2018 Home Design & Color Trends – Make Your Dream House Channel

2018 Home Design & Color Trends – Make Your Dream House Channel

2018 Home Design & Color Trends – Make Your
Dream House Channel The start of the new year is right around
the corner, which means new home trends are coming soon. From a quick kitchen update to restyling your
living room, you’ll want to know what’s popular this year. Are you up to date with the latest in popular
home styles? In 2017, we saw trends such as gem hues and
repurposed décor gain in popularity. While some trends stayed on the list for 2018,
others, such as terracotta, have completely disappeared. Here are a few of the hot home trends for
2018: 1. Geometric Patterns
If you love contemporary geometric shapes and styles, this is the year they will really
shine! We reported in 2017 that this was an emerging
trend and now, it’s at the forefront of home design in 2018. From area rugs to wallpaper, geometric patterns
will be hot in 2018. A great way to incorporate them is through
accessories. Throw pillows and blankets are a great place
to start. The good news is that experts are saying that
this is a trend that’s likely to stick around for some time. So, if you’d like to make bigger décor
changes, this is the year to do so! 2. Farmhouse Style
With the popularity of vintage items, lighter neutrals and natural items, it’s no surprise
that the farmhouse style remains top of the list for what’s popular in-home design and
decor. Open floor plans and rustic elements will
help you achieve this look. “Elements like wooden countertops, shiplap
or subway tile are all easily sourced at your local home improvement and home decor stores,” 3. Wood & Natural Elements
Last year, using recycled and reclaimed items was a hot trend to incorporate in the home. As creating a more sustainable home is still
popular among many homeowners, it’s no surprise that wood and natural décor elements are
leading the 2018 design trends. Wooden elements fit right into the farmhouse
style trend as well. This trend is taking over smaller accents
to larger focal points like wood countertops, making it a décor element you can introduce
anywhere in your home. 4. Bright & Warm Colors
Unlike last year’s jewel-tone color palette, 2018 home color trends point to warmer and
brighter hues. Bright yellows, reds, orange and even fuchsia
will be in this year. It’s a great opportunity to paint an accent
wall in your home. These are also colors to incorporate in accessories
throughout the house. Bright and warm colors are a good fit for
a small bathroom or kitchen. 5. Metallic Decor
Another trend that’s carrying on from 2018 is metallic accents. Bronze, gold and silver will be hot this year. You can expect to see them more often in home
décor items and accessories. However, now metallic prints are adorning
walls as backsplashes and furniture as well. Keep them in mind as finishes for appliances
or fixtures. 6. Textured Accents
Items with texture will be hot pieces to have this year. Tassels and fringe are a small detail that
will go a long way. Blankets, curtains and other textiles are
the easiest way to incorporate this into your home. But, it doesn’t have to be fabric for this
to work. Cement and wallpaper textures are coming into
the spotlight. 7. Concrete Surfaces
You may not have considered concrete as décor before, but it’s emerging as a popular trend
for 2018. From concrete countertops to small planters,
the texture and neutral look of concrete can easily be adapted to any room and is a look
that is made to last. 8. Wabi Sabi
If you’ve never heard the term “Wabi Sabi” before, I can bet you’ve tried it at least
once. Wabi Sabi is the Japanese practice of accepting
and embracing imperfection. In 2018, it has now become a style choice. For home design, it’s a minimalist style
that arranges items in a casual way. This is a newer trend, but due to the relaxed
style, it’s sure to catch on. What’s Out In 2018? As new trends emerge, a few are on their way
out. Once the trendy faux wood flooring is now
on its way out due to quality upon installation. “Too many people have been burned by DIY
installs that became home improvement nightmares. It’s worth the extra money to move to a mid-grade
flooring and have a professional install your flooring,” Among faux wood flooring, here are a few home
décor trends declining in popularity: – Upholstered headboards
– Terracotta – Pastel Pink
– Mason Jars – Plaid Patterns Conclusion
In 2018, there are countless ways to let your style shine. Maybe it’s incorporating your favorite geometric
pattern into your home. Or, maybe a bigger change like discovering
what your home would look like with an open floor plan. Dont Forget To Subscribe. Turn On Notification This Channel. Likes This Video. See You Guys.

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