2018 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 VS 2018 Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 – Autodeal Comparo

2018 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 VS 2018 Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 – Autodeal Comparo

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages Tod.. that’s kind of redundant isn’t it? Anyway Today’s match up is between the top 2 selling Mid-size SUV’s in the Philippine market for the year 2017 In this corner With sales surpassing 19,000 units taking home a few awards including best 4×4 SUV of the year from CAGI The Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4×4 and in this corner No stranger to awards either currently on its 3rd consecutive Automobile of the year award from AFPCA and selling nearly twice as many than its competitor The Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 Game! The Mitsubishi Montero and Toyota Fortuner are both equipped with LED headlamps, LED foglamps DRL’s, and as you’d expect, generous approach angles The Fortuner, well the Fortuner got simple and organized lines Its got a certain calmness to it if you know what I mean Sure its been called vanilla from time to time but look at it, its got confidence and it looked like it’s ready to lead, right? Where as the Montero exudes youth, nouveau lines, its got the right amount of radical it looks like it delves in more risk Now, the front clip, Its not disrespectful but it’s also not the type of thing that’s gonna be happy in the 9th of 5 if you catch my drift Now, while both automobiles have turn signals on their side mirrors, side steps to help people in and out of the car and sits on 18-Inch tires, the Fortuner sits on a ground clearance total of a 193mm while the Montero sits on 218mm Down the sides, the Montero’s windows are much more organized really it’s got a beginning and an end it got structure Kind of an odd thing to say when I describe something that won’t fit 9th of 5 right? But clearly it does The side panels however that’s a bit much Look at it, it’s a little too out there, it’s not like its a drift car, you know, the things that they snapped on the sides No, no. No naman, but if you look at the Fortuner The side panels are well, tamer, nicer, classier it’s not out there, it’s not OTT, well, it’s neater that’s what it is Now, in terms of length, width and height Well, that’s just gonna be a lot of numbers thrown in your way But what is important is that the Fortuner is bigger that’s what she said on all those aspects by as little as 10mm to as much as 40mm save one aspect, the wheelbase The Montero is actually longer by 55mm bringing it to a grand total of 2.8 meters And now, for the rear. A very sensitive issue Well at least for the Montero Obviously because of the taillights See, people have been up and arms over these reflectors that go all the way down here to a point where some people have actually gotten body colored panels to cover this section right here They are literally tongue lashing the heck out of this thing like it was Optimus Prime that got stabbed and his crying blood from his eyes Its not naman as bad as the 3rd Transformers movie I mean, yeah, it’s quirky but it doesn’t look that bad On the other side the Fortuner Well obviously, it’s mildly stylish, it’s classic and it does what it’s supposed to do Not vanilla, its got more style than its front clip You know I just realized that I’ve seen two things during the days side by side but I’ve never actually seen them at night Let’s check that out right now, beepity, bopity boop! Lights please! Ah! Much better See, it wasn’t that bad but I have to admit the classic look of the Fortuner at night Yeah, I’m gonna go with that It’s very plush up here, it’s very nice Now, there are plastics that you can find all around the cabin but they’re actually okay save maybe by the shiny one by the shifter because that, it really looks like its a scratch magnet The seats are very well bolstered They’ll definitely keep you in place on long drives on twisty roads but not too much that’ll give you a strain when you’re unfortunately, stuck on EDSA traffic or you know the type right? Now, but if that happens, rest assured that you do have 6-speakers and a sub woofer that sound absolutely great Now, in the dash it’s your average 2 meters with the computer in the center, nothing great but the amount of toys that you have up here That’s special, you got parking sensors, blindspot sensors you got a reverse camera, paddle shifters, cruise control adaptive cruise control too which is a trip If you wanna see what’s it like check out our review on the CR-V diesel, it is the bomb you’ve also got a nice knob here for your 4×4 controls which are much better than the Fortuner and check this out Sunroof So inside, you got your standard configuration on the dash with your computer in the center, there are plastic all around and some fall wood which is kinda okay you’ve got your controls everything on the steering wheel and your 6.5-Inch infotainment system which definitely needs an upgrade. Speaking of the stuff on the steering wheel you do have cruise, and you do have a backup sensor but you don’t have a backup camera and you don’t have adaptive cruise. Now, if this is the top of the line It’s kinda fallen short on the Montero there One other thing that I should point up here is that the seats may not be as bolstered as that of the Montero which means that you actually have wiggle room which is really nicer. But the problem is that when you’re taking turns at speed, yeah you might be flying around a little bit Oh, and it has to be said that the Fortuner does have only power seats for the driver and none for the passenger The 2nd row doesn’t have extra special toys just your standards really. Down here when you put you center armrest down you got 2 cupholders that like appear out of nowhere, you got no air vents or charging ports here upfront but you do have 12V/120W power socket there while there are no vents down there as I mentioned the vents are on the ceiling though which is great including the controls which reaches all the way back to the 3rd row. Now, you can slide the 2nd row forward so that you can position yourself for people in the 3rd row which obviously is a plus for them Now, up here in this position, it’s okay but in its normal position Yeah, I don’t see fitting 3 adults back here as a problem at all The Montero too doesn’t have a lot of toys in the second row Almost the same as the Fortuner really. No air vents on the bottom just your center armrest with cupholders that appear out of nowhere But other than that its pretty standard, no air vents down there but there are air vents on the ceiling which is nice, it cools the cabin really really quickly with your controls up there Now the seats, I like the seats here a little bit better because well, they’re much nicer and feel good to the touch too Space? Very adequate 3 average size adults, no problem The level of comfort for passengers on the 3rd row is almost identical, it’s good for smaller individuals and jonts anyone taller or any trip longer, well you wanna get out of the car and stretch your legs every once in a while advantage at this point does go to the Fortuner because the 2nd row slides forward creating that much more space for the 3rd row Toys at the back, pretty simple. Fortuner, Power Tailgate Montero, none. That simple. But it does have a 12V outlet in the back for those coolers that have refrigerating components but that’s about it. Space? Not that simple. Allow me to explain In fact, let me show you These are your standard 20x20x20 boxes filled with old toys, old clothes, hopes and dreams pretty much useless stuff and we’re gonna try to see how many of these boxes fit in each of these cars. Simple As you could probably tell, the 3rd row seats are kinda bothersome because they don’t fall flush to the ground rather they’re suspended and that’s gonna cost problems if you’re trying to fit well, these boxes inside the car, so you can get 1 into it pretty easy but the 2nd one, you know, your box of hopes and dreams yeah, unless you crush that, nothing else is going in there However, if you do fold the 2nd row Now you got room for both boxes Do you have a room for a 3rd however? Nope, sadly, that’s the max. 2 and a half boxes and well, half a box doesn’t really count does it? Now, the Montero however, completely different story See, it does have a lift but it doesn’t have hanging seats the 3rd row seats are flushed to the ground So how many boxes with the 3rd row down? 1, no problem. Will it fit 2? Yup, that looks good to me. So even with the 3rd row seats down You already know that the Montero has more space But how much more space with the second row seats down? Let’s find out Just as I expected You could be a baggage handler-ful pal and still get the job done Power is fed in gently and smoothly by a 2.4L 8-speed automatic transmission. Now, if you need more kick well, accessing the 181 Horses and 430 Nm of Torque can easily be found by getting aggressive with the accelerator The paddle shifters are there but the Montero will downshift and hold that gear depending on the terrain and the manner of your driving, unfortunately the the paddle shifters are on the steering column which means they don’t move So it might be a problem if you need to change gears, mid turn However with that being said, all in all it’s still very intuitive The suspension well, it actually drives more like a car than it does an off-roader, it’s soft but not bouncy. It’s a surprise really considering this car’s 4×4 capabilities Now, while the paddles shifters are much easier to contend in the Fortuner because they are on the steering wheel which allows your hand to remain on the steering wheel you know to react to the changing road conditions ahead it must be said that the Fortuner though has a if you can tell it’s a much stiffer ride. Now, its got 7 Horsepower less at a 174 compare to that of the Montero but it has 30 Nm more than the Montero and tops up at 450 Body roll? Yeah, its a little bit more pronounced in this car and plus it dips too every time you accelerate and break you really can feel it. But I gotta say, that engine? Oh boy, that engine is tried tested and true So? Here it is. The Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 comes in at P2,245,000 while the Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT come in at P2,162,000. Now, you may argue that the Toyota comes with a bigger engine, true but for that much less money you got a car that essentially rides better, drives better, looks better has got more interior space and has got all those toys on the inside So clearly, to us, the winner is definitely the Mitsubishi Montero Who’s a good boy? Yes you are!

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  1. Both Are My Favorites But They Have Paddle Shifters Like On The Ferrari Lamborghini Or Mclaren But The Fortuner And Montero Both AT But They Have Paddle Shifters I Dont Like The Paddle Shifters

  2. di ko trip sakyan yan dalawa na yan sa long trip…lalo na sa gitna ka nakasakay.. aruy ang taas bouncy nkkahilo lang..mapa montero or fortuner

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    for cash or P.O transaction 200k to 300k discount

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    Top Gear PH – Overrated

    Even if AutoDeal do a far better review than Top Gear PH

  8. I drove the montero of my friend and I would say that it is a powerful and capable vehicle. I would drive it any day. I wish I can afford it.

  9. This is a comparo of two cars not of presenters. Haaay Pinoy nga naman pag nag comment almost always out of topic.

  10. Sabi ko sa girlfriend ko susunduin ko siya at hintayin niya ang tunog ng busina.
    "Bumili ka na ng SUV na pangarap mo"? Sabi ko hindi, busina lang.

  11. expecting a SUV comparison from AutoDeal for 2019-20 models made available to phillipines!
    Good job Caco! πŸ™‚

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  14. I go for the fortuner. You can never go wrong if you choose fortuner. Tech wise, fortuner is loosing a margin againts montero, BUT those supension, chasi and engine, priceless beybe. I currently own 2013 first gen fortuner V and second gen 2017 fortuner V for my wife :). My 2013 fortuner ride feeling and power did not change in comparisson from my first ride on it until now-walang nagbago, promise, and that what I call fortuner magic. Another advantage i experience on owning fortuner is that I only go to car shop to do change oil and oil filter, no major nor minor issues at all. I only change my prion once. Unlike my 2008 strada before, same engine and chasi like montero, after 4 years of owning it the ride feeling did change, I felt that the car really aged. And the major drawback with mitsubishi engine is the torque and speed, my 2008 strada quickness and high speed lessened to a noticable degree. That is why when I bought a car to my wife, its another fortuner, and we are loving the new second gen fortuner πŸ™‚ And by the way the eco mode and the sport mode of the second gen forty, swabeeeee.

  15. Bought a montero last 3 months ago, gls variant comparing to g variant of fortuner walang sinabi yung fortuner. tsaka basura yung sales ng toyota pag ka cash mo bibilhin, posa di kami pinansin and besides medyo panget nang suspension parang mas maganda parin yung sa lumang innova namin. Montero parin Tried Comparing it to everest i think ito yung ka rival niya not terra/fortuner.

  16. Great and honest review! Love the montero! But, I might add that to those who sells their car before buying a new one that the fortuner has greater resale value. πŸ™‚

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  20. Driven both, and owned both generations of the Fortuner. But I've gotta hand it to Mitsu for giving more toys for less cash, more engine response for less cash, and more luxury for less cash.

    But nothing beats legendary Toyota reliability for me. Still both are great SUVs.

  21. FORTUNER IS THE BESTπŸ”₯πŸ’– I alreadt drived it in 5,000 km to travel in Philippines. If I where u buy FORTUNER

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  26. Taillights at night much SAFER in Mitsubishi. Safety more important than looks. Surprised toyota outsells the Mitsubishi hopefully your report will get more people in to the safer car.

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  28. Hmm, I drive a 2018 Fortuner V on a daily basis and that has back up camera, so I not sure why it is being said here that it doesn't have that.

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