish it has the slide putters just like the knee clause for the first time used on the e-class also available on the e-class coupe can control the entire right screen cockpit and come out online with these right buttons here little behind steering wheel with the ref camera pops out of the emblem of course here the entire money also on this screen head-up display also available the e-class coupe comes standard with a rear-wheel drive function but you can always buy the 4matic all-wheel drive system goes the Penguins on the song glass compartment the SOS bottles just like the e cloth it has a very sporty looking stance and the perfect car for younger players in my opinion remote parking pilot is also new for the first time this system allows the vehicle to be moved into and out of garages and parking spaces remotely using a smart phone app

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  1. The back looks better than the S class. I love the stardust taillights. The only thing the S class has on this car is the crystal headlights and little things like the seat movers being on the door. Other than that this car is just as good while being a lot cheaper.

  2. One thing Mercedes use to have on BMW is that the C, E, and S class all looked different, ever since the 2016 cars came out the C, E, and S class are literally the same…

  3. Mercedes Benz are making some of the great cars lately..they are surely leading the class among its rivals i.e.BMW and Audi..

  4. Abi artık hiç bir sayfada aramıyorum. Çünkü hangi arabayı merak etsem biliyorum Alaattin61'de var 🙂
    Süpersin abi böyle devam. Daha çok sürüş videosu olursa daha güzel olur.

  5. Hello id like to get advices ? what would be the best, between a jaguar XF S, Mercedes E coupe 220d full op, Thank you

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