2018 Acura NSX: Start Up, Walk Around, Interior/Exterior Options

2018 Acura NSX: Start Up, Walk Around, Interior/Exterior Options

The Acura NSX is one of the most iconic
and legendary super cars of all time. When it first went into production in
the 90s, Acura had implemented some of the most advanced technologies of the
time to create a lightweight yet still a rigid all-aluminum chassis. And, as
you’d expect from a company like Acura, they were looking for the perfect blend
of power and reliability which they got with a naturally aspirated 3.0L V6. The
NSX went on to win many, many awards but production ended in 2005 and the hearts
of enthusiasts around the world collectively broke. We waited over a
decade for the return of NSX and it’s finally here after much
anticipation. The second generation NSX combines timeless sports car values with
next-generation technology like a hybrid electric powertrain and Acura’s Super-
Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). This was designed with three things in mind: zero
delay, precision, and human fit. The NSX was designed with aerodynamic
efficiency in mind and you can see that the hood, roof line, floating C-pillars and the rear quarter all create illusion of one distinctive curve. Every
surface and opening has been carefully thought out and the NSX has gone through
hours and hours of advanced testing to make this as aerodynamic as possible. Acura offers eight paint colors that will make the sleek lines on this
supercar pop and some of those are named after famous racetracks around the world. For example, 130R White is named after a difficult corner at the Suzuka
International Racing course in Japan. When you get inside the NSX you can tell that the interior is very driver focused and Acura wanted to make the forward
visibility the best that it could be. You’ll notice the A-pillar is
exceptionally thin but the strength hasn’t been compromised. The NSX is
actually the world’s first application of the three dimensionally bent and
quenched ultra-high tensile strength steel for rigidity and thinness to
improve sight. The instrument panel and gauge cluster hood were also designed with forward visibility in mind, in addition to the steering wheel
which is flattened at the top and bottom. The headrest is designed to accommodate a helmet for track days because if you aren’t taking this to the track, are you
really doing it right? Choose from interior leather colour
options: ebony (pictured), red, saddle and sea coast, depending on the look that you’re
going for. You can also get your pick of an aluminum roof or you can opt for the
carbon fiber roof which this model has. The NSX comes with a black tricot
headliner but for that extra bit of luxurious you can opt for the black
Alcantara instead. The NSX comes with manual sport seats but you also have the
option of selecting power sport seats in a single or dual color. These hug you in
all the right ways and when you’re seated you can see that all the areas
that the driver would come in contact with are padded for extra comfort. When
it comes to the wheels, Acura offers a stylish signature Y-spoke rim or an Interwoven rim. You get Continental ContiSportContact 5P tires and
this wheel design package was actually developed with Continental just for the
NSX. For high-performance driving you’ll need high-performance brakes to match
the 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque the NSX makes from its 3.5-litre
twin-turbo V6 and its electric motors. The NSX comes standard with Brembos but you can also opt for ceramic brakes with different coloured calipers. What’s neat
about the NSX is that because it is a hybrid supercar it has regenerative
braking in addition to mechanical, or friction, braking. One other addition you
can go for is the carbon fibre rear decklid spoiler which is something you
may want to add for extra aerodynamic efficiency. What’s interesting about the
NSX is that the downforce ratio is 3:1, meaning there’s three times as much downforce in the rear for optimal
balance. And if you really want to take your NSX to the next level, Acura offers
several packages like the Exterior and Interior Sports Packages and the
Engine-Room Sports Package that you can see here on both of these models. The carbon
fiber Exterior Sports Package gives you a dark chrome exhaust finisher, a rear
diffuser, side sills/skirts, and an aggressive front lip. Choose the carbon fibre Engine Room Sports Package for an exposed carbon
fibre weave engine cover for reduced weight. And, with a carbon fibre Interior
Sports Package you get a leather wrapped steering wheel accented with carbon
fibre and more refined pedals. Acura’s Technology Package offers Acura Link
navigation, a multi-angle rear-view camera and sonar based proximity sensors.
The ELS Studio Premium audio system also comes with the Tech Package for a
surround-sound experience. Acura wanted a powerful and reliable supercar and you
definitely get that. No matter how you configure your NSX it will turn heads, it
will impress you, and it will challenge your limits as a driver when it comes to
high performance driving. Visit your nearest Dilawri dealership for more
information on custom ordering your Acura NSX.

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  1. Nice car! and a good presenter as well, cute gal! I will afford this car soon.

    Also, I work in a boring engineering company working on Excel spreadsheets and formula's all day! I love being around cars, how do I apply for a job at Dilawri!?

  2. How about I buy one you show me how to drive it. Nice presentation. Now I'm having wet dreams, hey I'm talking about the nsx.

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