2018 VOLVO XC60 NEW Start Up, In Depth Review Interior Exterior 2017

2018 VOLVO XC60 NEW Start Up, In Depth Review Interior Exterior 2017

there is brand-new for xc60 that the r-design sport package in this video I will show all the details of this car I will show the exterior the interior and all the technical features of this car it has a lot of technology on board you can buy it with 360 degrees camera system that The Blind Spot Assist with the LED headlights and LED tail lights you have the beautiful our design rinse I have wrong welcome to a light and six-one today and sitting in the brand new Volvo xc60 with the our design Sport package [Music] this xc60 is full of technology I really like the interior these are nice place to be it has a chrome shift paddles it has a power and Bilka sound system it has every safety feature you can think of what I like about this car are the brand new LED headlights with the new design just like the xc90 and I’m a fan of this new design at the back the LED taillights look just perfect there are a couple of diesel engines available the d4 d5 and the petrol engines are the t5 t6 and t8 this is the d5 diesel with all-wheel-drive system it has 235 horsepower it produces 480 Newton meters of torque it has an all wheel drive system it has an 8-speed automatic transmission 0 to 62 and 7.2 seconds top speed is 2 under 10 20 kilometers per hour that’s one understand 45 miles per hour the fuel economy is 5.5 liters combined per 100 kilometers this xc60 has a brand new design I really love the tour sam or LED headlights and the shape of it this is more attractive than the previous xc60 in my eyes especially with the our design package it is a very desirable car I really like the r-design front bumper and the grill this new xc60 is a must-have in my eyes when you look at the small SUV for the family I really like the 20 inch rims or design it is beautiful in proportion it is automatically falling mirrors automatically you can automatically enter the car without key with the key in your pocket it does on around sunroof the tinted rear windows and at the back you have the new shape of the LED taillights I think this shape suits the car perfect this is the new design language of Volvo looks gorgeous nice gone by Volvo it has of course the automatic trunk and the diffuser is finished in the color of the car ever on average color looks really good the car weighs 1779 kilograms the trunk space is 505 liters the in folder is it’s down a thousand four hundred and thirty two liters there are different packages available the inscription the all design and the momentum this one is that it this one is the our design the xc60 came out in 2008 in 2013 at Qatar facelift and now in 2017 you have the brand-new model the second generation it is an SUV crossover it looks really good in my eyes now let’s take a look at the interior of this brand new car that’s the r-design exterior and the our design interior of leather half Alcantara seats I really like the panoramic sunroof it has also the power and vocal sound system with a subwoofer you have the storage area it looks gorgeous it has a dark add liner and the our design seats lovely there’s a very good-looking interior just like the xc90 beautiful panoramic sunroof this is the space left I am one meter and 83 this is quite good there’s a threesome the force on collect climate control with heated seats fully adjustable TFT screen touchscreen navigation or design seats with leg extensions you have also the armrest in the back that’s throat area and cup holders now let’s take a look at the driver seat of this beautiful Volvo I really like the r-design steering you and the TFT screen for the driver full of technology it has safe pedals of course beautiful modern and classy looking interior the leather that is used is very I quote it it’s a high quality leather does memmer seat for the driver to person setting you can lock and unlock the car it has dimming mirrors of course and folding mirrors automatically and this is the interior of the brand new xc60 our design Blind Spot Assist power America’s sound system does the armrest with two USB inputs DVD and a storage area just cup all the space and storage area another storage area electron can’t break out of all guests off the engine with this you have driving modes fully adjustable automatic gearbox with Jeff paddles behind steering you this is the navigation system climate control heated seats the suspension can raise itself 1.5 inches in off-road mode settings for the navigation system settings these are the languages available language is available for the xc60 this is the me maneuver core applications sound experience you can focus it on the driver all rare it has a really good sound system you have the driver performance few care car status you can check everything service apple carplay Android auto bluetooth connectivity ipod CD USB it has everything for Volkoff media settings navigation it has the city safe package it has also the pilot assist system it can accelerate breakage there for you it can detect pedestrians cyclists or large animals heated seats heated steering wheel it has a TFT screen just like the xc90 this looks really really good good down by four over I really like this smaller thicker or design staying view with chrome shift paddles you can also buy out the other display you can adjust the sound cruise control settings I really like the Air France the vertical air fence gives will sell a lot Demming way from mirror it has panoramic sunroof as I said LED lighting in the interior for home call as the microphones it is also the trunk lease on this side you have the memory seats two person setting you can lock an unlocked car

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