2018 Princess Margaret Showhome: Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Basement Tour

2018 Princess Margaret Showhome: Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Basement Tour

Here in the Oakville showhome for the
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery, the second floor has four
bedrooms and each one is very distinctive. Wwhen
you come up the stairs, the first one is this sort of dark grey blue bedroom, it’s
a little more masculine space and really has great textures and is a cozy space. The adjoining bathroom has a plaid wallpaper so it’s a fun space. The next
room was our Paris bedroom so we painted mouldings on the wall and used this
beautiful French daybed mixed up with some modern elements like the glass desk and the shag rug, then you go into the canopy bedroom and that’s where I wanted to show that you don’t have to have a big space to have a canopy bed, so it’s a
four-poster and it really works in this space. Between the two bedrooms is a
bathroom with Missoni wallpaper which is fun colour and is a bright space, and
because it is adjoining two bedrooms, we use frosted glass panels to divide
them. At the end of the hall we have this wonderful master suite, and it’s in this
soft blush colour, so the carpet is blush, the drapes are blush, the walls are blush,
and then the focal point is this huge button-tufted headboard which goes the
full wall and very high, it’s got a dressing room behind it in the same
colouring with a beautiful blue grey wallpaper, which is our accent in the
room, and then a very dramatic master bathroom which has this freestanding tub
which is really popular now and especially in front of the window it
lightens up the space. We have a lot of mirror in the master bathroom, well
everybody wants to have a lot of mirror to see when they’re doing their hair or
makeup, so we did that big archway and the grey bronze mirror, and then clear
mirror on the vanity front and the side and back wall and it really is a
dramatic focal point to the bathroom. Now we have a laundry room on the main floor
but for convenience in this closet we added another washer/dryer just off the
master, a great idea for those little things you want to wash. Well, one of the
nice things about the stairs is all the light, we have these huge windows that
face the side garden and the back garden and then I love iron railings. I just
love the contrast of the black iron against the light paint and I think whether as a modern house or a traditional house, an
iron railing looks great. Then we took the gray floor onto the treads up
and that connects the main floor to the second floor. We talk about how great
this house is for entertaining, well the basement really is the ultimate, so when
you come downstairs there’s this great seating area and the focal point is
orange. Orange colour on the chairs, on the wall. We have a large TV with lots of
seating and one of the fun things is these life-size games on the walls, so we
have chess and backgammon and snakes and ladders, and we have actual pieces,
they’re magnetic, so when you’re sitting in that seating area you can watch two
people play backgammon for instance on this huge wall. In designing the lower
level we’ve done a lot of things, we’ve done billiard tables, we’ve done putting
greens, home theaters, gyms and I thought what’s an activity that I would love to
have, well bowling is it. I love bowling. Who doesn’t love bowling and to have it
in your house. There’s a lot of planning because it’s a very long sport but
everyone that comes down there loves it and just wants to get onto that bowling
alley and play. Now I have to try to hit these two. You’re gonna be here for a while. Who
could resist. You know people will say, I’ll say, ‘Let’s go bowling,’ and [they’ll say] ‘bowling, who wants to go bowling?’ but when anybody gets to a bowling alley, they love it.

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  1. That game room is super fun! And if you think about it it’s not impossible to re-create it: I wonder what I would use on the boards? Maybe magnetic paint?

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