2018 Princess Margaret Showhome Main Floor Tour

2018 Princess Margaret Showhome Main Floor Tour

We’re here in Oakville at the showhome for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery. We’re here on the main floor and you enter the foyer through a door which is to the left of the courtyard. So the door doesn’t face the street. And it’s a very bright space surrounded by French doors and a vaulted ceiling. Now, what we’ve done is panel that area and we’ve mixed stone and wood on the floor. And the wood is the consistent part that runs through the main floor. Powder rooms should be dramatic. And because they’re an area that’s used for a very short time, it’s nice to be very impactful, and have a little more drama in the space. So we designed a Parsons table with a stone top. We used a dramatic wallpaper. So it’s a light-filled space, dramatic, and has a modern point of view. This house has a lot of seating areas on the main floor. And it’s hard to decide. You know I love sitting in the living room. And I’ve sat probably on every piece of furniture here. There are so many areas because there are so many great views and as the day changes, and the light changes, I tend to move around the house. Now when you come from the foyer, the first thing you notice is this large living room. And we’ve broken it up into three groups. We have these chaise love seats on one end, the sofa with the chairs at the other and a library table in the centre. And the reason I chose this table in the centre is because we didn’t do a library in the house. So this is a really universal piece of furniture. You can use it for a party as a bar or buffet table, you can use it to work on because the space is so bright, or just as a focal point to put beautiful artifacts and books on. The mural really is the focal point of this room, and I wanted a picture of Versailles. And why not do a full wall of it. So we had the photographer Tony Koukos go to Versailles, and photograph this space. It was a little challenging. Because he had to photograph without any people in it. So he had to wait a long time. And then he mounted it on a wallpaper, and we installed it on this wall. I think it adds a real wow-factor to this room. Between the living room and the dining room is a hallway, and what we did was, we put a two-sided fireplace, so you can see it from the living room and from the dining room. The dining room has panelling but in a very modern way, it’s a dark macassar panelling and it has green wallpaper. It has the look of silk but it’s a vinyl so if people touch it or rub against it, it’s going to wear well. And then we did mirrored panels on either end to expand the space. We did built-ins so the room could be used as a library but we use it as dining room. And we mounted art on the top shelf, and displayed books and tea pots throughout. The panelling is modern so we use a modern dining room table in mahogany and brass, and then great chairs which are neutral, which go throughout the space. Now because we have grey the living room, and grey in the dining room. We thought we’d do a grey blue for the kitchen cabinets. We’ve seen a lot of white cabinetry and a lot of white kitchens. We took a break from the white kitchen and did this deep blue kitchen. Now we did the upper cabinets by the oven and the tall pantry cabinets in glass and painted them black, I want them to almost look like metal. We used the stone countertop and backsplash to go all the way up and we didn’t do backs on the upper cabinets, so you could see the stone. When you’re doing glass upper cabinets, you want to make it a focal point of the area, so again the stone back on it, and then the mixture of everyday dishes and some brass accessories. You know, I love open shelving in a kitchen. Not everyone loves it. This is that hybrid of having glass cabinets so you can see the dishes, but isn’t completely open. This American Standard faucet is unbelievable. You set the temperature, and then you can establish how much water you need. Here’s 1 cup, and you just press that button and there it is, 1 cup of water pre-measured for you. I love having a beverage centre, so we have all the Breville appliances there and this is a great area for a beverage centre because it’s out of the working area. Then we have a bay window for a banquette and chairs. That really have a great view of the backyard. The family room is adjacent to the kitchen, and we wanted to define it, so we did this wide archway but we vaulted the ceiling. While the two rooms are open to each other, you feel that the family room is a room on its own. We have a fireplace that’s a focal point and then shelves on either side with art leaning. A sectional is really a great idea for this room because it’s soft, and offers a lot of seating. Running along the back of the house from the kitchen, dining room area, foyer, past the living room to the staircase is a hallway that’s two-storeys high. And to make the hallway more dramatic, and not just a utility space, we have the French doors facing the garden and we took a little space from the second floor, removed the floor and have a two-storey space. To connect the hallway to the living room from a colour standpoint, we used the same colour, but these rich velvet drapes, and that happens to be the same velvet that’s on the chairs in the living room. And then in front of the windows we did lucite planters, with orchids in them, and that stops people from trying to open those doors, which we want to really focus on the centre doors to go out, but it really ads a softness to the space.

28 thoughts on “2018 Princess Margaret Showhome Main Floor Tour

  1. Wow! This is a MASTERPIECE in Modern decor with a warm feeling to it and that library table is Everything! Simply BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I pretty much love everything besides the sink in the powder room. From practical reasons that is.. Flat sinks splash around and make mess no matter how careful one is. I hardly can stand mess. I like the colour though. Overall, a great space.

  3. Lovely! That 2 story loggia with the 3 doors is so bright and beautiful, and the heavy drapes and sconces make it so warm and inviting.

  4. when I saw the first video about this home I wasn't super impressed, but now that I've seen way more of the interior, it's really starting to grow on me. such a dreamy, airy inviting home.
    brian always does such a great job. 😊

  5. Why is this lottery's show home getting smaller and smaller and less wow year after year?
    This is so UNDERWHELMING compared to the 2015, 2016 and 2017 show house!!! Even this existing house nearby is bigger.

  6. Love the kitchen! 🙂💙 Would’ve like to see a little more “wow” factor in the powder bath. Maybe a cool wall paper on one wall like you did in the living room would’ve made it less bland.

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