2018 Mercedes Maybach S600 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior

2018 Mercedes Maybach S600 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior

I have to key with me in this video I will show all the features of the Maybach so keep watching [Music] hey everyone this is the all-new mercedes-benz Maybach s600 523 horsepower six hundred and twelve Newton meters of torque zero to six two and five seconds the top speed is limited to 155 miles per hour there will be also Essex on the formal label which is longer than the normal version the s600 has a different grill to the normal s-class this is the Distronic plus night vision 20-inch rims standard full LED headlights with corner elimination and a Democrat Knights parking sensors these Rams are special to the Maybach six litre v12 engine LED turn signals camera on the meter mirror Blind Spot Assist vulnerable song LED taillights quadric sauce automatic trunk [Music] as I said the engine has a six-litre v12 with 522 your power keyless coos feature on the scarf standard with this sensor wall touch soft clothes as well [Applause] the exterior color is called the mocha black metallic the interior is called the nappa leather – exclusive interior reclining seats honoring song standard water interior the ultimate coffee car I think it’s the most comfortable car in the world and the most quiet thematic sunshades automatic sunshade at the back you can control it with this rear sunshade sights on shades memo seats on all the four doors ambient lighting adjustable corner heated seat three settings air-conditioned seats three settings Hey full leather interior Burmaster sound system entertainment system in the day ten to three windows standard long-wheelbase eliminate nuisance math logo air back in the seat belts new future v12 sign integrated cautions my Buffalo hood on the head on the armrest the armrest heated as well this also heated as well it’s almost like a jet for zone climate control fully adjustable with these bottles two cupholders eat it and coat tables for your laptop parking sensor help she USB slots two power outlets [Applause] eat that good seeds Blind Spot Assist camera one with mirrors for 360 degrees view attention to detail was great on this car couldn’t be more better perfume frequents of mybo special this s6 on the Bible comes standard with all the options available these are the special options you can get standard food leather stitched – and door panels folding mirrors trunk lists down here there will be a puma version available which is longer head-up display let’s take a look to all the options of this Maya folding mirrors one thought the navigation radio navigation media settings Bluetooth connectivity car settings time I will see clock the few 360 degrees view seat settings hot stone massage shoulder dynamic seats the sights pump up and when you enter a corner seat adjustments heated seats good seats child security car settings seat belt adjustment mirror folding mirrors USB slots polluted connectivity touchpad you can write things down start-stop air suspension magic body control DVD changer power out that IVC club rear sunshade steering assist lane assist parking sensors 236° view night-vision available adop display the gear leaver sat staring you down for drive up reverse and press this 4-part shift pedals you can check for yourself voice activation Distronic plus with limiter eater than electronically movable saving you garage door Homelink rain sensor cameras underneath this system for your safety this is the safest car you can get I think automatic headlights electron can’t break

35 thoughts on “2018 Mercedes Maybach S600 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior

  1. I hate the fact that all mercedes keys are the same , the cheapest car and the most expensive car should have different keys

  2. This isn't the most comfortable or the most quiet, what will u say about the Rolls Royce Ghost and phantom? same with the Bentley Mulsanne as well which is also ahead of this car with luxury and comfort. Then the lexus Ls has a very proud history of being the most quiet in its class. This maybach s 600 is just a slightly beefed up S550. It's the best overall when compared to its real rivals the 7 series, Jag Xj, Lexus Ls and Audi A8 etc. But it's not in the league of a rolls Royce and it is still a step down from a Bentley Mulsanne.

  3. Am i the only one who hates those badly designed simulated cockpit on those kind of tablets? Fuck i prefer the real one, not a simulation, which is also badly designed

  4. مايباخ اروع واحلى سيارة في العالم ..الله يرزقني وحده مثلها يارب..

  5. 1 Day i buy this marcedz S600❤️❤️ . when i biger and work job . this is my fev car 👍👍 and i drive only on weekends and all time clean my Marcedez

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