2018 Audi S3 Sedan New Facelift Start Up In Depth Review Interior Exterior

2018 Audi S3 Sedan New Facelift Start Up In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone here is the brand-new facelift howdy Astra with a beautiful color the Audi s3 has a facelift it has not 310 horsepower this color looks also amazing new taillights new headlights the mayor gets are angry it has to pay you notice and some system that the LED light around it around the speaker the seats are almost like the Audi rs3 I love this s3 steering you that the extensions here for better grip and the perforation amazing as 3ld free throw [Music] [Music] it has three on the top ten horsepower 380 Newton meters of torque with the Quatro of your price zero two six two and four point six seconds the top speed is limited to 250 kilometers per hour that’s 155 miles per hour it has a 7-speed automatic transmission looks amazing the engine is a 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine this brand-new Audi s3 looks amazing beautiful besides headlights with the new shape of the data running lights new LED headlights Musha add light washes parking sensors beautiful LD asteroid front bumper s3 coil with more crew it has a 235 3590 19-inch rims beautiful red brake caliper these rooms are special to the Audi s3 sides good price lip gloss you can buy that blank purposes on a rock song brand new rear taillights a new shade with Audi dynamic turn signal spoiler on top codecs also at a great sound you can also bite at the airfield camera 398 so capacity in the back you can fold the rear seats down that’s complain you know it’s on some system that the LED light around it around the speaker storage area prior to the cloth fully leather as my 6s three C’s dark cat liner the seats are almost like the Audi are sweet and this is the interior of the Audi s3 faceless knew how the first two a cockpit with a special gauge for the Audi s3 flat-bottom steering view new MMI system extra seats this is the space left in the back and one meter and 83 dark headliner beautiful poem and song and I love the LED lights in the interior looks very modern [Applause] it is of course the folding mirrors [Music] special Matt silver collar [Music] [Music] pop-up navigation screen Quadro better on the dash it has the adjustable almost leather wireless charging for the first time charge only and the aux input it has the electron can’t break and the outer wall system these are the controls for the mm I can also write the address down on this there’s also the new site menus push button ignition keyless entry of course volume adjustments and music adjustments it is a s-tronic gearbox with shift paddles being steering view cupholders also LED little storage area this is the climate control with either teat three settings driver and passenger now you have the Audi Drive select our D Drive select can’t choose between efficient on for auto dynamic and individual this is the main menu of the car the language is available are these car settings vehicle settings exterior lighting driver assistance systems parking eight rest recommendation brain sensor service sound settings for the Bang & Olufsen sound system this is important in my eyes can focus on front or rear or all surround level adjustment and it has also added delights around the speakers which looks amazing in my opinion radio settings media this is the navigation it is also the rear camera can also write down very very cool system map it uses Google Earth this is one of the fastest and best systems it has also the traffic sign assist how to connect and these are the general settings lovely system this is the Audi virtual cockpit offer audience that looks amazing different views available different menus on top radio navigation this looks just perfect it is one of the best looking systems in my opinion you can also drive it like this two different menus I just want to show you the different sights on this system you have also adjustments like that I like this one it is also the automatic parking system parking sensors and you can turn off the stop stop this is to fold the screen away there’s the chef’s pedals cruise control automatic lights of course you can also adjust the brightness of the screen on this button I like the air vents that’s crew COO you have the polar and sunroof LED lights again of course thanks for watching

65 thoughts on “2018 Audi S3 Sedan New Facelift Start Up In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. Hi Alaatin61. Beautiful facelift. I love this color. Amazing exterior but the interior =. Lovely motor sound.

  2. Hey Alaatin61 I like all of your videos an Audi I am actually a big fan of it and you pretty given me hard time to choose witch Audi I will love too buy and also I like your accent speaking the English great job and don't stop 🙏🏾

  3. this shares some parts from my tiguan r line 2017.. the break and accelerator pedals and the trip computer buttons and the mirros are identical shape.

  4. Alaatin… U have super good reviews. Can u pls review the sound systems also, and test them so we can hear music, like bose sound, harman kardon systems and more would be very nice.

  5. Elle est superbe cette S3 mais trop fade ; pas assez moderne du point de vue du design..les Designers auraient pu se lâcher un peu plus !

  6. S.aleyküm Alaaddin bugün a3 sedan baktım bursa da sıfır km de ve vw passat comfortline paket panoromik cam tavanlı baktım ikiside 1.6 lt dıesel passat 120ps a3 116 ps 106.000tl passat 126.000 sen hangisini tercih edersin (evli ve iki çocuk babası biriyim

  7. Well I got mine a year ago. Ara Blue Crystal Effect. Stunning car. Also did an APR Stage II with downpipe and Carbon Fibre intake. About 400 Hp and 410 Lb of torque. 0-100 Kmh in 3.8 seconds, !/4 mile in 12.8 seconds. It is not perfect! Still I love the power and responsiveness.

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